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  1. They're not bad at all mate. Not optimal, but then lots of things arent optimal Ignore internet "experts" who say oral only cycles are a waste of time...most will say "because you cant keep the gains"...but if you question why they will have no answer for you
  2. I think you'll find Donald Trump has a different theory on this
  3. Injectable Orals

    I'm currently running 50mg injectable oxy ed and I'm starting to think injectable orals I've ran in the past (at the same dose I'd normally use the oral version) have pretty much all been significantly underdosed I see a very noticable difference in potency with properly dosed injectable orals
  4. Injectable Orals

    I've used injectable orals for years mate due to sides from orals. I'm not gonna write a review of DG because the natives will get restless, but I am using their injectable oxy at the moment
  5. Dianabol Cycle help?

    My first thought here is that at 80kg and 6ft 2 this cycle will likely be wasted anyway mate...and you're at this weight having already done a previous cycle It's probably not what you want to hear but you really need to learn how to gain mass naturally, otherwise all the dbol in the world really isn't gonna do much for ya
  6. I could By telling you you're wasting gear But you're not interested in that
  7. You mean... I know nothing about the basics...please spoon feed me But...I know better than you when you give me advice that I don't want?? Something along those lines yeah?
  8. By ignoring the advice of guys who've been doing this for years, some decades? Good luck with that
  9. Can low test cause...

    Please tell me you're not bein serious??? Either you're a troll or just massively stupid if you think hair is gonna start falling out of your legs and arms Come on...fess up. All this, the ROHM obsession...it's just a big wind up right?
  10. Can low test cause...

    You really need to just calm down a bit mate You're really not the first person in this situation...you do realise that right? Please just get bloods done and post results...all the rest of this nonsense is just totally unecessary
  11. Brexit was launched

    Hmmm...well if huge amounts of cocaine and mdma gets through for the festivals I'm sure aas will get through as well
  12. I've advised you on this already But apparently at about 12 stone, next to no training experience and such little knowledge about diet you had to post asking about what surplus you needed...you know better? I wish you luck
  13. Deca/Adrol cycle. AI

    I personally believe ratios are all BS mate Yes, your body works on a ratio of androgens:estrogen...because they naturally occur anyway. But not a ratio of test:tren or test:deca People just need to engage their brains a bit. I had one guy at my gym tell me his body only functions on a 2:1 test tren ratio because he got on well with 200test 400tren...so in the end I said great go try 400test 800tren and test that ratio out... He ended up having to reduce to 400 each...and he was fine. Shock fuckin horror, ratios had f**k all to do with it Sone will need test higher than androgens, some won't. Ratios are irrelevant
  14. Out of date adex

    Cheers bro...all I needed to know