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  1. Mate run as long as you want within reason. There's studies of patients running huge doses of anadrol for months without any adverse effect on liver Just be sensible, drink plenty of water and stop listening to all thos ridiculous bro science about liver toxicity
  2. Exactly this mate. As doses and calories increase and my body starts to recover quicker, I gradually increase frequency...and in time increase length of each workout if I feel my body can handle that I try to reach an optimal level
  3. The only differece for me when I move from cruise to blast, is I go from training each body part once to twice a week I always vary rep ranges and movements, but never vary from PPL For me I just feel it gives me more bang for my buck and more flexibility if there's a day I can't train for some reason
  4. I ran the sg ttm450 with no pip issues
  5. My first tren cycle was 3ml of the 450e lol...fuckin loved it
  6. Didnt they do two...the 450e and 450se or something?
  7. You mean he shouldn't be taking that nuch gear if you need to ask for advice lol
  8. 100mg dbol was a struggle for me. BP went through the roof. Unreal for packing on mass tho
  9. No not sarcasm at all mate. Dbol for 8-10 weeks is fine, I've ran dbol, oxys, winnie for 12 weeks+ Just drink plenty of water No reason to stop dbol at 6 weeks...unless your getting unwanted sides, or you're just not keen on gains lol Sorry...gainzzz (just for the cool kids)
  10. Yeah it works ok mate...if it didn't, I wouldn't do it You hear people say alot of things mate but you only know what works for you if you try it I'm always a bit lost to know what a bro split is lol, I'm guessing you mean one bodypart a day? Yeah, that's what alot of pros do as well, but for me I find it far from optimal Just bear in mind you need to up calories appropriately for a split like this...in most cases, overtraining is really just under eating
  11. Not really no I'm just massively intreaged by someone who swears blind 50mg a day will f**k you up and it once put him in hospital...who's about to do 50mg a day Seems kinda bizarre to me
  12. You're about to do a 50mg a day dbol cycle mate...it's not groundbreaking