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  1. Lab Testing UK

    This. Why do you need a lab test? If it works you'll know. If it doesn't, buy something else.
  2. I go just below hip bone with 5/8 orange. Absolute heaven
  3. I'm using the same test e. Only had first jab on Saturday though so can't comment. Oil is as thick as mud. The source you're talking about got them from the same place I got mine. Second road pharmacy in Pattaya next door to tims bar. If you look on google that's where everyone recommends to get gear in Pattaya.
  4. A broader bodybuilding section?

    Ahhh that newspaper icon? Never thought to see what that was!
  5. A broader bodybuilding section?

    its easier on a pc to read the recent stuff. It comes up on the side of the screen. On a phone you've gotta go into all the different sections to look for new s**t or I think if you scroll right to the bottom of the home screen it's there.
  6. Sure I read @Slagface say you can sit those vials directly on an electric hob on the lowest heat and it'll be fine.
  7. You could boil the cu**s until the end of time and they wouldn't break mate.
  8. If it was floating around I'd be tempted to throw it away but if it's not even in the oil I can't see it being an issue. Theres a thread about triumph npp somewhere, think @BULKmight have an idea how to clear the crystals.
  9. if you start knocking off the ester weight you're gonna have to start testing every vial of gear you use as you've no idea if they're dosed right.
  10. No mate. Not gonna use any orals. Probably not worth the lack of appetite/s**t feeling I end up getting from them.
  11. I haven't bothered with it in the end mate.
  12. I'd love to have a proper go with npp but last time my nipples were on fire after about 2 weeks. Wanted to run these so I could get my AI dose right so I know in future when I do run deca/npp/tren that it's not the AI that's an issue. I've used Caber before with deca and that seems to help but it just means more tablets and remembering when to take them. If I do my AI and mast/dhb daily and test once weekly I should be ok.
  13. I've been cruising until now mate. 10 weeks or slightly longer. I just didn't wanna take anything that was gonna give me gyno this time around. Obviously test is a must but didn't want tren, deca or anything that aromatises so went with dhb and mast. Reason for ed jabbing is just to keep the amount of dhb low per jab. Plus ed will help me remember to jab as opposed to every other day or 3 times a week when I'd forget which day I'd jabbed.