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  1. On 1/31/2018 at 10:47 PM, Archaic said:









    I was not aware this domain has been sold off for profit. The scripts they have running on this site are through the roof, so just be aware for the AAS forum posters.  https://ibb.co/jCeFw6






    In fairness, did you ever look at that info before I sold the site?

    Half of those scripts were there before, and at least 2 others which were running previously seem to have been removed and replaced. On balance, ultimately nothing  has really changed to any great degree as far as I can see.



  2. Just going to chime in here, I have always been very hot on member security and protecting user data.  VS inherit the forum in a natively secure state and I trust they will keep it that way.

    It is also in their best interest to develop and grow UK-M. With the team of people they have there is no reason why UK-M shouldnt thrive under their control.

    It's my understanding that the current Moderator roles will not be changed.




  3. Hey everyone

    As many of you will be aware, over the past couple of years I’ve struggled to invest the time necessary to keep on top of admin duties or to actively push UK-Muscle forwards.

    Effective immediately, I have passed full operational control and responsibility of UK-Muscle over to a company called Vertical Scope. I will still be around as a member, but I have relinquished all admin responsibility. The team at Vertical Scope are now running the show.

    This wasn’t a decision I took lightly. I was the 34th member to join this community and it’s been a significant part of my life for 15 years. There will be members reading this that weren’t even born when I made my first post. 

    I trust that Vertical Scope will honour the integrity and spirit which has helped established UK-Muscle as the dominant UK bodybuilding forum it is today.

    A community is only as strong as its members, I think both literally and figuratively we have the strongest of them all.
    It’s been an honour to be at the helm of such a fantastic community for so many years.

    Thank you

    UKM Admin 2003 - 2018

  4. 5 minutes ago, Lifesizepenguin said:


    @Lorian im not sure how this works with rep, which ones affect actual memebr reputation currently?


    As it stands at this very moment, Like, Thanks and Haha increase a users Repuation by +1 point.  Confused and Sad have no impact.

    My long-term thinking is to only have 'Thanks' and 'Guru' (or similar) increase Reputation.  So simply Liking a post won't have any impact other than being a vanity point.

  5. So... a fair few people have commented that they're not fans of the 'heart' symbol representing a 'Like'.  I'm happy to change this entire system and I'd like your feedback on what options we should have.

    Currently we have 5 possible 'Reactions' to a post:


    I was thinking a Downvote and possible Guru ones may be useful. Not sure we need Sad.


    Once we've decided on the available options we can choose some new icons.


  6. SSL has been enabled on UK-Muscle.

    This means that the connection between you and the UK-Muscle server is encrypted. This security step prevents 'people in the middle' being able to intercept that communication. Obviously posts you make are still publicly visible, but it does mean that Private Messages are more private then they were previously. User login is also more secure as your password is transmitted over the secure connection.

    If you have UK-Muslcle bookmarked, the correct link is now https://www.uk-muscle.co.uk


  7. 11 hours ago, invisiblekid said:

    @Lorian - good work on the upgrade. I'm liking it so far.

    Just something to watch out for is Ajax pagination with Google Adsense. Before I signed in I was struggling to go between pages in threads. Might be Adsense causing it.

    I wish that was an issue.. but we're banned from AdSense :(

  8. 1 hour ago, latblaster said:

    Doesn't show post count or give any indication of how long someone has been a member. It gives no indication of credibility or experience.

    The ♡ system looks like mumsnet.


    Post count shows for me, anyone else got this issue?

    Length of time someone was a member went about a year ago and nobody noticed...

    The 'Reaction' (i.e Like) system is one of the things which will be changing.


  9. Right - upgrade done!

    Hopefully most people will like the new look :)

    There's several new features that I need to explore and a few things that still need to be configured.  It'll take about a week to get everything sorted.

    Any questions please shout.

  10. 19 hours ago, IronJohnDoe said:

    Finger crossed we don’t end up losing threads or messing up the reps like last time.

    Can’t wait to see the changes now!:)

    Reps/Likes ARE changing... for a start, Reputation could potentially now be seperate from Likes. That's somethig which I think should please a lot of people. For example, a popular 'banter' post liked by many won't necessarily increase Reputation.

    The thing I'd like to make everyone aware of is that how it appears on day 1 probably isn't how it'll be a week later. I'll need to go though and configure everything to get it working the way we all want.  You can probably expect a few polls that week too.

    I'm excited too :D


  11. Hi everyone

    There's a big upgrade happening to UKM in the next few days. I don't know exactly when it's taking place but the site may be down for a short while. Don't worry, we'll be back up soon after. :thumbup1:

    Lot's of new features and a more modern design coming very soon.... :thumb

    I'm sure there'll be lots of questions, please bear with me - it'll be a learning process for me as well whilst I get my head around all the new stuff.

    I hope you all enjoy the new UKM :cool2:

  12. On 2017-6-14 at 0:02 PM, 2004mark said:

    Lorien used to be much more active in the past too... I'd guess he has many other business ventures and UKM just earns a nice steady bit of holiday money.

    My biggest failing is that I take on more than I can realistically handle and then struggle to deliver on everything. I am trying to change how I work and be more selective with what I spend my time on.  UKM is due a little love and there are some nice changes on the horizon :) 

    On 2017-6-13 at 11:11 PM, mjl1990 said:

    The login needs fixing instead of just referring people to that sticky.

    People that are new to UKM and not that invested in the place aren't likely to spend time researching why they can't login with their email or select 'remember me' when it says they can.

    I currently have a ticket open to get this issue resolved.