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  1. For me, 120mg Test E once a week is enough. I pin every monday, Sex drive drops a bit come Saturday/Sunday, but no problem getting it up and getting the job done. (All 30 seconds of it)
  2. Where can I buy weights?

    I got lucky and got them plus a pair of Olympic dumbbell handles for £460
  3. How long is a piece of rope?*
  4. Where can I buy weights?

    Where in the UK are you? There's a guy doing some good deals in liverpool
  5. Haha wouldn't go anywhere near that place.
  6. It's mad at the moment, walking through harborough you wouldn't have thought any lockdown was happening apart from when you see the queues outside the shops. Will give it a look thanks.
  7. Where I live at the moment in market harborough is a joke, all the parks I tend to walk my dog are rammed with groups of people, 8 people plus, and only 10% of the people in the supermarkets are actually following the distancing rules. Alot of people I talk to are missing the gym but it's more about the mental health side of it, I'm not getting the mental release and I'm sure alot of people are mentally struggling as well? Seen some places in texas etc with massive plastic dividers between all the treadmills and bikes etc.
  8. Quarantine Haircuts

    Think it's a mix of things, my dad has a bolding crown so was going to have anyways, Mrs is struggling with mental health, no job, alcohol, fags so that's stressful also I'm the only one bringing money in so that's stressful too, got a few amount of debt and Test just speeded it happening I believe.
  9. Quarantine Haircuts

    Yeah had about 16 inches, and then shaved the sides for a viking look, and then had it short, but.... The crown had been thinning while having long hair and was starting to show short, so shaved all off now.
  10. Quarantine Haircuts

    Did it myself, decided about time to go for 3mm all over, just accept I'm thinning lol.
  11. blood glucose explained?

    Yeah I've seen it pal, looks like a good profile, just don't wanna buy anything more lol, money getting real tight now.
  12. blood glucose explained?

    Will do pal Thanks again.
  13. blood glucose explained?

    @swole troll Morning mate Did what you stand, Had a meal at 7pm Tuesday night and then nothing until 7pm Last night and nothing since. Thought another fasted reading this morning and now 4.6 mmol/L
  14. blood glucose explained?

    Thanks pal, will do just that