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  1. Stinking of roids

    Haha yeah that’s the one ☝️ got there in the end lol
  2. Stinking of roids

    Sorry man I meant meet head haha
  3. Stinking of roids

    I now shower once per week whether I need it or not haha but seriously I can’t say I’ve smelt anything like that at the gym I frequent, it isn’t what you would call a meethed gym though so roid use isn’t massively prevalent, although there are a few of us enhanced fellas...
  4. Where to get bloodwork?

    I use Medichecks, decent fast service, think they are normally the cheapest online service normally got promotions on, currently got money off the male hormone panel test so search online.
  5. Smell the oil, if it smells rancid bin it, if not pin it!
  6. Caber

    You probs won’t need any though depending on your tren dose but it is advisable to have a dope agonist on hand while running tren etc.
  7. Caber

    Prami, sorry I can’t spell the full name it’s pramipexile or something like that haha spell check no good here.... it’s a dopamine agonist similar to caber but with more sides for some folks... it is better than caber in one respect it apparently increases IGF1 while caber lowers it. i have never used it only caber so cant help much more unfortunately but hopefully some bros on here can chime in with dosage advise etc.
  8. Gotta be dbol Test, Deca, dbol is the classic bulker!
  9. Btw my above post is not aimed at anyone in particular just general advice for newer guys.....I just re read it and it sounds like I’m ranting lol sorry
  10. after a bit of trial and error what works best for me is using the big green 21g to draw then an orange 25g 1 inch to inject. I just make sure the needle is pushed right in, on a big deep muscle such as glute to ensure deep IM injection. Biceps, triceps, pecs etc, muscle close to surface if your lean can be done IM, with a half inch slin pin if you believe in the oil giving site specific growth etc. I’ve tried this but don’t bother much now. I think a 25g is a happy medium between not being a harpoon causing unnecessary scar tissue and not being tiny so you can barely push oil through it, so have to mess around heating it etc. Cba with that myself lol. Like everything and everyone we are all different so rather than asking on her, try different ways yourself and just do what works best for you. Top tip - that is the best way to do most things in this game tbh including diet, workout routine, favourite steroid cycle etc.... you can only get so far reading on the internet plus lots is BS lol, gain real life experience and try things yourself....then you can share your findings with others not just parrot some bro science that gets banded around the internet lol.
  11. If all you can afford is 20 quid towards a blood test you best get an extra job mate.....see if there’s a paper round going or try some gay for pay?
  12. Lol Sasnak says Tldr then posts a full essay on Chinese law Regarding this crackdown I’ve heard mixed reviews, some guys saying it’s the end of steroids out of China, then others saying nothing will happen, there have been scares like this before. I suspect maybe the truth is in the middle somewhere...
  13. Zymoplex Nolvadex 20mg

    Nice one thank you!
  14. Don’t mean to offend but in my opinion you could and should train and get stronger naturally. Learn how to eat properly to make gains. That bench press can be improved a lot doing things right naturally, I think you have jumped on the gear too soon.
  15. I don’t know the SIS brand, I’m on the tostran gel currently hoping to switch to the nebido after Xmas. What dose are you running, if it’s low you may be expecting too much? Best get some bloods. I don’t know if you get frequent free NHS blood tests in light of your condition. If not a certain online home blood test service has an offer on at the min, under 60 quid for a full male hormone panel, think it’s about 11 markers. I’ve just ordered one. (I am in no way affiliated with any blood test company. I just thought the deal was good. If this breaks the rules as I’ve mentioned prices, I apologise and will remove)