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  1. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    Absolute nonsense. When I started training I was 6’1 and 10 stone. Most people said the same as you and that I was wasting my time and would never get any bigger. I ended up 24 stone and the strongest man in ireland. No one knows what their genetics are till they spend a few years nailing their training and diet. Easy to say someone has sh1t genetics but if you sorted out the OP’s diet and training I guarantee in a year the improvement would be fantastic.
  2. Nexus winstrol

    I have used their winstrol recently and I found them dead on. Gave up after about 4 weeks with appetite suppression but they were working fine. Strength was climbing well.
  3. You can blast and cruise on whatever you want as they are just made up terms used by steroid users.
  4. Lol literally lifted it like a warm up. Amazing feat of strength.
  5. I can't believe this is a tranny

    Doesn't sit better with me at all. It’s still got a dick. You obviously don’t mind a bit of cock though.
  6. He was aiming for a 230kg log for Europe’s strongest man. There is the log lift championships before the event. It’s postponed until August so assuming he is waiting till then.
  7. Pretty amazing to watch someone pressing that sort of weight. He seems like a good fella too so hoping he smashes it.
  8. Looking forward to this. World record is 227.5kg so Luke is going for 228kg. He is probably the best log presser in the world at present.
  9. Inone oils and orals

    Using their test 300 at present with nexus deca. Seems dead on to me.
  10. Boxing bag gains?

    Your muscles will not grow hitting a bag.
  11. Boxing bag gains?

    Yes go on a cycle. Imagine the results you would get from punching a bag hanging from a ceiling while injecting performance enhancing drugs into yourself.
  12. Yes ATD. From any reading I have done traces of ATD were present after oral administration of eq. Not enough information to say that it acts as an AI though. If there are any studies to educate me then please share them.
  13. Eq won’t act as an AI. It will do nothing to stop estrogen at all. Eq aromatises about half the rate of test so haven’t a clue what your talking about. As for the cycle it looks fine. Nice simple cycle and should bring good results.
  14. Anyone who is vulnerable stay at home. Everyone else can crack on and get on with their lives.
  15. Do steroids age you more quickly?

    Let’s see your physique to compare to Marks. He is 6’3 and 22 stone and in incredible shape. Probably carries more muscle tissue than anyone on this forum.