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  1. Depends when you'd rather sweat? I'd rather sweat in bed/at home than at work as less embarrassing and have to wear a suit. So I took mine as soon as I got in from work each night, as found the hot side of things calmed down a bit the further the time got from taking the DNP.
  2. Mate if that's you in your avatar, dont take this the wrong way, but youre a dick! I get the big enough one as most people think that, but youre so far away from looking utter s**t its a joke! #fullhomo
  3. How do you approach the bulk season?

    It's obviously working for you mate, given your avi!
  4. How do you approach the bulk season?

    Nah that's what I felt happened to me on clen mate - water dropping off then coming back on. I'm really tempted to give DNP a try end of next cruise for a couple of weeks or so. Cheers mate.
  5. How do you approach the bulk season?

    A stone in a week? That's water weight and some fat then?
  6. How do you approach the bulk season?

    Cheers mate. I've found it tends to just take mainly water off me which I put straight back on when I come off it.
  7. How do you approach the bulk season?

    10-15 pounds in a fortnight?? Seriously? f**k me. Thanks a lot for the info mate.
  8. How do you approach the bulk season?

    Cheers pal. And you find with the DNP that's enough to shift the fat quite quickly? Have you tried clen? If so, how do you find it compared to DNO for effectiveness please?
  9. How do you approach the bulk season?

    If you're bulking on ~4k calories mate, what do you drop to with DNP to cut, please?
  10. any1 had knee cartilage surgery

    That sounds grim mate! Glad it's sorted now. Mine are nothing like new to be fair, but I had them both done about 20 years ago now. Riddled with arthritis. But it was either enjoy playing football, gym etc. and put up with it or give up everything I loved at 20. Fu*k that.
  11. BMW 435d anyone?

    How the hell do you fit comfortably in a 3 series mate?! I'm your height I think (6 3) and half your size and felt cramped!
  12. any1 had knee cartilage surgery

    I've had them a few times, plus a couple of ACL replacements and other bits and bobs. If it's just an arthroscopy and tidy up you'll feel better pretty much as soon as the anaesthetic has worn off. Within a week I was walking and light jogging better than I could before all 4 times. Within 6 weeks I was back to playing football having had to miss 8 months before hand as couldnt even walk without pain. Should be fine mate, fingers crossed.
  13. Total Mass Construction

    I reckon you deserve and extra rep for facial expressions mate
  14. Total Mass Construction

    It's a joke how easy you make that look!