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  1. World War 2 - Hang on a minute!

    Haha ok that will be enough for me. You just proofed onversation with you will be pointless just wanted to see your reaction
  2. World War 2 - Hang on a minute!

    Im polish and dont even feel slightly offended coz what u say its just a horse sh1t... it always make me laugh when ppl like u complaining about migrants from eu usually polish and dont even mention for example those all jobless muslims/africans, when I go to Birmingham for example it doesnt look like british city anymore... but yea keep complaining 20-30 yrs more and u will be running away to countries like Poland. You said Poland is a sh1t country have you ever been there?? We have sh1t wages and sh1t politicans but country itself is not that bad
  3. Cool story bro... prefer to be bald than use fina/dutasteride Btw you said it blocks more dht than test so since when testosterone blocks dht?? Test convert to dht not block it lol
  4. I would take drugs and drink until I die.... lift? Taking gear?? Fvck that
  5. Mental sides from tren

    I usually run equally test tren lets say 600-700 mg of each but mast about 1g and not having sides so it could be helpful... hard to say coz I ran tren 5-6 times but always with mast in it...
  6. Mental sides from tren

    As I said before I dont experience much sides but for me valium sort out all mental problems, mood and sleep issues dont exist even on 700+mg.... 10mg ed for few weeks shouldnt do much harm imo
  7. Mental sides from tren

    Last run was 600-700mg ace and had no sides at all even slept like a baby and no night sweats and I was in my best shape ever but had some mental sides in the past with tren e, breathing issues and sweat as fvck
  8. SG atm just switched from TM both g2g.
  9. Help pinning

    I use blue for everything but if its only 1ml then I use orange for delts btw, depends from gear coz some oils are so thick and even with blue it go slowly
  10. All tm and sg products I used were g2g but prefer sg because oils are more thin and smooth
  11. Same here used they for few years and used the top one from the list after spending lots of time researching and checking on forums which lab from them is good and never been ripped off.... but since find out about TM use only tm/sg gear
  12. Can you guess my barrel sizes ?

    1ml, 1ml, 2.5ml and 50ml. The last one reminds me of the ones I used to get rid of abscess from my quad when I sucked up 250ml from my leg.
  13. Mate died in his sleep

    Sorry for your loss... I eat nearly 1000mg valium with booze last week after meth marathon and woke up after 50+ hours.... life is not fair
  14. TaylorMade Pharma?

    Using TM/SG for last 3 months and Im in the best shape I ever been so yea rate them... but I would choose SG over TM (same source) because oils are more smooth
  15. Crep check

    air max is a fvcin crap imo and prefer jordans wear this one now https://www.solestory.se/product/jordan-extra-fly-3/ im after couple foot fractures/surgerys and can say they are rly comfortable