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  1. No wonder it has when you took 25mg aromasin in a week. Most people don t even need that amount on 500mg test cycle You took it on high level natural test dose and crashed your e2
  2. Blood Results

    Yeah mate exactly but if you felt good then dont worry about it. I was using NP test e for mine but since they've stopped producing I'm trying regal labs test e and getting bloods done so will post them up. I'm trying to be at top end of normal range but if you wanted to be at a higher cruise dose then you would be aiming for between 40-60nmol I'd of said.
  3. Blood Results

    That test result is low as @arbffgadm100 said. I was on 0.5ml of test e 250mg per week and had bloods done 3 days after the injection and came back at 30nmol which is what I was wanting right at top end of "normal" range. When I used 500mg test blood result was around 130nmol.
  4. Blood tests - high crit

    When did you draw the bloods? My test level was 31nmol using 0.5ml test e per week... yours seems pretty low if your on between 500-750mg per week. I had high hct and donated blood last year mine was just out of range after using for ages
  5. Inone pharma aromasin

    Yes when I used a quarter tab 3.1mg it kept my e2 around 174pmol on 500mg test a week. I don't aromatise easily so I didn't even need to use it at all.. I do have the bloods results from medichecks will get them later on. I felt better taking no AI on that amount of test and have in the past over done it with adex or aromasin..
  6. Neuro pharma

    Bit late and as I understand it NP are no longer in production? However this was using 0.5ml NP test e per week. Bloods were done 4 days after injection. I had taken 0.25 adex 3 weeks prior due to assuming my e2 levels were slightly higher than they should be (clearly not) and my e2 still is fairly low now so takes awhile to level back out.
  7. 4200 calories and losing weight...

    Your test level is sky high but your e2 is where it would be for natural levels of test. You are using too much AI I would bet. If your test dose is that high obviously e2 level will rise further just don't let it go too far. I am getting bloods back next week for 125mg per week TRT dose test and my e2 should be around what yours is for reference
  8. Sphinx masteron

    It's fine and no pip at all
  9. SG vs Nexus vs DG

    Yeah I was pinning with some pip free mast which was nexus and sphinx also it did help with it but not gone completely but was manageable. I did 3 shots out of one vial and sent the other back for sust. A mate of mine had the remainder of the nexus test e without EO as he said he never gets pip lol proved him wrong
  10. SG vs Nexus vs DG

    I had the same problem with it. Swapped to nexus sust and no pip at all. As said it came back at almost 330mg per ml on janoshik I think...so yeah that would be why it gave me bad PIP
  11. It costs £7 max to send items for special delivery and if it's the source I'm thinking of he only charges postage if you don't order regularly or you order less than £50 or something.
  12. SG Mast-E 300...

    Anavar can lower libido in some people that I know who used it..not sure exactly why. Winstrol did the opposite for me. I personally felt no different apart from holding bit less water when used mast e and a drier look. Didn't do anything for me libido wise
  13. Anyone using nexus test e

    Sust no pip at all but I didn't get bloods on it felt ok but was using the nexus sust with another lab on cycle awhile ago. The mast e was pip free and was same effect wise as sphinx The nexus test 300 didn't agree with me at all even mixed with some pip free gear it still hurt so I swapped it for the sust. Could have been a raws issue or too much added BA BB but only similar pip i had was from old batch of triumph 250 test e before it was sold on. Currently using NP sust and have some test e to use at some point. Icon test e was dosed properly but can't get it anymore where I got before...
  14. Tight Nuts (aromasin)

    I had similar problem whillst using aromasin and I actually had lowered e2 too much ... Stopped using any AI on 200mg test and nuts are hanging fine. You'll notice a difference within 7-14 days depends how much yoy be crashed it and your test dose.