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  1. Also, If you run less gear, you're doing less damage to your health, faster to recover, more time on cycle
  2. Luke sandoe death not suicide

    Wasn't it James Hollingshead and he's mrs that found him the next day? I doubt it was heart failure.
  3. Questioning new coach

    Just have a word with him if you want to do deadlifts, You're paying him, it's either he'll add them into your program or give you a reason why he hasn't put them in, maybe recommend something to do to improve your lower back pain etc.
  4. Questioning new coach

    It seems like something I've seen the pro's do. Like you said less volume but your working sets, You have to give it everything you have, some people can't recruit that level of intensity in a single set, I know I can't, that's why I do 3 working sets.
  5. Cut/Maintain/Bulk

    A Picture would make it much easier to comment pal. Blur your face etc if you feel the need too.
  6. Questioning new coach

    I guess deadlifts isn't really a bodybuilding movement for many. I like doing them, but don't get much out of them as for muscle growth, need to see the physio first for my back tho.
  7. Questioning new coach

    Looks like a nice plan pal
  8. Where is the Manlet....

    I believe funds were exchanged, but no product.
  9. Fake natty?

    Curiously, seems to say natty but seems to drop fat and hold onto Muscle well. https://instagram.com/ryansapsteadpt?igshid=1bwx7f8e8zc59
  10. Questioning new coach

    Really like the idea of it. I know James Hollingheads does something Simliar. Would like to see the rest of your training plan to be honest
  11. Questioning new coach

    Looks good pal.
  12. Apocolypse Home workouts

    These are starting to get more comical. No doubt that you're strong, just seem like a fake persona now and swinging weights.
  13. Injectable dbol

    Half tempted to try it. How long pre would you say? Could do it in the car park before I go gym haha, so mrs doesn't see xD