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    darren.1987 reacted to lewdylewd in No body temp increase on dnp   
    Again, I have absolutely no vested interest  however, Regal are 200mg caps so I assume your doses were 200mg and 400mg.
    So even on the "weaker batch" 400mg was enough to produce a pronounced effect.
    Although you were perhaps disappointed, I'd say that that kind of effect from 400mg, while not as strong as you'd hoped is still not bad.
    Although I'm sure Regal Labs will endeavour to achieve consistent quality and strength between all "batches".
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from Towel in Amount of guys probably getting ripped off due to coronavirus   
    Not quite 
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    darren.1987 reacted to stargazer in Amount of guys probably getting ripped off due to coronavirus   
    Yeah that's me, iv'e already scammed 280 twats this last 2wks, i don't have a business anymore but at least i got scammer status, eroids would be proud .
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from Towel in Amount of guys probably getting ripped off due to coronavirus   
    Not quite 
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    darren.1987 reacted to lewdylewd in So who else has decided to stop working?   
    So your mate in the military didnt give you a tip off then?
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from Dark Prowler in SG Mast-E 300...   
    Anavar can lower libido in some people that I know who used it..not sure exactly why.
    Winstrol did the opposite for me.
    I personally felt no different apart from holding bit less water when used mast e and a drier look. 
    Didn't do anything for me libido wise  
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    darren.1987 reacted to stargazer in Advice on e2 in problem situation U.K. shutdown   
    Well, the UK is NOT going into shutdown tomorrow and even if it was you are saying that your main concern is where to get an AI?? FFS chap, open your eyes.
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    darren.1987 reacted to stargazer in When receptors be ready?   
    Part of a large sticky i put together many years ago:
    Androgen Receptors
    The AR is a large protein molecule, produced from one and only one gene in DNA. There aren't lots of different kinds of
    receptors, as some authors claim. There are not, for example, ARs specific for oral or injectable anabolics, nor for
    different esters of testosterone, nor for any different kinds of AAS.
    The first important question to ask is, "How many ARs do you have? Is the number small or large? Can it be changed?" Since
    these are, in effect, little machines which are either on or off, and their effect is greater as more are activated, we
    want as many of them switched on as possible.
    There are far fewer ARs than most people realize. Some authors who are opposed to AAS doses beyond 200 mg/week say that
    only this amount will be accepted by the receptors in muscle, and everything past that will "spill over" and go into
    receptors in the skin and elsewhere.
    Research shows that muscle tissue has, roughly, 3 nanomoles of ARs per kg. Then your body probably has less than 300
    nanomoles of ARs, grand total, let's say.
    Well, one 2.5 mg tab of oxandrolone supplies about 8000 nanomoles of AAS. Clearly, that's far more molecules than your body
    has receptors.
    A little math shows that all those receptors combined could bind only a small percentage of the molecules of AAS in one
    little 2.5 mg tab. So binding to ARs cannot appreciably reduce the concentration of AAS in the blood. Therefore, the ideas
    that ARs will bind most of whatever dose some author recommends, or that "spill-over" will occur beyond that, are entirely
    wrong. There just aren't that many receptors.
    Typical doses of AAS are high enough that a high percentage of the ARs are bound to AAS, whether the dose is say 400
    mg/week or 1000 mg/week. If similar percentages of ARs are active – close to 100% in each case -- then why do higher doses
    give more results? It's a fact that they do, but there is not any large percentage of unoccupied receptors at the moderate
    dose. Thus, there is little room for improvement there. So at least part of the cause must be something other than simply
    occupying a higher percentage of receptors.
    The fact that the ARs must form dimers to be active has an interesting consequence. The mathematics are such that if two
    ARs must join together to form an activated dimer, and both must bind a molecule of AAS, then the square must be taken of
    the percentage. This means that if say 71% of receptors are binding steroid, only 50% of the dimers will be activated.
    Thus, at low levels, there is more room for improvement than one would think. But if say 95% are occupied, then even after
    squaring that, there would still only be 10% room for improvement.
    But actual improvement – increase in effect – seems to be much more than 10%. Anabolism increases even as the dose becomes
    more than sufficient to ensure virtually complete binding. Why?
    One popular explanation is that high doses of AAS block cortisol receptors and are thus anti-catabolic. But if this were an
    adequate explanation, then one could use anti-cortisol drugs together with low doses of AAS and get the same results as
    with high doses of AAS. This isn't the case. In fact, if cortisol is suppressed, this simply results in painful joint
    problems. And if the cortisol-blocking theory were true, we also would expect that persons with abnormally low cortisol
    ought to be quite muscular. That isn’t the case either.
    Three other possibilities come to mind:
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from mal in Rohm Anavar 50mg & 10mg   
    Yes I use same source wouldn't say is overly expensive usually gives bit of discount.
    Regarding sphinx tabs I thought the 50mg winny was good as was the old batch of super t5 230mg per tab.. really potent
    I understand var is a minefield or supposedly is with compounds being switched.. I'd just wait for NP var to be restocked
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    darren.1987 reacted to varbiedoll in Neuro Pharma var 10mg   
    Cheers for that/the photo! Really appreciate it. When I googled Neuro Pharma var some post from another forum came up of 50s with an N P imprinted on the pill so it just set my paranoia right the f**k off. 
    First cycle nerves and all that.
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from varbiedoll in Neuro Pharma var 10mg   
    The 50s don't have an imprint on? See photo.
    I have a tub of 50mgs and 2 tubs of the 10mg.  the 10mg are smaller and 50s are slightly bigger but quite thin still.
    And the 10mg are 100% legit.
    female friend of mine used them and noticed within 5-7 days massive strength increase and recovery.
    workouts for her were excellent and could train for longer. (Wether that effect is placebo I don't know)
    She would have preferred to use 5mg to start but difficult to cut them in half.

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    darren.1987 reacted to Jaling in Neuro Pharma var 10mg   
    They look familiar hahaha 
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    darren.1987 reacted to Bensif in Blood work on Nexus, e2 a little high.   
    This is inaccurate. The ratio of testosterone to oestrogen is of importance rather than simply maintaining certain hormone levels.
    The body strives for homeostasis, and having very high testosterone but normal levels of oestrogen can cause problems.
    Oestrogen should be allowed to rise only to the point that you are not succumbing to oestrogen related side effects. This is very individual and with time you learn where this point is for your body.
    Generally most people are fine at the time end of normal with doses of testosterone between 300-500mg. First time users are the most likely to experience oestrogen related side effects.
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    darren.1987 reacted to AncientOldBloke in If anyone is cancelling there holiday because of the coronavirus please read on   
    1. If it says non refundable then it's non refundable
    2. Yes (unless you bought insurance)
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from kellyman in Sphinx pharma pip   
    Used there mast e and TTM 375 before and no pip from them..
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    darren.1987 reacted to Fadi in Weight gain question   
    MV, you’ve been training for three months, multiple that by four and really see how you’ll look and feel in twelve months.  
    The above is in a  way similar to weighing yourself everyday, vs weighing yourself once a week. You’d get a much more accurate readings when you allow for some time to elapse, as opposed to pushing for what your head wants over how your body prefers to operate based on the law of homeostasis.
    Coming to the fat or muscle issue now; it’s both, and here’s a formula that’ll put your mind at ease.
    A slight surplus in caloric intake is going to see you gain some weight, and a slight deficit in caloric intake is going to see you drop some weight. Your visits to the gym and/or the effort you apply in challenging your muscles with resistance training, will play the role as the determining factor of how you’ll look, irrespective of weight gained or lost. In other words, the ratio of muscles to fat gains is determined by what you do in the gym. 
    A state of caloric maintenance coupled with weight training over a time period, would shift the ratio of your body composition in favour of muscles over fat, leading to a faster metabolism as a result ... requiring an increase in caloric intake (for a new maintenance number now) to allow for some new energy for the muscles gained.
    A caloric surplus (coupled with resistance training), is going to see you gain both muscles and fat, however due (and based on effort applied in said training), you’d gain a higher ratio of muscles to fat.
    A caloric deficit (coupled with resistance training), would see you maintain your muscles (because you’re using them), whilst  dropping in fat mass. Here you’ll look sharper and more defined with muscle separation etc. 
    All the above takes some time, hence I began by saying, please multiple your 3 months by 4, before you really get a true sense or a more honest picture of where you stand.
    The kitchen determines whether your body weight goes up or down ... the gym determines how it goes up or down. Both are important elements in your quest for a better you.
    All the best to you mate.
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    darren.1987 reacted to Ironman TS in Best NAC and TUDCA brand/stockist?   
    Managed to find Now Foods 1000mg NAC at HealthMonthly.co.uk - 120 caps for 14:99 which looks a decent price from a reasonable brand.
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    darren.1987 reacted to stewedw in Jizz Volume on Cycle   
    Haven't read the whole thread, but three weeks into a test only cycle at 600mg a week and my test level was 159. Yours is 40.6. Seems low mate to me? What's your dose and when did you draw blood compared to injection time? (I jabbed Monday, got bloods Thursday fasted 9am) results on the ama thread with ek Chapo shows my levels are whstg your expect from that amount of test. You at einky slightly above natty) 
    All the best
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    darren.1987 reacted to CarrotTop in Is this severe testicular atrophy?   
    Ok mate,  not sure how much hcg you’ve got but I advise you do the following......
    Start these both together, this will avoid an initial crash in your hormones and hopefully allow you to regain some testicular function......
    Testosterone 125mg for 4 weeks 
    HCG 2000iu twice weekly for 6 weeks 
    After your last week of hcg only, get a blood test from medichecks that includes..
    Free testosterone 
    If your testosterone is in range, at a good level, cease using hcg. If not carry on with the same dose for another 2 weeks and retest.....
    Once hcg is finished 
    20mg nolvadex and 50mg clomid for 4 weeks (half the doses if you start to suffer emotional side effects) 
    Keep using the nolva for one more week after the clomid 
    You will need repeat bloods after at least 4-5 weeks after you’ve finished using the above, you can even get some blood tested half way through the serms if you want to see if it’s working 
    All the best with it, and remember to be patient, you’ve been on 10 years with no break.
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    darren.1987 reacted to stargazer in Help please - sensitive nip on Test E cruise   
    @Lowtttt you mean supra not super lol.
    OP, to answer your question, nolva will stop it in a couple of days. 
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    darren.1987 reacted to stargazer in ROHM Rip Blend (Fake?)   
    Correct, sorry to say it's 100% fake mate.
    Not only is the labelling wrong the boldness of the print is well OTT, only Rip Blend should be bold, the rest shouldn't be.
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    darren.1987 reacted to CarrotTop in Cenzo Pharma Exemestane not working, please help!   
    Might not be bunk. Who knows, you may be a heavy aromatiser
    Anyway, I don’t really see a problem, your test levels are 5x the top range, and your e2 is 2x the top range 
    I wouldn’t worry, especially if you’re feeling good, as that’s what matters isn’t it, talking too much AI is more of a problem these days tbf.....
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from stargazer in Cenzo Pharma Exemestane not working, please help!   
    nolva will not lower your e2 just stop gyno development.
    that aromasin is definitely bunk. I was taking 6.25mg (half of a tab) of inone pharma UGL aromasin on 500mg test e (was meant to be cruise dose but the test was overdosed) and my e2 was at 175pmol/l
    Slightly high e2 but still not crazy high.. reference range is 160 but that's for natural test levels when using medicheck.
    @stargazer  I would say he should get some pharma grade adex or aromasin and use 0.5mg adex or 12.5mg aromasin Monday/Wednesday/Friday and then assess from there?
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    darren.1987 reacted to stargazer in Bayer Proviron?   
    It's actually the date that the license was issued mate.
    To OP, they are same as mine and mine are def real, my Mrs will confirm that :).