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  1. Dead tired after deadlift

    I am following it right now; I did the upper body workout yesterday. It was easy and fast under 1h. Should I stop my gear? I started on April 14th. That would be a shame I feel beyond awesome on deca with test e. Everything is going great; china back to normal "almost." Going for a full health checkup on June 19th, cant wait fir HK to open the borders. I miss HK food badly. I am seriously thinking about opening a restaurant and a bar business here and stay in china for the next 25 years. I hope everything is going alright on your side . Cheers!
  2. Dead tired after deadlift

    Click the day number to see exactly what inside example below .
  3. Dead tired after deadlift

    Click the day number to see exactly what inside example below .
  4. Dead tired after deadlift

    Which part of the response you can tag as disrespectful?
  5. Dead tired after deadlift

    I never disrespected anybody here mate, troll away.
  6. Dead tired after deadlift

    This is the program I am following https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/arnold-schwarzenegger-blueprint-trainer-main.html Expect I change squats for goblet squats and standard deadlift to sumo ver. My chest press between 150 to 170lbs. Five groups eight reps each. For legs, my average is 300 to 350lbs for deadlift or legs machines. I am not sure if I am giving you the information you asked for. If I didn't understand you accurately, please kindly provide me with an example of what information do you need. To be honest with you am not sure if I am at 29% or less; I just take a guess based on measuring tapes. I have loads of skin as I lost a lot of weight for the past three years I been at 450lbs for years now dropped all the way to 283lbs .i was 248lbs before the self lockdown but had to stay home for three months also I had cancer surgery around a year and a half ago, it's widespread to gain around 30lbs after total thyroidectomy, not fun Eh! Cheers!
  7. Dead tired after deadlift

    I have been TRT for past 16 years medically. My usual TRT dosage is 140mg weekly split into 2.
  8. Hi, I have been training five days a week real hard for almost two m, months but without squats or deadlifts. 2 weeks ago, my gym mate encouraged me to start deadlifting, and as I am kind of fat, he recommended doing sumo deadlifts. Well, I tried it, and it feels nice, I started with 100lbs for one rep was reduces quickly.y I doubled it to 200lbs. Still, I can bearly feel the weight. I added and 100lbs it became clear now its a challange, but I managed to do five reps at 300lbs. I feel great that day went home, and around bedtime, I felt exhausted, lacking any energy like a dead rat! For the next ten days, I sucked at the gym bigtime no energy to do crap; it's getting better but slowly back to normal. my question here ,is it normal to get beaten for two weeks after deadlifts? If so, how to train lol! My info : 179cm , 129kg/283lbs . 35years old. 29% of Eating around 2300cal a day. Using body space free lifting program Arnold size open workout plan. On 600 test e and 400 deca / ai. Cheers!
  9. mainly for endurance, and to combat water retention from TRT.
  10. Diet help needed

    40% protein 40% carb 20% fat or I am missing something? or you mean 40 /40 /20 as low carb diet? @LiftingNerd
  11. I personally never tried tren and I don't think I would try it any soon.
  12. I am doing great, I just gained some extra pounds but that's a good sign according to my doctor, also staying self-lockdown for past 4 months make it worse with weight gain but better this way. it means I am cancer-free. yes I have been the whole time in china never left anywhere right now china became the safest place on earth "ironically "
  13. Hello! I hope you guys are staying healthy and safe in this crazy time. I have been on TRT for over 16 years now, I have done a total of 3 Test-E cycles @ 600mg/wk last one of them with Winstrol added. Lately, I was thinking if I am staying on TRT for life, can I add something else on my TRT with micro-dosing like Deca or Anavar? Is there a list of micro-dosing / curse-able AAS that could be added to TRT? No SARMS, please.
  14. is it OK to vape?

    Thanks a lot for asking mate, I dodged a bullet! Things were happening too fast to think or to have pity on my-self lol .i got cancer diagnosed and got it operated in 5 weeks of the day they suspected. Overall I survived and well, I gained loads of weight for no reason the doctors here at HongKong said its something happens after total thyroidectomy and things should back to normal once my body adapts to the replacement drugs. I am on 25 T3 + 125 T4 ed. feeling a little tired and unmotived, not sure if it is the medicines or just aftershock. Now I started to feel I need to get back on track and continue to lose weight and get in better shape. For the vape part, I am only vaping liquid @ 3mg nic from dinner lady, and BLVK both are British companies, and both are authentic stuff. As I can't eat sweets, it makes a great cheat for the sweets feeling still zero carbs involved and calming effect.
  15. is it OK to vape?

    is using vape at 3mg nicotine ok ? is it bad for my health? I have never been a smoker but I use it to cut the curving for carbs and it keeps me calm and in a good mood. also, are nicotine and caffeine good for weight loss?