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  1. Permanent cycle

    dog s**t without people saying grams of gear is okay? yeah okay then pal you're just a soft bastard... someones nice to you over a forum and you begin brown nosing them. He's always stating this which is why I'm acting the way I am
  2. Permanent cycle

    the point is people like this mongrel keeps spitting on to others saying taking loads of gear is safe for you... I got a mate that I know personally who was bullied few year ago in college for being small came onto THIS VERY FORUM that I refered him to so he could have a scan and was told to take 800mg testosterone 60mg dianabol and other stupid sh1t which he fvcking did and he's like 165 pounds... and this is suggested all of the time and it's getting stupid now so how about you jump on your bike you stupid c**t you don't even know what is going on here your just spitting out random bollocks because someone else is you thick f**k
  3. Permanent cycle

    aye your fat and you know you are to hence why you don't even remove your tshirt for that's like showing your face but wearing a mask over and saying you're good looking? You have some vascularity from gear who cares every steroid user does... your pics proved nothing and you can even see that there is literally no deffinition between delt and bicep I got more seperation than you when I'm not even tensing mate there's a picture in another thread it's from a while ago and that was at the end of a bulk..
  4. Permanent cycle

    and to say you don't promote high gear you were on about a GRAM of gear is practically casual to you. You also said people shouldn't listen to the nonsense that it's not safe and sh1t. %95 of people on this forum and just complete retards and use so much gear because they're clueless, still lack mass and still fat as fook
  5. Permanent cycle

    christ you wrote all of that out? those steroids got you crying like a baby why dont you just pop ANOTHER pill to deal with that aswell? You barely have any muscle to say the amount of gear you probably do use... and your fat aswell so enjoy your high doses as they do soo much for you. It's not negativity it's actually you posting negativity by promoting people to be half assed with their lifes and jab a whole lot of juice the majority of good people have left this forum because of people like yourself bringing this nonsense of high doses with you. It's just the shear arrogance on this forum towards gear which is why myself included don't even bother anymore
  6. Hypothetically Could you ....

    well it would work but you it wouldn't get you shredded. When I first started like 6 year ago I just ate 3000calories and just stuck with that until I hit 195 or so and I eventually started loosing pounds again but it didn't get me ripped. I think I got to around 185 ish when I had to properly restrict and do cardio to get leaner into the lower 170s
  7. Hypothetically Could you ....

    do you mean at 170lbs you wouldnt burn off 4000calories but as you got heavier 4000 calories would then be your maintenance calories because of your increase in bodyweight and therefore you should begin loosing weight again as your maintenance has gotten higher because of heavier weight?
  8. "A up" from Derbyshire

    is that you in the pic? Sick camera that is
  9. Permanent cycle

    I post nothing relevant because I don't care about a forum I come when I am bored unlike yourself posting every thread you get chance to. Goes to show how lonely you are mate. You encourage high doses because you are impatient and lazy to go for the long term. hence no picture ever posted of yourself so to try and disrespect these so called 70kg simple minded people who know nothing you are non the wiser and a hypocrite
  10. Permanent cycle

    and to you I say careful saying that because some dumb moron will actually listen to you. You're fvcking retarded if you think nothing is going to happen you half made sloppy jelly for a brain
  11. Permanent cycle

    ahahaha nothing at all mate
  12. Melanotan 2 Immunity | Melanotan 1 Alternative?

    any mt2 makes me dark I don't even really need mt2 I just use it to save money... 2 jabs and I'm dark enough. 4ish sunbed sessions without it and I get pakis in taxis asking if I'm half cast
  13. Diazepam / Xanax before a presentation

    christ 3 tablets loool bet you walking round like a sloth you addicted to them or what
  14. Diazepam / Xanax before a presentation

    you take xanax and look like you gonna collapse half way through that aint any good
  15. Well I was talking to OP in first place any how april is still minimum 9-10weeks If you come back with another comment that makes me look like I'm stupid i'm gonna throw myself over the banister and straight down the stairs