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  1. Still getting idiots piling into a bank when it’s not essential at all. The hours have condensed down to 4 hours per day so people are queuing to get in within the new time frame, but I don’t get the point of the government stating nobody should be out unless you’re doing this, that or the other. police are supposed to be stopping and questioning people as to why they’re out, but iv seen nothing in Sheffield yet. Getting people coming into a bank to pay a small bill but instead you could set up a direct debit or pay over the phone why are people still being thick under the current situation. Just wording if anyone else are still it a stupid amount of customers walking around like nothing is in place. from this post from South Yorkshire police, there should be zero customers stood outside: Good morning South Yorkshire. Our main task today is to make sure that everyone is complying with the public health regulations around the Covid-19 virus. We intend to stop as many people as we can to ask why they are out and about (from at least six feet away, obviously). There are only four reasons why people should be out of their homes: 1 - Shopping for necessities; 2 - To attend medical appointments or provide care to a vulnerable person; 3 – Travelling for work purposes (but only where you cannot work from home); 4 – Exercise (but without driving to do it). The driver of this car fell at the first hurdle this morning. Going to view a house isn’t considered and essential journey! Save lives. Stay at home. Protect the NHS. #YesTheRulesApplyToYouAsWell
  2. Death of a pet

    rip pal, only people that have never had a pet wont understand. They're family, my rents dog past away last year which I grew up with and she died at 10 years old, it does effect you mentally.
  3. Profit Accumulator (Matched Betting)

    iv managed to get them all, but new address and new bank for me and its been fine.
  4. Profit Accumulator (Matched Betting)

    Sweet cheers pal. Remember using odds monkey software last time I did this, one better than the other or just the exact same ?
  5. Profit Accumulator (Matched Betting)

    This still a thing ? Moved house so going to try it again
  6. Streaming apps

    Cyber flix
  7. Music streaming app

    you can get spotify premium free on the tutu app store I just use family and friends on spotify between a few lads.
  8. Chocolate combinations, which one would you buy?

  9. Paranormal experience’s.

    Don’t believing ghosts or the paranormal. Find it interesting though. There’s a thing going round on Twitter the sun has vanished which is quite strange and a bit gripping but obviously not real. watch a YouTube guy called nukes top 5 and have a giggle
  10. read this after my post lol, deffo agree
  11. philips one blade is decent close but no clean shave too and can be used on pubes too, Never found a cleane/close shave electric razor which what im after really, i cant grow a beard to save my life.
  12. Looking for a watch

    Tw steel are alright sometimes drop to £200 in the sale. Can get an automatic too
  13. Whaddya you lads like to do in miserable weather?

    Go to the gym as normal, it’s usually quieter when it’s crap weather
  14. Its been a long time.

    Wouldn’t say it’s a cool place it’s a right shithole
  15. Showing off thread - post your car pic

    Not really looked at VXRs. They pack a punch? Was going to look at the chilli orange one before I got my Ibiza but ended up just going for that without test driving the corsa. Dont get me wrong would love Scirrocco R but the MPG is terrible. Just love the extra power you get with the sport version.