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  1. winstrol

    Fastest kick in of any oral in my experience mate It's not like dbol tho...where it feels like the strength comes from the extra size With winnie it comes outta nowhere
  2. Like you said, why would a chinese lab put people off when the raws come from there anyway If anything it's a positive...I mean if someone told me they had a Columbian coke dealer I'd fuckin want the guy's number
  3. Of course rebranding isn't a good thing. If pharmaqo is sis rebranded then it's because sis has got such a s**t rep now...admitting it's a rebrand would totally defeat the point
  4. You're overthinking mate...and by the looks of it spending too much time searching for a magic formula that doesn't exist There is a formula...but there's nothing magic to it Train properly, with good form...and as long as you're training to failure with progressive overload in a calorie surplus with sufficient rest you will gain muscle Sounds pretty simple doesn't it Wel it is All the rest of it is bullshit...or at the very leaat totally unimportant at a beginner level
  5. one rip 200

    Yes mate I know 1 rip is a blend of 3 fast acting esters lol What I said was you need to have some understanding of the compounds considering what you're running You should really start feeling ace within a week to 10 days...both strength gains and sides. Are you aware of how to control potential sides from 19nors?
  6. one rip 200

    Gains are gains mate Water retention is water Compounds either aromatise (to varying degrees) or they don't...but "lean gains" are just muscle gains without gaining fat (in my book anyway) Yes one week in is early days So you're runningv500mg + alongside tren and mast? You say you know about the esters...but it's not really the esters that are important...it's the compounds
  7. one rip 200

    @Traintogain30basically this ^^ You're running one of the strongest and potentially side effect heavy compounds on the market and you seem to know very little about it mate...not even thay it doesn't aromatise Hopefully this wont be much of an issue for you considering the low doses you're running but I'd definitely recommend a bit of research here Worth noting tho that a bulking cycle isn't really defined as "blowing up" from naps and dbol...that's just water retention
  8. one rip 200

    What do you consider to be the difference between lean gains and bulking mate?
  9. Honestly, the amount of time you seem to expect others to spend reassuring you about taking steroids is absolutely ridiculous mate How could we possibly know what percentagevof steroids users end up on trt? Do you think we all register somewhere when we do our first cycle then report back if we end up on trt???
  10. Tbol or Anavar

    If you're not training for strengtb or size yet, what are you looking for from the var that you're not already getting from 300mg test?
  11. Got a question for ya mate as interested in your opinion on something kinda related Let's take your average, intermediate bodybuilder, lets say 100kg or just over...12%bf Obviously all person dependant, but in your opinion, what's a decent dose range for bulking ie, a minimum and a max (above which any extra mgs will bring little extra reward I know a very broad question, but just ball park figures