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  1. Could you enable my PM's? Tried going through contact us with no luck.



  2. The new Reactions (Likes) System

    As it stands at this very moment, Like, Thanks and Haha increase a users Repuation by +1 point. Confused and Sad have no impact. My long-term thinking is to only have 'Thanks' and 'Guru' (or similar) increase Reputation. So simply Liking a post won't have any impact other than being a vanity point.
  3. So... a fair few people have commented that they're not fans of the 'heart' symbol representing a 'Like'. I'm happy to change this entire system and I'd like your feedback on what options we should have. Currently we have 5 possible 'Reactions' to a post: Like Thanks Haha Confused Sad I was thinking a Downvote and possible Guru ones may be useful. Not sure we need Sad. Thoughts? Once we've decided on the available options we can choose some new icons.
  4. @safc49 @Ultrasonic The theme switcher option was only there temporarily as I still needed access to the old one. It's still a work in progress though, colours may change. I am reading all feedback - hence the change of avatar shape
  5. SSL has been enabled on UK-Muscle. This means that the connection between you and the UK-Muscle server is encrypted. This security step prevents 'people in the middle' being able to intercept that communication. Obviously posts you make are still publicly visible, but it does mean that Private Messages are more private then they were previously. User login is also more secure as your password is transmitted over the secure connection. If you have UK-Muslcle bookmarked, the correct link is now https://www.uk-muscle.co.uk
  6. There isn't any plans for one. What do you think an app would add that isn't already available by simply opening the site in your phone browser?
  7. The new UKM is here!

    I wish that was an issue.. but we're banned from AdSense
  8. I've temporarily added a warmer tone to the main background colour which should hopefully appease those who felt it too bright. The final colours still need to be decided so this will be adjusted in due course once the rest ot the design starts coming together.
  9. The new UKM is here!

    Post count shows for me, anyone else got this issue? Length of time someone was a member went about a year ago and nobody noticed... The 'Reaction' (i.e Like) system is one of the things which will be changing.
  10. Actually, on the topic of the theme this one is a work-in-progress. It's a quick job to get the board back online and open for posting. I'll be changing some of the colours/layouts/options over the next week.
  11. For all the people jumping on the 'it's too white' bandwagon.... it's actually less white than the old one
  12. The new UKM is here!

    Right - upgrade done! Hopefully most people will like the new look There's several new features that I need to explore and a few things that still need to be configured. It'll take about a week to get everything sorted. Any questions please shout.
  13. Big Upgrade

    Done! Now to start addressing all the small changes that need to be sorted...
  14. Big Upgrade

    Yes, along with a slightly re-worked logo, header and colours.
  15. Pm'ing

    @Flubs I've re-enabled messaging on your account.