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  1. Was on B&C for just over 2 years... been on pct for a couple week now and I have this incredibly high anxiety, I never have this but It's as if I'm in a different dimension right now. Is this normal during a PCT such as this? and if so what do you guys take for it.
  2. Beards ..

    Growing mine out now for first time lol. I fair like how tom hardy as it, with the goatee and a decent length of stubble on there to... Kind of makes it look alot cleaner than a full beard so going to see how that looks.
  3. Finally started PCT after years on

    I still haven't gotten onto my PCT yet... I've been "pondering" around aswell haha. I was going to come off about 2months ago but had some money issues so couldn't afford proper PCT. I did a quick blast of HCG of 15,000iu total a month ago, balls went back up but they've gone back down again lol but doing it properly now. Blasting HCG again whilst on small dose of 20mg dbol ed... Been on a blast and cruise for 2 and a half years now. And why are you using proviron during PCT, I'm sure it affects your recovery some what. 20days of PCT seems very miniscule to me. My plan is HCG 2500iu e3d week 1 40mg nolva 100mg clomid [split dosage am/pm for clomid throughout entire pct] week 2 20mg nolva 100mg clomid week 3 - 6 20mg nolva 50mg clomid Aromasin ran throughout pct and i'll lower as PCT finishes. Insulin alternating with igf and metformin 2weeks on/off
  4. High BP on cruise, test or vape?

    Other way around anxiety causing the high heart rate.
  5. Picture of a guy I know who takes synthol

    You would never in a million years say to him you look ridiculous as you do think. You even said yourself you would have tricked him saying he looked good and you wanted a picture. You are a b1tch.
  6. Picture of a guy I know who takes synthol

    Is the only reason you took the picture from the back because you like talking shite? Funny how you've come on here to talk about somebody behind their back like this and everyone else included, it's cowardice. Leave the guy to his own choices in life, it affects you none what so ever, if he looks like a d1ck then so be it.
  7. I'm not saying how to live your live I'm simply saying you have written about binges numerous times before and there could have been an issue.
  8. In the mirror is your competition...

    I mean as in defining yourself as saying I AM A WORLD CLASS BOXER or I AM THE BRITISH CHAMPION IN BOXING. However that does not correspond to defining your own character in such a way. You define who you are on morals and virtues and your decisions you have taken in life. OP is talking as if he's saying defining yourself with how you look and how good your physique is which leads to cockiness and arrogance, this is not the way to go.
  9. In the mirror is your competition...

    If you are basing your character and values off yourself in the mirror and how well you do then you are all fvck wits. To make your life better should not be based around bodybuilding or sport. It is not something to define yourself by. If you seriously do think about this post please re-evaluate. ... Only if you are obviously a top level professional athlete competeing NATIONAL level then you may take things more seriously, but I don't think any of us on this forum are going to be a bronze medalist of the sort let alone a gold on here.
  10. I've seen posts from you before talking about binges ALOT. You either need to sort your diet out and get some willpower or seek help. Eating that much food often because of a binge clearly isn't any good.
  11. Elevation masks

    ALTITUDE mask says it on the tin ALTITUDE if it didn't adjust your body to higher ALTITUDES then why is it called an ALTITUDE mask for. and I believe it's non sense all these rbc stuff. I bet people like Mo farah don't take this s**t yet other slower people in the race probably do take them, how come they don't win? It's just down to training to what you want to get better at
  12. Elevation masks

    More rbc count does not mean you do well in higher altitudes or running for that matter lol. Your body adapts in a different way. It's like some of the fat bodybuilders on here taking equipoise for increase in endurance... Yet they don't even do cardio or anything that actually uses ACTUAL endurance. A mask overtime wearing it all day will get your body adapted to higher atitudes hence why it is called a fvcking ELEVATION MASK , that is all. It doesn't mean if you do that you take it off and you'll suddenly run for 100days. If you want to get better endurance than go jogging for a LONG TIME
  13. Aye the stigma is true and if they were to get hold of records that you did steroids I would guess it would affect you getting employed. People compare it to being a "druggy" they think it's like injecting heroin. Got told other day aswell off this woman if I felt dirty and weird about injecting it was just sat there like wtf.
  14. Well you said you've had the surgery and now you're here alive... /conversation
  15. No it does not. You're not picking "die" or "survive" cards out of a hat.