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  1. National Lockdown

    If you actually posessed a brain you may well turn out to be dangerous. Thick kunt.
  2. National Lockdown

    God help this country if we had a genuine plague that was killing millions healthy and otherwise. People would be wetting themselves and screaming like the spineless little twats that they are. From now on when a dog sneezes in Taiwan all the little turds will be crying for a lockdown. Absolutely fulking pathetic.
  3. National Lockdown

    Listen to this codswallop. Jesus Christ almighty there are some weak people around these days. Scared of this, worried about that. It's pathetic. You may just as well sit in your living room dressed in a boiler suit for the rest of your days.
  4. National Lockdown

    That boxing promoter bloke constantly wore a mask and washed his hands frequently but he still got Covid. He said all it did was make him feel lethargic for a couple of days.
  5. National Lockdown

    I'm not wearing anything. I see people walking down their roads with fulking masks, visors, rubber gloves. Stupid twerps.
  6. National Lockdown

    When the first lockdown was on i asked my sister about what i should expect if contracting covid. She said i would experience what feels like the flu with perhaps more tiredness as i have no underlying health problems. So i have never been worried and am not worried now. As for masks generally worthless apparently . We have social media to thanks over this mass hysteria.
  7. National Lockdown

    Nothing will change until the summer so better get used to it.
  8. Make shift gyms

    Can someone actually explain why the kunts actually closed them down to begin with? They are cleaned regularly, booking systems and social distancing as well as wiping down equipment. How the fack are gym goers spreading any 'virus'? Nobody fit and healthy is put out by it. Absolute nonsense.
  9. What do you think about scottherman?

    I don't believe any of these guys are natural. They're all on something.
  10. A new Strain!

    This will carry on through most of next year. And in the meantime thousands of businesses will close down for good. The reaction to this virus has been akin to mass hysteria. Unfortunately this is the state of the world today with mass and social media. The weak and spineless 'rule'and it's so sad to see. I've spoken to relatives about the Hong Kong flu in the late 60's and they just got on with it. In fact the majority were largely unaware of it. Same numbers involved as the present virus.
  11. But will you actually have a gym to go back to?
  12. Tier 5 - A new Lockdown

    Eff off
  13. Yes but opening a gym next year you always have the sword of Damocles hanging over your head. The twats will just close them down again.
  14. A new Strain!

    Yeah it's a new strain alright. A new strain of complete and utter bullchit.
  15. Yes it may well be 6 months and in the meantime thousands of businesses will close for good. It's more down to whoever is advising the government. Gyms are finished except for the established chains who sell memberships round the clock. The independents will largely vanish because of the creditors. These muppets have ruined this country for the next few generations. But do they care? Do they feck. Utter pigs, repulsive scum bags.