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  1. Free Testosterone levels

    Don't waste ya money on ready meals mate Protein and fats are fine Just increase carbs Easiest and quickest way would just be to chuck 50g dextrose in ya post workout shake
  2. Free Testosterone levels

    Unless of course he massively increases cals @js77 maybe this is another mr wong (who popped up just long enough to big up nexus for a week then disappeared lol) and this is a run up to a lab promotion
  3. Tren gyno?

    Mate you really are handing out shocking bro science advice all over the place aren't you
  4. First Test Cycle Help

    Sorry mate but this is s**t advice Chances are he won't need an AI at all So why would he start one immediately?? @CarmexFit only start an AI if you start to feel like you need one...ie: low sex drive, high bp And if you fo, start low....0.25 adex mwf
  5. Pharmacom test cyp

    Garbage mate Bin it and get some SIS
  6. Free Testosterone levels

    Judging by blood results and what the op has said... @Cattoisme you ain't eating enough bro. With test levels half yours you should be gaining significant muscle on a decent calorie surplus
  7. Free Testosterone levels

    174nmol on 500mg test I'd say it's overdosed mate
  8. First cycle plan

    So you're keeping doses low to avoid sides... But when results stall you're gonna chuck in some dbol? Ok...good call
  9. First cycle plan

    I normally recommend 350-400mg for a firsr cycle Above this is where more guys start to see sides and need an AI I think you'll be disappointed with just 250 My advice...250mg every 5 days (350 a week)
  10. Anavar real or fake ?

    Yes yellow dye is made of poison You want white or blue Basics mate
  11. When to take Anti Estero?

    Where do you get the idea that 95% of people need an AI on 500mg of test lol??? The vast majority of guys I know DON'T need an AI on 500 test Honest question tho...where have you come up with 95%???
  12. Just to elaborate on what @Bensif said Rule of thumb for AI, whether blast, cruise or trt... Don't start with one...if any unwanted symptoms arise start low... If aromasin then that would be 6.25mg twice a week Monitor for a couple weeks If symptoms persist, increase aromasin again very slightly Keep doing this till you get it right
  13. If it's kidneys you're after just see GP mate Tell him you feel unwell...blah, blah, blah Reel off a few symptoms that could indicate kidney trouble and boom...Robert's your father's brother
  14. Fake gear

    No Warrior reps on here mate...so probably very few guys using it Try posting the same about Nexus or SG and you'll see a very different response
  15. Best labs

    IMO 50% overdosed isn't good It shows a lab up to be inaccurate...which can go either way The idea is to be as close to the stated dose as possible