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  1. Anadrol only cycle

    Pretty sure... forums get used to get information from others?
  2. Anadrol only cycle

    Because it gives me acne mate. I was pinning 250mg with 200 tren once a week and I got acne
  3. Anadrol only cycle

    30mg ed
  4. Anadrol only cycle

    Used that before made me feel ill
  5. Anadrol only cycle

    Is there any injectable cycle I could run without test because test gives me acne
  6. Anadrol only cycle

    No scared mate. Pinned before test gives me acne so want to keep away from it
  7. Anadrol only cycle

    How accurate is this mate
  8. Anyone ever done this? Was thinking of running it for 10-12 weeks because I can't be bothered to pin at the moment
  9. Oral only ideas needed

    Anyone run dbol and var together
  10. Fat loss stalling

    That was this morning on empty stomach. Last night I was bloated. Il add some more cals in tomorrow go for 300 extra so be around 2000 cals then
  11. Fat loss stalling

    The 1st pic I put on here I did have food before it so probably bloated a bit. Just took this and I'm relaxed with better lighting...excuse the toothbrushes haha
  12. Fat loss stalling

    True mate, I think if I had more muscle mass I wouldn't care if I was abit on the fat side because I know if I leaned down I will have so good size on me. I think Leaning down now il have hardly any shape because I don't have much muscle
  13. Fat loss stalling

    I have been leanish before it's this pic
  14. Fat loss stalling

    I like the fitness model physique mate. That's my goal but I ain't holding much muscle at all I don't think. And if I drop down more now il probably add some fat back on whilst in a calorie surplus