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  1. I fi I figured if a guy matching this description ever squares up to me, I'm just going to nut the c**t
  2. So a good old kneck tattoo, Jarhead haircut, and maybe a missing tooth or two, and big fu**ing beard?
  3. What's the difference in been big and looking like a pussy Been big and looking like a nut job. Dress sense? Tattoos? Hair cut? Teeth? Beard?
  4. Amazon selling

    I have 5000 Mickey mouse bags to sell. What do I do? I create a YouTube video telling people how to make money buying in bulk to sell on Amazon. I will hint at my item, without telling you about it because across the thousands who will see my video, someone will see me items and buy. Sorted.
  5. Fusion Methdrol (superdrol clone)

    Think I'm going to go back to Rx labs tbh, however out if curiosity...what percentage would you recommend
  6. Fusion Methdrol (superdrol clone)

    Thanks for the reply, in going to up to 40mg to finish the bottle then. See if I notice anything at all. I hadn't been on for couple of years and no contact for the real stuff, using left other test and tren as I have enough for a cycle
  7. Fusion Methdrol (superdrol clone)

    Hi guys, decided to use fusion Methadrol as a kickstart. However after 2 weeks, and upping dose 30mg a day, I literally feel nothing. I've used fusion products before and all was ?, has anyone had any experience with fusion Methdrol? Starting to think this was a complete waste of £
  8. Rx labs?

    Hi guys, not run a cycle for a couple of years, and Taylor made was my go to lab. I've used rx.labs in the past, and they were ok, and its still available to me. Are they still good to go? Thanka
  9. Longest time off gym?

    About 18 months, hit a real depression spot in my life, no idea were it came from. Pretty much have the perfect life (minus the millions). gained a load of weight, lost an incredible amount of strength, nearly topped myself. then something just clicked again, back training 2 months, weights dropping nicely (not even started dieting tbh) and I’m back to routine. Muscle memory is so very real, lifts went up surprisingly fast. Time to crack on