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  1. Dark Ghost Test 300

    Interesting if only I had the pleasure of knowing such a winning guy in real life lol
  2. ROHM

    Yes but I believe they've dropped the 10mg of "anabolic agent" or whatever the f**k that was lol I beleive the lab I'm not allowed to discuss because "unbiased users" get upset is doing or did do something similar
  3. Dark Ghost Test 300

    Where's me little stalker gone? Looks like he's got a prize to collect Happy new year bro
  4. Dark Ghost Test 300

    Can't be surely lol He says DG is s**t...despite never trying it What kind of mental patient would say stuff like that then open a new account after buying it to stop from looking like a total fool?? Oh
  5. Dark Ghost Test 300

    Naa mate...not into the weird obsessive types I've used winnie alot mate you know this Oral, suspension and oil based...upto 75mg with no issues 35mg of DG inj winnie had my joints crackin within 2 weeks and had to drop to 25mg ed Kinda called into question the dosing of every winnie depot I've tried previously
  6. You dont need to avoid it like the plague you fuckin plank The lab doesn't exist anymore hahaha Sorry, not as good as that pharmacom you used "back in the day" eh???
  7. I did see it mate yeah Was just commenting that that wasn't what caused the smell mate A lab using guaiacol is generally a sign they know what they're doing and have invested in putting out a quality product...very few use it which is why many guys aren't really aware of it
  8. It stunk because they used guiacol mate...was absolutely nothing to do with them not being "people in white coats" Most labs dont use guiacol because it's too expensive...it certainly isn't a sign of a lab being poor
  9. WTF? Kicks in the next day? Kicks in later that day? Honestly mate...what are you talking about? Tren kicks in at the start of the cycle around about week two...and stays "kicked in" It doesn't kick in after each jab
  10. Ghost + test e 300

    Oh ffs man This was all 3 days ago Get over it Move on
  11. Yes it is The upper range allowed for blood donation is 180 mate...but the finger pr**k test they use is very unreliable... I'm actually shocked they didn't refer you to your GP tbh...and almost as shocked that you've decided to ask about this on an internet forum rather than going to your GP yourself tbh WTF are you thinking??
  12. Dimensions

    Strange...I'm doing really well on their sust mate I've heard their fat burners are s**t...but yeah aas wise seem decent
  13. Ghost + test e 300

    Hearing good things about Hilma
  14. Dimensions

    I'd imagine when I switch to the other lab I use I'll notice no or very little difference mate The Dims is very good
  15. Dimensions

    First time using dims mate...been on their sust for about a month now Defo seems to be doing what it should so far...I had no doubts trying anyway, don't think I've ever heard a bad word said about their aas @Thedynamitekid no hesitation to recommend...mostly because of the number of guys I inow who use it and love it Hold tight fir the "Stu's a Dims rep" comments