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  1. What the actual fcuk?!

    Years ago Lenny looked pretty decent. Not bad for about 6’4 and 300lbs. Now he looks like sh1t but he seems a pretty decent fella and the delray misfits was probably the most entertaining channel in YouTube history.
  2. MR OLYMPIA 2020 dec 15-20th

    Cracking result for Iain coming 7th. Was sure dexter and Hunter would have done better. I was wrong about every placing.
  3. MR OLYMPIA 2020 dec 15-20th

    Yea Chris looked fantastic. The photo below is the progress he has made in a year. Fcuking phenomenal.
  4. MR OLYMPIA 2020 dec 15-20th

    Results Mens Open 1. Ramy 2. Brandon 3. heath Classic 1. Chris bumstead 2. Terrence Ruffin 3. breon ansley
  5. MR OLYMPIA 2020 dec 15-20th

    Well I competed in strongman for a long time so that is where my real love is. I just find strength impressive. I don’t care if it’s a gym lift, a lift in a home gym or on a world stage to me it’s all the same. Anyway as far as the current state of open bodybuilding is I agree to a point. I like to see the biggest and most freakiest but shape and proportion has gone out the window. Look at that top 5. They look like sh1te. At least Kai, jay, Ronnie etc had some symmetry to them. Couldn’t pick many pro open bodybuilders I like. Hollingshead, Luke Sandoe (rip), Hunter to name some but I couldn’t give you many more. Dont care who wins this year. To me if that’s the top bodybuilders in the world then it’s the worst Olympia I’ve witnessed in 20 years.
  6. MR OLYMPIA 2020 dec 15-20th

    I think akim looked great. He is fcuking massive. Lacking some detail but if he came in slightly sharper I would put him above all of them. Phils mid section isn’t pleasing. Brandon’s legs are still terrible, detail is ramys back shots isn’t great, bonac is dwarfed so hard to compare. I like the freaky mass of open bodybuilding but that top 4 in my opinion look like a bag of sh1te. Where as in the classic, Chris bumstead looked immense.
  7. MR OLYMPIA 2020 dec 15-20th

    If Phil comes in near his best no one there is coming close. Brandon is his biggest competitor but he needs to bring his legs up to match his upper half. If Phil comes in like 2011 the rest should just pack up and go home. Ramy won’t win this show. He hasn’t came in 100% for any show in the past 7 years. Bonac, dexter and hadi could all easily place above him. Hunter looks amazing and would do well to finish 8th. The top 7 of Phil, Brandon, dexter, ramy, hadi and roelly and even bonac are hard to beat. If he comes in well he could be a threat though. It’s anyone’s from 8-last. Ian, akin, Justin, Juan etc. All can overtake each other it just depends how they all come in show day. James, Nathan, Cedric aren’t doing it. Not sure on hadi yet either but he will def be a threat for the top 6.
  8. Your favourite Bodybuilding Pictures?

    Phil Heath at the 2011 Olympia. He hasn’t much of a personality but one of the most complete physiques in the history of bodybuilding
  9. Your favourite Bodybuilding Pictures?

    Can’t believe no one has mentioned Ronnie.
  10. Ward vs Bjornsson

    Ward in only in his early thirties chap.
  11. Don’t think your going to miss mast when you will be using nearly 2g of gear chap.
  12. Chap still has more muscle mass than 80% of the forum.
  13. Scott Stevenson Fortitude training

    Pretty sure that’s how @Pscarb trains chap. He will know quite a bit about it
  14. Aaron page

    He was on the reserve list for WSM and pulled out due to passport issues then as you say a few days later was in a coma. Very sad. I’m pretty sure his partner is ok health wise anyway. I’m sure she’s devastated though with his passing.
  15. Final standings 1. Oleksii Novikov 47pts 2. Tom Stoltman 43.5pts 3. Jf Caron 42pts 4. Jerry Pritchett 40pts 5. Brian Shaw 35.5pts 6. Adam Bishop 34pts 7. Kevin Faires 31pts 8. Aivars Smaukstellis 28.5pts 9. Luke Richardson 22.5pts Graham Hicks 1pt *injured