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  1. @Bensif is completely accurate. With someone at Jordan’s stage you can’t really push or improve his nutrition or training as both are optimal. Same with his recovery and stress management etc. Only thing left to push up is the drugs. Quite the opposite with the regular gym goer who pushes the drugs first without food and training following. Take 2 identical people with the same diets and training and put one on 500mg and the other on 1g. Which one will build more muscle. Less is more if more drugs has a detrimental effect on your training and nutrition. If it doesn't then more gear will provide more results.
  2. Luke sandoe death not suicide

    What the fcuk are you taking about chap.
  3. Tired of fighting with biceps

    Why on earth are you doing 29 sets per week for biceps. Absolute fluff. If you want big arms then focus on getting stronger. Pick an exercise for triceps (weighted dips, cgbp) and one for biceps ( barbell curl, preacher curl etc) and each week try to progress either in weight or reps. If you are eating in a surplus and add 20kg to your dips and the same for barbell curls your arms will be bigger.
  4. I can’t see how anyone at 6 foot tall and 12 odd stone would look decent. Not a fu**ing chance. I highly doubt you need 7000 calories each week to gain. If that is correct your maintenance is around 6-6500 calories. Nonsense. Your training is also sh1te. Needs a complete revamp. Have you any pictures of what you look like at present? Only sensible thing you have done is chose a low dose of tren. Even though you don’t need it.
  5. Deca?

    The are both the same compound so you won’t be able to tell any difference between them.
  6. Appetite

    Keep increasing your calories slowly. Start of at 3000 and increase by 300 each week. Don’t go straight in trying to force feed 1000 extra calories. Will only last a few days then you will give up. What is your activity level that you need 5000 calories to gain weight. 5000 calories is a lot of food especially if 90% of it is clean.
  7. If your not in the best shape and looking to lose 8kg you don’t need test, tren and an oral. You could cut on test alone. Would order a blood test to see if estrogen is the problem. No point banging in drugs when you don’t know what the issue is.
  8. T - BOL

    You don’t have to run 100mg at all. Half that dose would provide results.
  9. Alright chaps Anyone used? If so how was it. Any pip? Was contemplating running it for 8 weeks. Going to be my last run with tren. Although I’ve said that 4 times now.
  10. Doses

    Absolute phaggotry. More gear and food required mate.
  11. He could have woke up and drove his car. He would still have been under the influence of drink and could have killed someone on his journey home. Have you ever lost someone from a drink driver? But just let him go as he wasn’t much of a threat. Yet he attacked two police officers and stole their taser. Fcuk me I fail to understand your logic at all.
  12. First time Deca

    No mate it’s not. 400mg is a decent dose. No need for anymore and wouldn’t be that great with any less.
  13. First time Deca

    Would run 400mg of each chap. That would be plenty
  14. Bumper plates in stock at Mirafit

    £3 per kilo for bumpers is pretty decent to be fair. Especially at present when Cnuts are selling standard plates for £5-6 per kilo.