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  1. I don't know. But personally, I'd drop the Mast as well, give your E2 time to pick back up.
  2. Aromasin twice a week on 150mg Test E seems pointless IMO. Even more pointless now you've added Mast. As above, drop the Aromasin.
  3. @ElChapo What's your thoughts on optimal drug use regarding fat loss, with regards to amount of body fat? I'm been using DNP at 200mg and 400mg, and I've gone from 20-22% body fat down to roughly 12% bodyfat, hard to tell with the water I'm holding on the 200mg DNP. Wondering if I should stay on the DNP and get down to about 9% before bulking on Test/Deca/EQ, or to use Clen instead? Been using 15mg Yohinbine pre workout last couple of workouts, and on 210mg Test E a week. Eating roughly 1800kcals, 180g protein, 140 gcarbs, 30g fats.
  4. Hack for cheap bloodwork

    How quick is the turn around on these pal?
  5. You can still get DNP in the UK. I'm using it personally, but it's not for the faint hearted, would be healthier to drop weight through proper training and diet.
  6. Got me thinking about it now. Do I keep the EQ or use Mast hhhmmm never used mast. Might do the EQ as I have it, and mast next time round
  7. Know that mate was thinking is 250mg/1ml worth it instead of 500mg/2ml.
  8. Hmmm interesting. 250mg PW worth it at all? Planning test/deca/eq cycle. Anymore and will be alot of injecting volume and expensive lol
  9. How much is the site worth?

    Would genuinely be interested to know, loved following hes log.
  10. How much is the site worth?

    Haven't seen them, must have missed it. But neither own the site do they?
  11. How much is the site worth?

    Mod wise, only ever see yourself and Swole on.
  12. Looks like everyone seems off, admin barely on and website owned by someone unknown? Personally would think itd be beneficial for everyone If we got a collect pot/GoFundMe and give the ownership to @swole troll, and then he can hand pick some proper active mods.
  13. Will give 600mg a go as makes it easy to pin, Remember you saying Test, Deca, Eq was one of your favorite stacks. Only Con is overall will be doing 4.5ml, so will split it 2ml & 2.5ml. and just do them both on same day.