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  1. HCG estrogen spike

    I believe no AI can control the conversion of elevated e2 directly from hcg use in the nuts. As they cannot enter the testes to have an effect on the aromatase enzymes Dhea and pregnenolone are better options for on when on TRT
  2. Had it myself on dbol and tren or mk677 but not on var or winstrol. Still got nexus 50mg var to use up
  3. Blood work help please ?

    Did you feel any better till you added in adex? If you felt better libido wise etc then you possibly don't need any as you lowered your e2 too much previously in relation to test dose. You should have left out NPP till your libido and mood improved. Don't use aromasin at all for 2 or 3 weeks no AI as by what you have said you are sensitive to it.
  4. I used some of the new test e 0.3ml sub q and NO pip. Still got unopened vial of old triumph test e 250 if anyone dare try it
  5. Blood work help please ?

    Yeah some people are sensitive to AI and others not so much. I use 18mg aromasin a week max on cycle of 500mg test. The tabs I have are 12.5mg so use half m/w/f seems fine for me. Let us know how you are later on in the week
  6. Blood work help please ?

    Your e2 isn't in range for your dose of testosterone though, as that blood test is for people with natural levels of testosterone. Lay-off the AI for a week to let it rise abit then do 0.25mg adex twice a week. Your libido and wood will return no doubt
  7. One cycle can be great. The next time total opposite. I ran tren and test at same dose never used AI before. (Looking back now I should have used abit of aromasin or adex as was holding water/bloated), I could eat 5-6k calories and stay lean and still be hungry the time I used tren. 2nd time I was lucky to be eating maintenance ? I tried every solution to get round the problems and none worked. Acv and digestive enzymes helped slightly but not much The mental sides were the worst without a doubt. As gav said little things get to you big time and you start plotting what you would do to that person that annoyed you lol
  8. Yeah i ran test and tren together couple years later and had bad sides as above. I added mast and AI felt the same. Dropped AI to see if it was that. Still same issues. Dropped the tren and problem solved.
  9. He means your comparing your bloods from 125mg test reference range when using that dose of adex. When your using 4 or 5 times the level of normal test your e2 is clearly going to be over the reference range as that is for "natural levels" of testosterone You are using mast also. I had this same problem as you when i used 200mg mast e and 300mg tren e 500 test. I felt amazing the first cycle I tried tren.... which tren and test only. However few years after I had another go and even with mast added and small amount of AI I felt terrible. Moods were crazy was having daft thoughts as you are and I couldn't eat much either. Tried dropping AI upping mast and nothing worked for me personally. I looked good but felt shocking mentally.. the mast pulled water off me also. Came to the conclusion tren is a no go area. Npp isn't so bad for me
  10. Lab Test Results

    it's 250mg though as he's jabbing 1ml every 10 days. Still seems a decent reading. Personally I'd split the jabs but whatever suits.
  11. New cycle - new triumph

    Good to hear i have 3 vials of the test e was worries about the pip after the test i used previously from them before it was sold
  12. sphinx orals

    The winny, t5 230mg tabs older version as really good. Mast and tren, test did the job no complaints
  13. Awful pain PIP

    Which lab...
  14. tadalafil / cialis dosage

    Stop the tren. It effects appetite either one way or the other. You either can't eat much at all or your never full.
  15. Triumph Results so Far

    I'm getting some of the test e to try out. Will update once I have used it