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  1. Lol Sasnak says Tldr then posts a full essay on Chinese law Regarding this crackdown I’ve heard mixed reviews, some guys saying it’s the end of steroids out of China, then others saying nothing will happen, there have been scares like this before. I suspect maybe the truth is in the middle somewhere...
  2. Zymoplex Nolvadex 20mg

    Nice one thank you!
  3. Don’t mean to offend but in my opinion you could and should train and get stronger naturally. Learn how to eat properly to make gains. That bench press can be improved a lot doing things right naturally, I think you have jumped on the gear too soon.
  4. I don’t know the SIS brand, I’m on the tostran gel currently hoping to switch to the nebido after Xmas. What dose are you running, if it’s low you may be expecting too much? Best get some bloods. I don’t know if you get frequent free NHS blood tests in light of your condition. If not a certain online home blood test service has an offer on at the min, under 60 quid for a full male hormone panel, think it’s about 11 markers. I’ve just ordered one. (I am in no way affiliated with any blood test company. I just thought the deal was good. If this breaks the rules as I’ve mentioned prices, I apologise and will remove)
  5. Pregyl HCG 5000iu

    Preg test done twice and it’s legit, thought it was bunk first but apparently one line there on the C is preg so that’s decent!
  6. Pregyl HCG 5000iu

    Yeah that’s what I feared, shame I bought 3 of these flaming things! I will check with preg test when I open them to use and report my findings. What make/brand of HCG do you recommend I try to acquire next?
  7. How long it takes recover hct,hgb,rbc while pct?

    Best thing would be to go to GP, if you don’t mention AAS he will refer you to a haematologist. They will just do further blood tests for a deficient JAC gene or something and when that’s negative it’s not primary polycythemia they will relax and just order blood letting and perhaps prescribe medication. Is there an option to pay privately for blood letting? Failing that it can be done yourself, however never ever attempt this alone! Always have somebody with you ready to remove the line if you pass out etc.
  8. Agreed! Every man and his dog has a brand new different bro science idea that renders everything else useless lol. Stick with the time tested advice from the experienced guys who’ve been there and done it. Not armchair endocrinologists lol.
  9. First Real Steroid Cycle -

    If your dead set on orals maybe start the testosterone cycle off with a small dose of Dbol. Shouldn’t do any harm if your doing the right things (drinking plenty of water, eating lots of whole foods etc) It would give a nice kick start to the sometimes slow beginnings of a long ester test cycle. Could add a liver supplement in too although not strictly necessary for a small short Dbol run it’s not expensive a couple tubs of liv.52 or some NAC.
  10. Anyone on nebido for trt ?

    Spot on that’s exactly what I’m after, this tostran gel has got my levels up but everything about it is a total farce! So is it best to get bloods checked around ten weeks from the first jab see what test levels at and adjust frequency to suit? Any pip or issues injecting all that oil in one go? Does the pin your asrse? (no homo lol)
  11. Blood tests

    Var won’t show up my friend they will be doing a blood count test not a sports doping test. Luckily var is relatively mild too so shouldn’t skew your results to much. Maybe stop the var a few days before drink plenty of water and eat well if you want to be extra careful. (should be doing anyway lol) Var has a half life of 9 hours so 6 times that is 54 hours so 3 days it should be fully metabalised (bro science warning there don’t take as gospel lol)
  12. Anyone on nebido for trt ?

    I’m considering changing to this, I’m currently on the tostran gel but can’t get it for love nor money, had to visit 5 pharmacies last time to find stock. Been told all hormone stuff is scarce due to Brexit etc. Don’t know how true that is... Is the nebido readily available? Does the endo send the script to your local GP and you just go there for a nurse to jab, any option to just pick up the amp from the pharmacy and pin yourself? I’ve heard it’s 4ml and would personally split into 2 jabs don’t know if the nurses do that.
  13. Testosterone levels

    You will struggle with U.K. NHS they are pretty poor with TRT too fixated on the blood result and with such a wide range different people obviously feel different at various points on the range. You could try and get the GP to refer you to an endo, really play up the chronic fatigue, low energy, depression and erectile disfunction etc. (Only if you feel those I don’t endorse lying to a doctor) If that’s no go try another GP and if that fails you could either self medicate or try one of those shady middle man hormone services, but I think they can work out pretty expensive, however as they make money from you there is a high chance they will prescribe. But after saying all that how do you actually feel? I mean maybe you are just becoming fixated on the testosterone number. Pretend that number had come out in the top third of the range would that be believable or do you know something is wrong?
  14. Yeah don’t take any testosterone, especially UGL as you never really know what’s in it. You may think your running prop so stop with a few weeks to go before your endo blood test so it’s cleared, but it was actually enth or sust etc. then your test levels show as high and he discharges you. If you are desperate and I don’t really recommend it you could run proviron and maybe tiny bit of HCG but stop the HCG well before your appointment. Best thing tho is to wait it out and feel shite.... I know exactly how you feel and how the NHS system works as I’ve just going through it. Feel free to private message me if you want to know anything.
  15. Pregyl HCG 5000iu

    Damn...I don’t know if price discussion is aloud, but I paid a lot more than that pharmacy price, wouldn't mind a gamble at that price but I’m not happy if it’s bunk paying full whack. Saying that though I didn’t think it would be worth all the effort to try and fake HCG, it’s not mega money like HGH is it and it’s easy to test with preg test unlike growth. And I've just ordered some growth and all so plz wish me more luck with that lol.