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    yh, just assuming its a chicken bone lol
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    DazUKM got a reaction from Pictor in WARNING A NEW MEGA PRODUCT ABOUT TO HIT THE GN SHELVES!   
    something from here

    **MOD EDIT** don't post links to another forum advertiser
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    DazUKM reacted to harryharry in Alpha pharma vitex HGH   

    has anyone testet the HGH from Alpha pharma?

    is ist good or bad?

    is it like hyges or better?

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    DazUKM reacted to Alex 76 in Alpha pharma vitex HGH   
    Vitex hgh from alpha Pharma is amazing IMO,
    A lot of folk get put off from Vitex as it's from India,
    This is the only HGH I use now as I'm tired of getting fakes from China,
    If the serial numbers check out,
    Your boxes are sealed and your vacuum is good you can't really go wrong with Vitex,

    Hope this helps
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    DazUKM reacted to hackskii in I love this board.......   
    Thanks guys, you are truly wonderful folks, and flubs, you made my day.

    Feel free to harass me if you like, I generally have some damn thick ass skin.

    I probably will have more time to post actually.

    Yesterday I had joined another board, it is small, and today I was notified I am a mod:lol:

    I just have far too much time on my hands at work, and this week I am going to work 7 days, so I will need something to keep me busy here as I am not very busy.

    Love you guys, and thanks for making my day, and presence here nice.
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    DazUKM got a reaction from Rick89 in 1 min to possibly change hundreds of lives   
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    DazUKM got a reaction from hackskii in I love this board.......   
    Will you still be around?
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    DazUKM reacted to Sub-Zero in Foam rollers   

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    DazUKM got a reaction from infernal0988 in Making your own gear : HYPOTHETICALLY!   

    No homo?
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    DazUKM reacted to The L Man in Painful scenes in Starbucks   
    i just want to pour a hot americano on a hipsters head as he updates his instagram (not sexual) .... on a another had a banging tomato and basil soup for lunch today really cleared my cold up
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    DazUKM reacted to barry2013 in New alpha pharma 10cc multi-dose vials .   

    Oh mate give it a rest will you .

    Your internet pedo shout is just about as boring as watching paint dry ,i am not interested if you want to make your own thread on the subject be my guest i am sure you will get a lot of interest.
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    DazUKM got a reaction from QUEST in Mr Olympia 2013 Thread!   

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    DazUKM reacted to simonthepieman in I never heard of a Gladiator doing a 5 day body part split - Pieman's Battle log   

    no. lol. i should be. I think i would be better than than my current job!

    i work for a tech company in account management. I just am a geek on the science of lifting.

    From what I can see though PT is becoming more respected. When i was in Oz, it was a legitimate career and PTs are far more common. If i was to do be a PT these would be my top tips

    1) Look the part. Packaging sells.
    2) sales over science. getting customers is the tough bit. Learn what gets people on board and get a good referral scheme going. You probably already know enough to get people going better in the gym. People want you to drive them forward in most cases. Which lead to ...
    3) motivation. This is what people re really buying. Read Anthony Robins stuff and similar and learn to inspire people
    4) stay ahead of the game. Read everything. Even if it's broscience. People will want to learn themselves and if they think they are more up to date with 'innovative methods' than you, they will lose faith.
    5) In the summer run Bootcamps. There are megapopular and going to get bigger. They also tap into a market that many miss out on. People who don't want gym membership. Run a session every morning at £5-10 a pop and you will can up your income by a £1K - £1.5K a month or more in the summer months for a few hours a day work and you'll get loads of new PT clients too.
    6) be original. Be a brand and invest time in social media and articles. Don't give a **** about people slagging you off. Your science is someone else's broscience. So long as you have happy customers, don't every bother responding to haters
    7) do a damn good job and be punctual and give feedback and documentation on what you have done for them
    8) Don't study sports science or PT in higher education. Study Physio or something scientific. It will give you more to offer clients and open up more career opportunity. It is also less likely to go out of date. You will struggle to learn physio in an evening class. You can learn exercise science on the sofa and on the internet easier. Besides when you are 50, do you want to dealing with 20 year old lads who will run circles round you at 6am?
    9) network, if you have friends in sports clubs, get involved and use the skils from above to get your brand and client base on the up.
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    DazUKM reacted to Dopedguru in So excited this is going to be Awesome   
    Hey everyone this is my first post, my name is stuart.

    basically im doing my first super cycle ive just turned 18 and ive decided to invest money into the greater good of bodybuilding with the ambition of getting huge safely.

    after extensive research id like some further advice but im pretty certain ive got this down to a T.

    ive purchased some anavar deca and test e ive decided to free flow with it, no need to be too organised everything in moderation, so im going to take alot to start off with like 200mg a day of var, then a similar dose of deca followed by a couple of shots of test here and there, i kind of figured the more the better, i want to be bigger then arnie if im honest, im not ambitious like this usually

    i cant be bothered with pct to cut costs, i dont mind loosing a little muscle in the long run, but i plan to do this for maybe 3 months with a few breaks, ill still go out clubbing and think it will be safe what are your thoughts, should this be enough, i was thinking adding some winnie also to maximize gains
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    DazUKM got a reaction from The L Man in Police shoot chihuahua! WTF!!!!!!!   
    I would say something negative about police but last time I got 2 negs!
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    DazUKM reacted to NoGutsNoGloryy in No vascularity on test and mast   

    %9 is nothing i cut to %5 last winter you're literally jelly with your %25 body fat
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    DazUKM reacted to HenchBuffman in **** milky!   
    the ugly fat bastard, i'd kill you one on one
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    DazUKM got a reaction from simonthepieman in Fat Cutting Geniuses!   
    diet looks fine apart from could do with some extra fat, more like 60g, thats if u do want to cut, unless u change ur mind like simon suggested then up the cals, but dont forget about ur micros, get the veg in there.
    also training would be better off on a novice program;
    all of those are good, chose whichever u want
    as for the milk i see no need to remove it unless ur intolerant

    could add in D3 5000iu to ur supps
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    DazUKM got a reaction from [email protected] in Do Dysons kill spiders?   

    All you got to do now is burn down the shed and ur g2g
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    DazUKM reacted to Eryximachus in are steroids that bad???   

    The risks are different, and not as easily quantifiable. Cocaine can cause a heart attack with a single dose. Steroids will not kill you with a single injection, if it is pure. But that doesn't mean it's safe.

    I've decided I'm never going to use steroids again, and that it was a mistake to ever touch them.

    1) the best effects are simply not permanent, especially from something like tren. It makes no sense to take such powerful drugs to look great for a few months. You can't be on steroids for the rest of your life. Sure, you will keep some gains. It's true, but most you won't.

    2) Recovery can be really difficult. Read my PCT log. Horrible depression. Almost life ruining depression requiring substantial self medication to function normally. Severely reduced libido, fear of never having a normal sex life again. There are hundreds of horror stories just on this site. All that said, my recovery is going well - better than normal.

    3) There will never be studies documenting the safety of AAS use, especially at the doses commonly employed by bodybuilders. We simply do not know how safe it is, especially from stuff like tren which had only a few human trials at doses like 80mg a week. There have been several large, long-term studies of women on HRT, and the results were not good. Huge increases in cancer and cardiovascular disease. These were pharmaceutical grade products being used at low doses similar to what women naturally would otherwise have. If even THAT causes problems, I would be worried about UGL crap at doses far higher than normal.

    4) Face it. There is a big difference between steroids in 2013 and steroids in 1983. The powders you are injecting were made in China, a land famous for poisoning products. The oils in which the powder is suspended is often, perhaps usually, not pharmaceutical grade cottonseed oil or something similar. It's frequently vegetable oil from your grocery store. None of it is prepared in a safe, sterile environment. Then there is the dosages. Every study I've seen indicates the vast majority of UGL product is not measured anywhere near accurately.

    5) The psychological effects are subtle and very real. Looking back over my 2 years of steroid usage, I've come to the realization that it has made me a real pr**k. I've had periods of time that are close to being clinically manic. Yes, steroids make you feel good - but it's a crazy, unnatural good in a lot of ways. Don't listen to what anyone says. They are addictive. You will crave being back on once off. Unlike an alcohol or cocaine hangover, which leaves you feeling bad for a few days, steroids can leave you feeling bad for weeks. I've always required at LEAST 1 month to recover, and without fail - that month of depression always had a lot of bad stuff happen.

    6) You don't really need steroids in life. What is the one benefit really, for most guys? Looking good and getting girls. Well, I can tell you this - I've slept with a lot more women than normal while on gear. But you know what? I still only pull solid 9s and 10s a couple of times a year. Most of the extra tail I was pulling was low hanging fruit - 6s and 7s at best. Those are the kind of girls who are turned on by being jacked, not the models, dancers, and actresses - my preferred targets. And the loss of libido is a REAL drag. I'm at the point now where I would gladly lose all my muscle in exchange for a full, normal recovery. What turns on beautiful girls is being confident, being intelligent, and having a purpose in life beyond existence. Being in shape is of course a necessity, but being jacked is not. Go to the gym, sure. But the time wasted on potions and protein shakes, elaborate meals, and so on would be better spent reading some philosophy or poetry, or learning a musical instrument. I've dated several hot models and a few ballet dancers in my day, and all of them were most intrigued by my more intellectual discussions, particularly those that involved poetry. I've never had a solid 10 just come up to me and say "wow, you have a great body - let's go back to your place". Having a great body, at best, just gets your foot in the door with an attractive woman. The only girls who will want to fsck you just because you have a great body really, are not the ones you will ever be proud about.

    7) Don't be blinded by these forums. It's all anonymous. There is a great deal of untruth being written. Lots of outliers. The people with the worst problems tend to disappear, so you aren't aware of the serious side effects they endured or whether they recovered. There are good people on this forum, but be wary of the enthusiasm. No one here, even those who want to like myself, are going to be with you in the hospital if that's where you end up. In every pursuit, the internet provides a false sense of security and community - but it's all illusory.
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    DazUKM reacted to SoulSearcher in ECA - a comprehensive guide   

    You can get it all from Boots, however much better to get the ChestEze on-line. In boots you will be limited to 1 box and if you look like you lift or are athletic then you will be quizzed over why you need it. However if you search Amazon you can buy it direct from there and more than one box!
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    DazUKM got a reaction from zack amin in The Rock `Dwayne Johnson`   

    ahahahah same
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    DazUKM got a reaction from Ser in Its not the hand you are dealt....   
    depends what kinda problem we're talking about