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  1. Chloe Ayling

    It's all for attention. just take one look at her.
  2. Best man speech

    Try and make it funny dont nut read it off pages like I did it's more hassle than it's worth. have a few vodkas before hand
  3. I have to cut bread out. It's weird how bloated I look when eating the shitty mess
  4. card for using abroad in cyprus?

    im yorkshire bank and the other half is natwest and neither charged us to withdraw cash abroad.
  5. card for using abroad in cyprus?

    You will if it is loose...
  6. card for using abroad in cyprus?

    I used my normal debit Visa card fine in Rhodes and wasn't charged any extra for withdrawing money.
  7. Ultimate Orange is back

    No pump ingredients?
  8. IF Starting and Plan

    Used IF for 3 years now when I first start I was 19 stone and got down to 13 stone . If don't correctly it's great. when I cut I do cardio+if/diet when bulk zero cardio (at the gym) and just diet but more Cals depending on goal.
  9. FREE samples of Unleash The Beast

    oh s**t just read the commets above.
  10. FREE samples of Unleash The Beast

    email sent Cheers
  11. Just been burgled

    sorry to hear that, hope everything gets sorted! A joke that police dont work nights, so giving thieving cu**s a head start when things like this happen.
  12. Fat burners

    Can you actually get a hold of d hacks products anymore ? Ultra burn and the two were awesome
  13. Credit

    Yeh do the help to buy isa, just opened one myself. im thinking of going down the credit card route just for a better credit rating. Got my first phOne contract at 25 last year haha...
  14. Going to be broke for the week cheap suggestions

    Pasta with t soup and what ever meat
  15. Rest days

    eat eat eat on days off fueling yourself for the next session