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  1. Bayer Proviron?

    if you zoom in on the packaging it says "ruhsat numerasi" 12/04/2016 which i assume means manufacture number/date etc. if so would mean they are legit by what was said regarding the scoreline being changed in 2017.
  2. out of interest what's your aromasin dosing when using say 500mg test? I'd assume you would do 12.5mg M/W/Friday and assess with bloods from there
  3. that is interesting I wasn't aware of that. could of been my issue in previous cycle when my e2 was around 130pmol. think I was using 500mg test only at the time. had no libido really. could perform if needed but didn't have that urge
  4. I had same issue when I tried 200mg mast e per week on 500mg test. my usual Ai dose combined with the low dose mast lowered e2 too much and I had same symptoms as you. And my small gyno lump went to basically nothing. I believe that is to do with mast pulling water out as it didn't even reduce in size as much when I used nolva for 60 days with low dose test. however it's difficult to determine high or low e2 without bloods for me as I get exactly the same sides even clicking joints with high e2. And I look lean with both high or low e2. only noticeable diffence is sock marks around ankles and bed sheet marks on skin in the morning with higher e2 levels. I need 6.25mg aromasin 3x per week on 180-200mg test. but as your on low dose test and were taking aromasin previously not likely to be high e2 at all. give it a week or 10 days without any mast or AI.. if you don't feel any better after that time get bloods so you then know to use the low dose aromasin or not
  5. This any good?

    sis oral are terrible. one poor soul at my gym paid double the going rate for 1 packet of SIS 10mg VAR tabs. he was taking 6 a day and got nothing from them haha. he was daft enough to then go and buy the SIS 50mg VAR I kid you not!!! his reasoning is if he ran it at 100mg he will definitely feel it working
  6. Best quality UGL?

    I would choose Neuro pharma personally just as the oils seem thinner but I have not used test prop by any lab so can't say about any pip. iv used long ester versions from sphinx, NP, chiron, nexus and ROHM. all have been good and have had bloods on them to verify.
  7. Pre workouts

    Ebay is where someone got it from its a Polish brand iirc
  8. Yeah as said already don't over use the AI too much too soon or you will know about it when you lower e2 too much. aromasin is usually 25mg pharma or 12.5mg ugl tabs so I'd do 12.5mg m/w/f or EOD and adjust after a week or so. aromasin dose can be gradually decreased as it kills the aromatase enzyme so you won't need as much once the initial high e2 has lowered
  9. Best quality UGL?

    seems very hit and miss and no doubt why triumph has now taken a back seat in regard to other labs. I had 7 vials of there test e 250. batch 6441 before it was sold on and 0101 after. one vial was fine minimal pip the next could be the worst pip imaginable.. luckily I was using with mast or tren mixed in so it wasn't as bad as straight 2ml test for example. I switched to nexus Sphinx or NP after that as couldn't take a risk on not being able to use it. that said I do have a triumph t400 from the new batch which I will mix 0.5ml with something i know is pip free
  10. Best quality VAR?

    yeah definitely, as you say doesn't take long to notice with women.. but is a bit more worrying if it's not what it's labeled to be or overdosed a lot. my Mrs used the NP 10mg and was recovering from workouts quicker and pushing heavier weights literally within 5 days maybe less.. I didn't expect it to work as well as it did. I also got Nexus 50mg var to run with the NP in a couple of months maybe will use 50mg of each for 8 weeks or so.
  11. Best quality VAR?

    NP 10mg var is 100% spot-on. I've got some of the 50mg tabs but not used them yet. However a few women at the gym I use have tried the NP 10mg var and worked really well.. big strength increase within first week and even some vascularity on shoulders
  12. Best quality UGL?

    Neuro pharma, sphinx, nexus or ROHM all have a good reputation. And chiron if you can source it.
  13. Weak from e2?

    you can have low libido from high e2 though not just low e2. I need at least 12.5mg aromasin on around 200mg test. when I don't use any AI for a few weeks even on a small 180-200mg test dose I hold water and my libido and appetite goes. I assumed for cruise dose I wouldn't need much if any AI but I do as when I then add aromasin split twice weekly it improves quickly. I know some people who need 12.5mg aromasin 3 x per week on 250mg test to keep e2 in the sweet spot. I'm getting bloods done in February to check test/e2 level as I using 0.7ml NP sust
  14. MK -677

    it's purely down to mk677. it can raise glucose levels rapidly in some that's why it's good to check fasted as it's easier to spot. Other people I know can use it for months on end with no BG increase. I'd been eating exactly the same and they returned to normal within a few days of stopping it
  15. Neuro pharma

    I'm using the sust 250 at 0.75mg a week and it's doing what it should. no pip and smooth oil. getting bloods next month to check test and e2 level