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  1. Not sure what I am doing wrong...

    Hi! Thanks for this. Not sure this is defaulted but I dont think I wrote Getting Huge! I think my goal is to increase my strength but obviously keep in decent shape. Overall I want to be fit, strong and look like I lift. Not really sure what I need to do to get to that goal and to be honest I thought about crossfit as I like the big lifts followed by a good metcon but I cannot afford min 60 quid a month to join a crossfit gym and the gym I am at now is ideal as I train first thing in the morning and it is attached to my work office. Not sure if you can help or throw some suggestions out, that would be great. Feel a little lost overall as I think I am setting too many goals if that makes sense
  2. I have been training around 10 years now, religiously been 4 times a week for at least 7 years of that where I have followed various training plans ranging from 5/3/1, GVT, muscle group splits and recent years more Upper Lower/powerlifting based routines. Been doing PPLP for around 8 weeks and enjoying the style of training and volume etc but no matter what I do I just cannot get stronger. Diet wise, aware of how to diet and be in a calroie surplus but something is stopping me and I am not sure what. The main compound lifts have not really progressed in weight, in particluar My OHPing and deadlift has literally been the same weight for at least a year now and alway struggle to progress on the main lifts and cannot put my finger on why. I have a trainer partner who is just a strong guy and never really pays attention to diet etc and progresses on lifts. My stats are: 92kg, 6ft, aged 31 Squat - 145kgx6 Deadlift - 160kgx6 DB Bench - 45kgx6 Seated OHP - 60kgx8 Has anyone got any advice or suggestion that I can use to gain strength? Thanks
  3. Think I am going to do strength/bodybuilding based workout as normal and then throw in a metcon at the end
  4. I am just really enjoying that style of training at the minute. I feel I am at that point where I am struggling to gain anymore size despite the obvs calorie increase and periodised training. Find I am doing the basics such as bench press and OHP and then moving onto CrossFit style circuits.
  5. Hi Guys, So I have trained for several years now and done a range of programs from strength based, powerlifting to bodybuilding but overtime I am really not enjoying doing the typical heavy 4sets compound lifts followed by a few sets of isolation movements. I much rather enjoy and I hate to say it on this forum but a crossfit style workout as all in all, my goal really is to look aesthetically pleasing but also have a good level of fitness. An example of a lower body: 15 Goblet Squats 20 Walking lunges 15 Jumping Air Squats 15 Kettlebell DL 500m Row Completing 5 Rounds My question is do you think over time as could gain muscle size through doing this style of circuit based training or would I need to do something else? Thanks
  6. Upper/Lower - No squats

    I havent got one and not put one together. You have any suggestions?
  7. Upper/Lower - No squats

    Thanks for this. So for an UL, would you pick two quad movements and two Hams for both of the days?
  8. Upper/Lower - No squats

    Yes but I don’t tend to go heavy
  9. Hi guys As title says any UL routines people recommend without squats. Have a recurring disc injury and just don’t want to run the risk of injury. Thank you
  10. Been to see my sports doctor and he thinks I may have got Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome otherwise called anterior knee pain. Had it for a few years and always been wary of it. I wear knee sleeves for added support but recently hurt it again. Is there anything people recommend exercises etc
  11. Bench Form?

    Can anyone help and give me some pointers to get it right? Thanks
  12. I have been training for several years and a training partners mentioned the below: Left side is more than a few inch higher than my right from the start of the movement, right through to the end. Also notice that the same side when struggling sometimes I clips the rack, where as the right side is no where near. Really don't get it as I retract my shoulders with a slight back arch, foot placement is good but I cannot put my finger on the above? This must have been happening for years which now means it will be difficult to get out of the habbit. This does not happen on DB's and my form us spot on when overhead pressing. I get a slight ache after in my right shoulder a day later but nothing serious. Can anyone help? Attached one with straps at a heavish weight and other slightly lighter. VID-20190412-WA0001.mp4 VID-20190412-WA0000.mp4
  13. Bench form????

    This video is with slightly less weight VID-20190412-WA0000.mp4
  14. Bench form????

    Please see video attached. As I go up in weight it gets worse. I get no pain, doesn't happen when using the bar doing shoulder press and no difference at all when using DBs as my form is spot on. Thanks VID-20190412-WA0001.mp4
  15. Break from creatine?

    I have taken 5g daily for years now but wondered if you should have a break from it? Thanks