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  1. Dhacks UltraBurn

    Loved the buzz these gave me but as above, did weird an worrying things to my dick. Not just regular stim dick (i've done my fair share of reccys in my youth) but it gave me weird 'loads', tight balls and all round issues downstairs, stopped using them right away and all issues went away. I'll stick to classic ECA if i ever both using stim based fat burners again. I'd be interested if anyone knew the reasons as to why these can case those types of issues?
  2. I'm looking to give the 5/3/1 format a whirl, mainly due to its simplicity but also as a means of adding some form of progressive periodization to my currently unstructured training. The simplicity is key as I'm currently at the pointed end of my master's degree and along with a full-time job, don't have much time to spare. This said I'm using my training more as therapy than anything else, so 5/3/1 seems pretty well suited. Anyway, long story short, which manual should I invest in that will give me the key information to use this for general strength improvements? I'm without a competitive sport at present (looking to pick some form of combat sport up after my degree as i boxed for 9 years as a ''youth') and want to improve my strength whilst leaving some room for conditioning work (20-30min bag work, HIIT on a rower etc) Cheers, Staffs