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  1. Night Sweats

    I wouldn't say 75mg TBOL is moderate dude, I'd say that's high. I've done a fair few cycles and running 20mg TBOL at the moment and getting what I need from that. Yeah I'm going to up it but probably to 50mg Max. Try reducing the dose to 40/50mg and see how you fair in a day or 2 as TBOL's half life is around 16 hours. May as well try that first before anything else.
  2. Dianabol Cycle help?

    It's from a decent lab so Ive been told on here so I hope it's TBOL. That being said I am already starting to get a "fuller" look. This could just be the return to full time training though and a strict diet.
  3. Dianabol Cycle help?

    I have to disagree with this in such a manner. I've been a little naughty since the gyms opened and started taking my TBOL last Monday without a test base. I have been running 20mg p/d and can totally say I feel much better than any other previous cycle than I've ever been on and my sex drive is through the roof. Granted I do have test and going to have a pin on Saturday but the cycle so far is great in terms of feeling and training. To be fair though, I have different circumstances than all my others like not drinking half as much and also living the single life. Either way I wouldn't say a DBOL cycle is all that bad but only for a first cycle, I wouldn't recommend doing it again and again and not at those doses either. DBOL cycles are is like weed in the drugs world in my opinion. Just a gateway drug.
  4. How did you get over your Ex?

    Some solid answers in here and some much more decent ones than I was expecting... fair play lads. yeah I’m still shagging the bird I left her for but I feel like I need to get out and see the world. I’m 32 and never really done any travelling. Between work I’m going to get away and see as much of the world as I can and like some of you have said is like yourself which I’ve never had the chance to do. I’ve spent 9 months single since I was 18 and they were not fun but this time I’ve got a different head on my shoulders and plan to live life a little.
  5. Interesting topic for a friday night I thought. Left mine 10 weeks ago for probably the 15th time to shag the bird I'm shagging now, bird now is much fitter by a country mile but my ex had a heart of gold. Yeah I'm a c**t and I want the ex back but its never going to happen as I've done this trick too many times (without her knowing about the shagging) So how did you get over your ex's? This one was a 4 n half year relationship, we literally did everything together too like best mates but the attraction was no longer there for me so we practically were just mates who shagged every now and again. Always the same thoughts I get like "I could of made things work" and "shes the only one" and "i dont want her to get with anyone else" vibe. Good job its time to jump on cycle and get the feel good factor I suppose.
  6. Anavar only cycle

    My first proper cycle was just test cyp if I remember correctly and I loved it. Ive dropped in and out of orals but just started this week on some turinabol and I love the stuff so far on such a low dose. You just need to outweigh the pro's and the cons. Any oral will shut you down essentially. I'd go with a test cycle. You will love it
  7. Pharmax Turanox

    Just to report back on my first 5 days on this. Noticeably high libido and wanting to pull myself around the bedroom (bird im seeing is over tomorrow) and most importantly I find I am recovering much faster than when I have gone back to the gym from a break etc. Strength I will report back on next week as I mainly tried to resist going to high to eliminate any damage to the muscle. Only currently using 20mg P/D too
  8. Pharmax Turanox

    I suppose when they see its cheap they may think that its bunk.
  9. Pharmax Turanox

    Top man, cheers for the feedback dude. Should know then by week 2 the latest if they are G2G
  10. Afternoon All, My source had some of this in reasonably priced to. They are the 10mg pills but going to use them to frontload my cycle when I start. Anyone used this lab before. Packaging is decent with independent codes and my source generally only sells 2/3 reputable labs so thought I'd give these a try. I will let you know the outcome anyway but would be good to find out if anyone has any past experience?
  11. Turinabol thoughts

    Im going to be doing a test E and Tbol cycle when the gyms re open and I’ve had a good month or 2 back at it. Let me know how you get on
  12. Best breakfast meal

    Seeded toast topped with Pan fried spinach,tomato and mushroom. Topped with some smoked salmon and poached eggs.
  13. Tent addiction.

    Cheers dude for the insight, been looking at the lake district most of the day planning routes and suspect I can just bounce from camp site to campsite there and do the Hikes from a base really so perhaps be more of a task when I do the scottish highlands. Drop me a DM if you can/dont mind and and I can pick your brains.
  14. Tent addiction.

    Well at the start of May I am thinking the lake district instead of Scotland for obvious reasons. So want to spend a night or 2 up there without the need for a shop etc. Its all in the prelim stages, I love a good hike but need to get on a forum or something or in some form of group. I just like the idea of being outdoors without the need for seeing anyone. I then plan on doing Iceland and Scandanavia at some point in the summer if its possible or early next year.
  15. Tent addiction.

    I love camping an have the usual gear but what do you guys use when Hiking? I really want to get into it this year and start travelling a lot more once we can go abroad but what do you pack? I can do the hikes that last a good few hours but I want to be able to just set up and camp and sleep for the night?