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  1. Number one factor for kidney disease is diabetes, followed by high blood pressure, now no doubt either or might be to play here, but if it was diabetes, then certainly the amputation was from lack of circulation. That is common actually, but generally it is the toes, or foot/feet.
  2. At what age do you stop trying

    I am 60, and train 2 full body workouts a week, and do walk the dog a mile every day. I train pretty hard, I respect the fact I wont be stronger, and that is ok. I modified things like increase range of motion through stretching. I do feel like I do too much, but up the food some, then take time off to recover, I also sleep more than most people.
  3. "Interesting" article on Scott Francis

    Oh hell, I dont swing that way, but he made me laugh, and that is all that counts anyway right? Drinking beer, laughing my ass off
  4. "Interesting" article on Scott Francis

    My take on this one is very simple. If a guy knows what he is talking about great. If one has to pay for information, which happens to be readily available from others, then why buy the service? Personally, I would never charge anyone for anything, unless it was for medical treatment, for myself. Guys, all the information is out there, diets, training, relaxation therapy, anything. Now with that said, someone that was 70, wont need the same therapy as one who is 20. I get goals, but they must be realistic, and tuned for self, not others, so in my opinion, I know more about my body than my doctors, more about my diet, than experts, and more about my well being than head doctors. Why? Because over the last 60 years, I have listened to my body, I failed myself many times, but never blamed anyone but self. Sorry, been smoking, and drinking, and vaping, feel free to judge me. Cheers
  5. "Interesting" article on Scott Francis

    I like this guy, is he a member, or not? This is the kind of guy I want to hang out camping, or in a bar....lol I remember those days well mate, and some with some green stuff in the system. I am still the same.
  6. "Interesting" article on Scott Francis

    Dude, that had me laughing so hard, I lost my breath. Dude was speaking a language I could not understand. That is some funny stuff there, most laugh I had in some time, and thanks for that. Is this guy a member? He looks like he might have some skills, but failed to give it 100%, thankfully I am stoned and that was a riot.
  7. Brexit question

    Funny, divided seems to be the flavor of the day. I voted for Trump, yet, now ironically I am blessed with white privilege, and a racist it seems, a deplorable, a divider because I voted for him, and need to be put in my place by any means necessary. WOW, so OK, I never had this even 5 years ago. I can easily see though BS, and as an owner of self, things become very clear at which direction the captain of my ship sails. I would not mind getting more involved in men's sports type stuff, training, recovery, and goals, most people are too short sided to really see the bigger picture. Not meant to offend anyone of course, just stating I would not mind helping at a limited capacity.
  8. "Interesting" article on Scott Francis

    Thanks man, took some time off from the boards, and realized I did miss the funny stuff, and did learn a thing or two, but the time I was on was not a good thing. I am retired and have all the time in the world, but its my time. I am very selfish with my time, and most of my world evolves around me. But at 60 years old, I have zero drama in my life, no injuries, and no problems either....lol I do still drink beer, and I like my smoke stuff (concentrates, and vape).
  9. Brexit question

    That would be me, I was one of the first members and joined back in 2002.
  10. Brexit question

    USA, was one of the first members actually, 2002 to be exact. Was a mod back in the day, and just sortof fell out. I still keep tabs on Facebook of some folks in the UK.
  11. Brexit question

    Yah, good man, all things are just alright here. I never post anymore, but thought, hell, what the heck, why not ask the perspective of my UK chaps? I did watch the debate, I got the impression Scotland would be screwed, or left to dry. But, I found it amazing that a place in Germany, dictates from people un-elected, to tell you guys which happen to be an island, how many immigrants one can let in, and how many fish you can catch. That struck me as a face palm moment. Our information from here, is so freaking vague, but, I can see how you guys would want to rule self, and lets face this fact, that we were originally a colony of Brittan. Once the strongest navy in the world, and one of the largest colony's. Not to mention if it was not for you chaps, Germany would, or might be an issue.
  12. Brexit question

    Due to the fact we get such filtered information across the pond, I want to ask a question. Yesterday I was watching the debate in the House of Commons, and it was actually kind of cool, the guy stands up and says ORDER ORDER, and some of the guys were angry, and passionate, then bang they toss out a joke then everyone laughs. Question is simple, what are the pro's and con's of the Brexit deal? I would like both sides to say something, but not sure if politics on this board is actually allowed.
  13. "Interesting" article on Scott Francis

    Yah, still training, but I have modified things to suit my needs. I lost 50 pounds after I retired (2015) then felt I lost too much muscle, so I added 9 pounds of muscle in one year natural. I train two full body workouts a week, and with stretching about 1 hour 40 minutes. I count my calories, sleep, water, and take a bunch of things to help me with my age, as many deficiencies happen when you get older. I got a hair analysis, and found I was deficient in magnesium, B-12, iron, and some other things that said I had allergies too. So I modify things to suit my needs. I am not as strong as I used to be, but have been pounding core, and that made a big difference. Many people think I actually look younger being lighter and in better shape.
  14. "Interesting" article on Scott Francis

    Yah buddy, just turned 60 last month, and am doing awesome after I retired. I hated it at first, now its the best thing I could have ever done for my body.