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  1. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    Gents as i alluded much earlier in this thread with me incorrectly counting the cals of 200g chicken litterally half what they should be, i had in fact been on 1900cal for a month with zero weight loss. Hence that would surely be my maintenance. Anyways end of week 3 update, another 1kg weight and 1inch off the belly loss this week. Which is the same rate as last week. the first week was 2kg loss (water weight) so it looks like i am losing at a consistent rate of 1kg a week at 1200-1300cals per day under 40g carbs and intermittent fasting i didnt increase cardio this week as planned so still only averaging a couple 300cal bike rides per week i greatly respect and appreciate all comments and advice etc so look forward to what you gents make of progress so far
  2. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    So 2week update (day 14) 1.2kg drop and 1 inch lost from belly this week. this is litterally half the progress from last week (week1) is this purely due to week one being water weight? only one inch loss from belly compared to two last week i may start doing 500cal cardio daily (subject to my legs hacking it on the stationary bike) from today to see what difference it makes for this week
  3. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    Yep thanks for this guys, this mistake was rectified 2 weeks ago before "day 1" of my cut following advice by endo et al
  4. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    Probs around 1350 lifting every other day no strength loss doing 10k steps daily every morning fasted my eating window is 12-8pm
  5. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    Thanks for the reply endo mate i will measure the belly again at the 2 week stage (on monday) and hopefully it drops another inch or so im surprised how much my body responds to low carb, but then again could be alot of water loss, lets find out in the coming days
  6. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    One week from start update: 2.3kg down, dont know how much of this is water weight but i have dropped 2inches from my belly one issue i have is struggling to sh*t lol any advice on this? also could someone advise best way to measure bodyfat?
  7. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    So day 4 update: 1.4kg weight loss. 1 inch loss from belly. strength still maintained so far despite sub 50g carbs daily
  8. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    So basically i had the calories of my daily chicken intake literally recorded 400 less in error. So throughout the month of Jan where i was thinking my daily was 1500 it was infact 1900-2000 daily. I litterally had no change in weight in 4weeks, so to my understanding 1900 must be my maintenance. If i recall correctly i believe we weigh similar, im 87kg. So if your losing weight at 2500cals daily then you must have alot of muscle compared to me. I have next to no muscle back in march lockdown i bulked on 2500cals and gained 10kg in 3months. Also i have realised my level of activity is defo sedatey as my average step count last week was like 2000 per day. I will be doin 10k daily from yesterday so 500cals burn approx
  9. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    One week update: So been eating 1900 cals for a week now starting weight 87kg. weighed myself this first thing this morning (after a big s**t) 86.7kg. Little no progress so from today i will adapt the below protocol: 1500cals intake (700 deficit from 2.2k maintenance) i will try IF, 16hr fasts so eating window will be midday to 8pm macros: 150g protein, 76g fats (0.4g per lb bodyweight) and the rest will be filled by carbs Midday first meal, tuna can 6pm before weights, then final meal 8pm i will do 10k steps during work so approx 500cals burned daily weights session will be 630pm lets see if the scale starts moving throughout this week
  10. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    Thanks for all your help mate really appreciate it. From today i will aim for 2000 (net) cals daily will report my progress on here which should help other lurkers im sure. Just realised i first registered back in 2013!! Lol
  11. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    So aslong as i hit 140g protein i dont need to oblige by the 50/30/20 c/f/p % splits rule? Is this even a legit rule or just some bro science again? also in regards to the lifting exercises you have advised, what would be the sets and reps for each? 3x10? "Bis and tris" which exercises would you say are best and again how many sets and reps please mate?
  12. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    Oh sh*t i get what you are saying now. Im abit lost coz there are quite a few examples on myfitnesspal that match my cals then same time theres a quite a few that match your cals. Endo do you mind giving your incite on this please? How many cals in 100g boneless chicken thighs (cooked weight) Ok mate im with ya. Just one last thing, you said you eat the same diet 5 days a week...if you dont mind could you share it with me and i can adjust quantities to suit my needs? or am i right in assuming aslong as i hit say 100g protein daily then it doest matter which macros i fill the rest of my daily calories with?
  13. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    My belly is quite protruding atm and very noticeable in work shirts etc i know u are saying 2300 cals is a sensible amount, just out of curiosity how low do you think i could drop to make it an "aggressive" cut? in terms of workouts so i would do each of A, B, C 3days in a row so twice a week each making it 6days training and one rest day? Shall i leave out the cardio for now? Only reason is i think id struggle to eat 2300 cals daily anyways Cool not much difference then circa 10 or so cals
  14. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    Using myfitnesspal for everything bud. 200g boneless chicken thighs (cooked weight). How many cals should they be? 238 is what iv found on a few searches 2300 cutting based on 2900ish maintence mate? can people actually lose fat with weight not changing much? Or is that just bro science? Would it apply in next to no muscle cases like me though? Is it worth taking belly circumference measures in inches every weigh in too? Yes just some free weights at home. In regards to no legs its because i dont have a squat rack. But also to be honest my legs do feel drained from the 30mins stationary bike daily
  15. One month in NO PROGRESS:( HELP!!!

    Moderate tab gives 2911 cals and light exercise gives 2582 maintenxe cals any idea how/why i put on the 5kg earlier this year mate eating at 2850? Im pretty sure most of it was fat because i didnt have the beer belly before lol so what cals shall i eat daily now? And any suggestions on my cardio and training mate?