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    darren.1987 reacted to stargazer in Gyms reopening.   
    Boris has been far to over enthusiastic to get the economy back on it's feet he is doing to much to quickly.
    Even if gyms do reopen early/mid july, we will all be in lockdown down again by early/mid August, mark my words guys.
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from feelinfine in Will be interesting to see which labs are still about after all this chaos is over   
    Never to be seen again it seems.

    Still got a vial of there test e 250 that was massively over dosed. Think my test came back at 295 from 2ml of it per week. I daren't pin it haha
    Pip was fine on one vial the other was one of worst i ever had.
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    darren.1987 reacted to feelinfine in Will be interesting to see which labs are still about after all this chaos is over   
    I have some old triumph test e 300 vials left. It has a bite to it for sure. Too bad the lab went away. At one point I swear 90% of the board was on their stuff.
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    darren.1987 reacted to Bensif in Blood results and help with AI dose   
    Just because you outside the range (and barely here) doesn’t mean you NEED to lower it.
    Consider your hormonal balance taking the median from each range, allowing for the difference in unit of measurement, width of range and the value each has increased. Your testosterone is now 700% of the median but your oestrogen is only 170%.
    This isn’t an indicator (in my opinion) that you need to lower it. Everyone is ever so slightly different (the variance isn’t huge) but I wouldn’t be concerned until you nearing 300 pmol/L.
    Others may disagree.
    If you want to lower it purely as an experiment to see how you feel, start very low. .25mg anastrozole twice per week. 
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    darren.1987 reacted to creed in White Shaming   
    Muslims being allowed extra break timings to pray while their white counter parts are denied extra breaks to carry out things that are important to them most definitely has got something to do with this thread. If a white employer feels that they cannot refuse a Muslim a break for them to pray for fear of being accused of being racist,is playing the race card is it not? So someone's race plays apart when they want to make some type of gain from it,but apart from that we are all equal yes?!?! 
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    darren.1987 reacted to Seppuku71 in White Shaming   
    That might change once he's gone down on the big pole a few times
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    darren.1987 reacted to Sustanation in Estrogen control maintaining sex drive libido throughout cycle   
    I use between 1000 and 1500 of calcium d glucarate a day when on cycle and find my bloods show my estrogen stays in range, if they got too high then I'd also add in DIM before looking at using Ai's which negatively affect my cholesterol lipids adversely, gear will adversely affect your bloods anyway so why use something which can ultimately add to the problem. 
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from TITO in Blood Results   
    Yeah mate exactly but if you felt good then dont worry about it.
    I was using NP test e for mine but since they've stopped producing I'm trying regal labs test e and getting bloods done so will post them up.
    I'm trying to be at top end of normal range but if you wanted to be at a higher cruise dose then  you would be aiming for between 40-60nmol I'd of said.
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from TITO in Blood Results   
    That test result is low as @arbffgadm100 said. 
    I was on 0.5ml of test e 250mg per week and had bloods done 3 days after the injection and came back at 30nmol which is what I was wanting right at top end of "normal" range.
    When I used 500mg test blood result was around 130nmol.
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    darren.1987 reacted to lewdylewd in First time Dnp log   
    Yes if your loosing weight at a fair rate no need to up it, and increase sides, get so lethargic you cant train etc.
    That lab you said your using I've heard good things about them 
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    darren.1987 reacted to alanvan297 in Worst gear purchases when you started off?   
    Isis test e worked but defo suspect brand name
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from Lloyd H in Inone pharma aromasin   
    Yes when I used a quarter tab 3.1mg it kept my e2 around 174pmol on 500mg test a week.
    I don't aromatise easily so I didn't even need to use it at all.. I do have the bloods results from medichecks will get them later on.
    I felt better taking no AI on that amount of test and have in the past over done it with adex or aromasin.. 
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    darren.1987 reacted to Popeye66 in SG vs Nexus vs DG   
    I pinned yesterday with mast as well. Happy days!!
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    darren.1987 reacted to lewdylewd in Is 80% to much   
    So every landlord, energy and utility company in the country should go bankrupt, to cater for self employed people who have been playing the tax system?
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from Popeye66 in SG vs Nexus vs DG   
    I had the same problem with it.
    Swapped to nexus sust and no pip at all.
    As said it came back at almost 330mg per ml on janoshik I think...so yeah that would be why it gave me bad PIP 
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    darren.1987 reacted to lewdylewd in No body temp increase on dnp   
    Again, I have absolutely no vested interest  however, Regal are 200mg caps so I assume your doses were 200mg and 400mg.
    So even on the "weaker batch" 400mg was enough to produce a pronounced effect.
    Although you were perhaps disappointed, I'd say that that kind of effect from 400mg, while not as strong as you'd hoped is still not bad.
    Although I'm sure Regal Labs will endeavour to achieve consistent quality and strength between all "batches".
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from Towel in Amount of guys probably getting ripped off due to coronavirus   
    Not quite 
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    darren.1987 reacted to stargazer in Amount of guys probably getting ripped off due to coronavirus   
    Yeah that's me, iv'e already scammed 280 twats this last 2wks, i don't have a business anymore but at least i got scammer status, eroids would be proud .
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from Towel in Amount of guys probably getting ripped off due to coronavirus   
    Not quite 
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    darren.1987 reacted to lewdylewd in So who else has decided to stop working?   
    So your mate in the military didnt give you a tip off then?
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    darren.1987 got a reaction from Dark Prowler in SG Mast-E 300...   
    Anavar can lower libido in some people that I know who used it..not sure exactly why.
    Winstrol did the opposite for me.
    I personally felt no different apart from holding bit less water when used mast e and a drier look. 
    Didn't do anything for me libido wise  
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    darren.1987 reacted to stargazer in Advice on e2 in problem situation U.K. shutdown   
    Well, the UK is NOT going into shutdown tomorrow and even if it was you are saying that your main concern is where to get an AI?? FFS chap, open your eyes.
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    darren.1987 reacted to stargazer in When receptors be ready?   
    Part of a large sticky i put together many years ago:
    Androgen Receptors
    The AR is a large protein molecule, produced from one and only one gene in DNA. There aren't lots of different kinds of
    receptors, as some authors claim. There are not, for example, ARs specific for oral or injectable anabolics, nor for
    different esters of testosterone, nor for any different kinds of AAS.
    The first important question to ask is, "How many ARs do you have? Is the number small or large? Can it be changed?" Since
    these are, in effect, little machines which are either on or off, and their effect is greater as more are activated, we
    want as many of them switched on as possible.
    There are far fewer ARs than most people realize. Some authors who are opposed to AAS doses beyond 200 mg/week say that
    only this amount will be accepted by the receptors in muscle, and everything past that will "spill over" and go into
    receptors in the skin and elsewhere.
    Research shows that muscle tissue has, roughly, 3 nanomoles of ARs per kg. Then your body probably has less than 300
    nanomoles of ARs, grand total, let's say.
    Well, one 2.5 mg tab of oxandrolone supplies about 8000 nanomoles of AAS. Clearly, that's far more molecules than your body
    has receptors.
    A little math shows that all those receptors combined could bind only a small percentage of the molecules of AAS in one
    little 2.5 mg tab. So binding to ARs cannot appreciably reduce the concentration of AAS in the blood. Therefore, the ideas
    that ARs will bind most of whatever dose some author recommends, or that "spill-over" will occur beyond that, are entirely
    wrong. There just aren't that many receptors.
    Typical doses of AAS are high enough that a high percentage of the ARs are bound to AAS, whether the dose is say 400
    mg/week or 1000 mg/week. If similar percentages of ARs are active – close to 100% in each case -- then why do higher doses
    give more results? It's a fact that they do, but there is not any large percentage of unoccupied receptors at the moderate
    dose. Thus, there is little room for improvement there. So at least part of the cause must be something other than simply
    occupying a higher percentage of receptors.
    The fact that the ARs must form dimers to be active has an interesting consequence. The mathematics are such that if two
    ARs must join together to form an activated dimer, and both must bind a molecule of AAS, then the square must be taken of
    the percentage. This means that if say 71% of receptors are binding steroid, only 50% of the dimers will be activated.
    Thus, at low levels, there is more room for improvement than one would think. But if say 95% are occupied, then even after
    squaring that, there would still only be 10% room for improvement.
    But actual improvement – increase in effect – seems to be much more than 10%. Anabolism increases even as the dose becomes
    more than sufficient to ensure virtually complete binding. Why?
    One popular explanation is that high doses of AAS block cortisol receptors and are thus anti-catabolic. But if this were an
    adequate explanation, then one could use anti-cortisol drugs together with low doses of AAS and get the same results as
    with high doses of AAS. This isn't the case. In fact, if cortisol is suppressed, this simply results in painful joint
    problems. And if the cortisol-blocking theory were true, we also would expect that persons with abnormally low cortisol
    ought to be quite muscular. That isn’t the case either.
    Three other possibilities come to mind: