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  1. Good Horrors you have seem

    Lol lucky u did not get him
  2. Depression and anxiety

    Been there mate creeps right up on you then bang. All over the place glad your over it
  3. Good Horrors you have seem

    Annabelle creation was ok for jump scares
  4. That phone I bought off you is blocked mate can you help?
  5. Im back, had rep-lapse :(

    This is why I always come back here
  6. Halow TV is good most addons will have links mate
  7. The Lonely Drinkers Club

    Get in mate
  8. The Lonely Drinkers Club

    F uck that was like 4 months ago mate
  9. The Lonely Drinkers Club

    That 2.5 s**t can creep up on ya mate be careful matey
  10. The Lonely Drinkers Club

    Just bow time for me tonight saving the gun for next week as on hols after tomorrow. Chin chin
  11. Is everyone drinking less then?

    Right I'm on this tomorrow mate
  12. Is everyone drinking less then?

    Funny enough I've 2 ltrs of gin sitting here might have a go at it lol tonic and a slice?
  13. Is everyone drinking less then?

    Still on it and feeling great lol where the f**k is @andyhuggins? @DappaDonDave
  14. It's only gay f you push back