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  1. who's home brewed their own gear?

    You could home brew for like 60 quid. Enough for a year.
  2. Stop playing with ya life.. and ya backside, and get some clean proper vials mate. - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0722TT69P
  3. The rock. He's not much bigger than me. I swear it.
  4. Can you guess my barrel sizes ?

    1ml insulin, 2.5ml, 5ml, 60ml.
  5. Bitcoin split tomorrow?

    Anyone watching BTC pop up to 3500 USD, Great stuff. ETH confidence is coming back, lets get to 300 then 400!
  6. fu**ing hell coconut oil. The worst of them all mate!
  7. New research concludes vegans have no taste buds and are fu**ing boring people irl.
  8. Bitcoin split tomorrow?

    Good to see crypto enthusiasts here. BCC is at roughly 600 mark now. Was going to flip 10k worth of eth on BCC but decided again it, regret now that it went up to 1200 USD today.. Anyone else mine? I mine ethereum with a small scale farm.
  9. Nothing like cleaning the lav with coca cola
  10. Why don't you post some evidence instead of sounding like an uneducated ignorant f**k?
  11. I like the sound of that. GSK Juice bus. ...
  12. Don't be butt hurt my gear is clean and yours is made in some filfthy feaceas filled kitchen lol.
  13. It's like going to argos and buying the value toaster, dont expect it to last as long as a nice bosh one. Or complaining about the budget toilet paper hurting your asshole, compared to fluffy 3 ply andrex with aloe vera
  14. Wait till ya get a massive puss filed abscess that looks like a shark's taken a bite out of you.
  15. 1) No one says it's on the move. I said it's a mobile unit, like a static workshop you can shop into place with a crane, but this one has a axles. 2) No one said they supply a very small select group of individuals - I said it's offline.