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  1. Chap still has more muscle mass than 80% of the forum.
  2. Scott Stevenson Fortitude training

    Pretty sure that’s how @Pscarb trains chap. He will know quite a bit about it
  3. Aaron page

    He was on the reserve list for WSM and pulled out due to passport issues then as you say a few days later was in a coma. Very sad. I’m pretty sure his partner is ok health wise anyway. I’m sure she’s devastated though with his passing.
  4. Final standings 1. Oleksii Novikov 47pts 2. Tom Stoltman 43.5pts 3. Jf Caron 42pts 4. Jerry Pritchett 40pts 5. Brian Shaw 35.5pts 6. Adam Bishop 34pts 7. Kevin Faires 31pts 8. Aivars Smaukstellis 28.5pts 9. Luke Richardson 22.5pts Graham Hicks 1pt *injured
  5. Stones 1. Tom Stoltman 5 stones 19.89 seconds 10pts 2. Brian Shaw 5 stones 28.55 seconds 9pts 3. Jf Caron 5 stones 34.03 seconds 8pts 4. Oleksii Novikov 4 stones 19.47 seconds 7pts 5. Aivars Smaukstellis 4 stones 20.63 seconds 6pts 6. Adam Bishop 4 stones 24.30 seconds 5pts 7. Jerry Pritchett 4 stones 24.53 seconds 4pts 8. Kevin Faires 4 stones 24.73 seconds 3pts 9. Luke Richardson 3 stones 18.02 seconds 2pts
  6. Current standings 1. Oleksii Novikov 40pts 2. Jerry Pritchett 36pts 3. JF Caron 34pts 4. Tom Stoltman 33.5pts 5. Adam Bishop 29pts 6. Kevin Faires 28pts 7. Brian Shaw 26.5pts 8. Aivars Smaukstelis 22.5pts 9. Luke Richardson 20.5pts
  7. Log ladder 1. Tom Stoltman 5 Logs 49.45 seconds 10pts 2. Jerry Pritchett 5 Logs 51.18 seconds 9pts 3. Oleksii Novikov 4 Logs 32.68 seconds 8pts 4. Aivars Smaukstelis 4 Logs 41.24 seconds 7pts 5. Kevin Faires 4 Logs 46.67 seconds 6pts 6. Luke Richardson 4 Logs 1.02.12 5pts 7. Brian Shaw 3 Logs 27.91 seconds 4pts 8. Adam Bishop 3 Logs 37.02 seconds 3pts 9. JF Caron 3 Logs 47.05 seconds 2pts Massive win for Tom. Especially going into the stones.
  8. 1. JF Caron / Oleksii Novikov 32pts 2. Jerry Pritchett 27pts 3. Adam Bishop 26pts 4. Tom Stoltman 23.5pts 5. Brian Shaw 22.5pts 6. Kevin Faries 22pts 7. Luke Richardson / Aivars Smaukstelis 15.5pt He luckily didn’t drop too much but it was a good chance to move up. He now has shaw and Faries within touching distance. Tom needs a few years yet before he is at the top. He is lacking in a few areas and at this level it shows. He is nowhere near licis/ mateusz etc.
  9. Hercules hold event 4. 1. JF Caron 52.67 seconds 10pts 2. Kevin Faries 49.22 seconds 9pts 3. Jerry Pritchett 42.99 seconds 8pts 4. Oleksii Novikov 41.63 seconds 5. Luke Richardson 35.12 seconds 6. Brian Shaw 34.79 seconds 7. Adam Bishop 28.40 seconds 8. Aivars Smaukstellis 28.17 seconds 9.Tom Stoltman 21.23 seconds @Kazza61 maybe you could put spoilers in thread title incase some fcuker comes in the thread crying that he wanted to wait till Xmas to know the result.
  10. He is one of the best at stones but not at log. Log press isn’t easy at 6’8 hence why shaw and Thor were never great at it.
  11. Keg toss was won by Tom so he climbed a good bit up the leaderboard. Result after day 1 1. Oleksii Novikov 25pts 2. Adam Bishop / JF Caron 22pts 3. Tom Stoltman 21.5pts 4. Jerry Pritchett 19pts 5. Brian Shaw 17.5pts 6. Kevin Faires 13pts 7. Aivars Smaukstelis 12.5pts 8. Luke Richardson 9.5pts Events left are the Hercules hold, log ladder and stones. Still open who could take it. Felix is attempting to beat his own WR at Hercules hold. Man is inspiring. Let’s hope he gets it.
  12. Also to add 2nd event was 18” deadlift. Novicov apparently pulled 537.5. World record if so.
  13. SPOILERS Got a txt to say bishop has won first event. Also 2nd on 2nd event. Him, Pritchett and novikov top 3 in first 2 events. Hicks out with torn bicep.
  14. It’s the TV producers that pick the events mate. Every event is based on their choice. What’s more exciting to watch etc. Even Colin Bryce has no real say in what the events will be.
  15. Yea could see one from each group go through in this lineup. Cant remember a WSM being so open before. Although that is sadly due to the fact that last years top 3 aren’t there. Yea chap will be stone over bar for 3rd place.