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  1. How did you feel with the adex added in EOD?
  2. They're usually 1mg tabs. Have seen some Pfizer caber which is 2mg per tab though I'd just do 0.25mg to see how react to it as ive crashed prolactin level few years back taking 0.5mg of caber.
  3. fake pregnyl

    Maybe give him replacements for the hcg he bought that was totally bunk?
  4. Hoarding

    Was your rohm the new vials? Iv got test c and prop not used yet
  5. How long after injection did you take the bloods?
  6. SG use something similar to mct, the oils look as thin as the rohm stuff iv got. I got bad pip off nexus test e, but not the nexus sustanon.
  7. New brand modafinil

    Its used for treating narcolepsy or night time shift pattern disorder so yes it will. I found taking 50mg helps me dont need more personally as 200mg in one hit can give headaches etc if you not used to it
  8. Dark Ghost Test 300

    Do they do injectable var or winny? The no digestion/appetite issue is appealing no doubt
  9. R.O.H.M tren A and Test prop, fake?

    Ive had more sides from some labs 200mg tren e, than 300mg tri tren, or duo tren by rohm. Doesn't mean the one with less sides is bunk Best to go off results and not the crap sides like sweating and poor sleep. Have you had appetite issues yet or acid reflux?
  10. R.O.H.M tren A and Test prop, fake?

    Do they only sell 3 labs currently rohm and inone?
  11. R.O.H.M tren A and Test prop, fake?

    Which site..?
  12. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    @ElChapo For TRT with test prop which I've switched to as you recommended it can be better for mood/libido and less water retention, which I have to agree with. Whats the best dose/frequency to use? I'm currently doing 0.3ml sub q with no PIP issues M/W/F so should be around 90mg per week. I read on a UK trt website that optimal dosing for prop is 50mg 3 x per week?
  13. HCG estrogen spike

    I believe no AI can control the conversion of elevated e2 directly from hcg use in the nuts. As they cannot enter the testes to have an effect on the aromatase enzymes Dhea and pregnenolone are better options for on when on TRT
  14. Had it myself on dbol and tren or mk677 but not on var or winstrol. Still got nexus 50mg var to use up
  15. Blood work help please ?

    Did you feel any better till you added in adex? If you felt better libido wise etc then you possibly don't need any as you lowered your e2 too much previously in relation to test dose. You should have left out NPP till your libido and mood improved. Don't use aromasin at all for 2 or 3 weeks no AI as by what you have said you are sensitive to it.