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  1. SG Mast-E 300...

    Anavar can lower libido in some people that I know who used it..not sure exactly why. Winstrol did the opposite for me. I personally felt no different apart from holding bit less water when used mast e and a drier look. Didn't do anything for me libido wise
  2. Anyone using nexus test e

    Sust no pip at all but I didn't get bloods on it felt ok but was using the nexus sust with another lab on cycle awhile ago. The mast e was pip free and was same effect wise as sphinx The nexus test 300 didn't agree with me at all even mixed with some pip free gear it still hurt so I swapped it for the sust. Could have been a raws issue or too much added BA BB but only similar pip i had was from old batch of triumph 250 test e before it was sold on. Currently using NP sust and have some test e to use at some point. Icon test e was dosed properly but can't get it anymore where I got before...
  3. Tight Nuts (aromasin)

    I had similar problem whillst using aromasin and I actually had lowered e2 too much ... Stopped using any AI on 200mg test and nuts are hanging fine. You'll notice a difference within 7-14 days depends how much yoy be crashed it and your test dose.
  4. Test E 250 Aburaihan

    I had legit ones of these about 9 years ago on my first cycle. Only used one amp per week so 250mg but blew my socks off Wouldn't bother to try and source it now as already been said so many fakes about makes it pointless
  5. Rohm Anavar 50mg & 10mg

    Yes I use same source wouldn't say is overly expensive usually gives bit of discount. Regarding sphinx tabs I thought the 50mg winny was good as was the old batch of super t5 230mg per tab.. really potent I understand var is a minefield or supposedly is with compounds being switched.. I'd just wait for NP var to be restocked
  6. Rohm Anavar 50mg & 10mg

    How come it's costing a lot to get then delivered? I take it you are after the 50mg tabs? I haven't used rohm var but rohm anadrol was good. Var NP/nexus good and sphinx winny too
  7. Neuro Pharma var 10mg

    The 50s don't have an imprint on? See photo. I have a tub of 50mgs and 2 tubs of the 10mg. the 10mg are smaller and 50s are slightly bigger but quite thin still. And the 10mg are 100% legit. female friend of mine used them and noticed within 5-7 days massive strength increase and recovery. workouts for her were excellent and could train for longer. (Wether that effect is placebo I don't know) She would have preferred to use 5mg to start but difficult to cut them in half.
  8. Sphinx, ROHM or Neuro

    Sphinx or NP I have used both good. No pip from the mast or test/sus I'm going with NP for npp or deca with NP var/ sphinx winny next cycle.
  9. so if you've booked to go on holiday there is no way to cancel and get a refund of some form? Even if the country your visiting has confirmed cases etc Italy for example
  10. Sphinx pharma pip

    Used there mast e and TTM 375 before and no pip from them..
  11. Vedi pharma testo E

    garbage lol
  12. low test low sex drive ?

    do you rate deca now you've tried it from a legit source it seems?
  13. Little lump in jaw?

    yeah mine is as you are describing like it's actually below the skin and feels like a lump? it's gone to nothing now but took a few months are you using AI or controlling e2 at all btw? . the one in the wiki photo has pus inside which is a different type caused by oils or dirt trapped.. iv ever had that.
  14. Little lump in jaw?

    sebaceous cyst. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebaceous_cyst they can occur from high test levels or steroid use. but can also be because of facial hair follicles getting trapped. I had one on my lower neck area. it's a hard solid lump that doesn't usually have a white or yellow head like a usual spot will. it'll go down in time but you could get it checked if your worried it's something else.