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  1. Her video broke me up. I was in tears at the end of it. Still haven't recovered.
  2. Anyone ever met a famous person

    Yes!!! Footballer Jack Wilshere. But is he famous? I don't even follow the game. In Hitchin.
  3. Big Lenny hospitalized.

    Hideous look. His eyes resemble those of a dead pig.
  4. Gym Etiquette

    I'm sure you wouldn't nut someone in the gym.
  5. Sad news, rich piana dead

    You sound like a philosopher sir
  6. Rich Piana may have passed away too.

    I didn't mean you. But people are saying he is on the juice all of a sudden. If he's on the juice then I'm a Dutchman.
  7. Sad news, rich piana dead

    Piana was very successful in the respect of cashing in on a pretty unique look and great marketing. Granted he may possibly have taken a few anabolic steroids but he always explained that he knew what he took was causing damage to his body.
  8. Rich Piana may have passed away too.

    Why is it that when anyone natty starts to look pretty decent people scream juice? Don't get it at all. Scott Herman is average/decent from hard work over the years.
  9. Rich Piana may have passed away too.

    Scott Herman on the sauce? Nah mate can't see it. Even I could look like that natty.
  10. Rich Piana may have passed away too.

    Damn. I was eagerly awaiting the "I'm getting better by the day" video series from Rich.
  11. Rich Piana Rushed Into Hospital!

    His bigger by the day cycle was ridiculous at his age. Seemed to age 10 years in 6 months.
  12. Mike O'Hearn on Steroids!!

    Nobody has yet presented a clear and convincing case for Mr O'Hearn actually being on anabolic steroids. Is jealousy rearing its ugly head? Even God is jealous of Mike's genetics and is rumoured to want them back....
  13. Mike O'Hearn on Steroids!!

    You gotta believe in Mike. He gives hope to us all.