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  1. Skinny beginner - Bulking

    This evenings session. Weighing 10st 8 Squats - 10x20kg, 5x40kg, 3x60kg, 3x80kg, 5x5 92.5kg - This is as far as I've ever got with the squats, really struggled with it but completed all sets and giving 95kg a go on Thursday! 100kg is creeping up! Bench - 10x20kg, 5x40kg, 3x55kg, 5x5 67.5kg - Felt heavy but I had a few more reps left in me so 70kg next time. Rows - 5x40kg, 5x5 55kg - I'd dropped this down a fair bit to try to focus on form as my back was rounding a bit at the heavier weight. I'm going to purchase some Cissus tomorrow, hoping that'll help my elbow?
  2. pen y fan (fan dance) 12 week log

    Nice one, good luck with it all! I've always fancied doing some mma or boxing.
  3. pen y fan (fan dance) 12 week log

    Haha I like your thinking! What have you got in mind now this is out the way, anything else?
  4. pen y fan (fan dance) 12 week log

    Solid effort! I'd quite like to go for something like this in the future. But for now my 8 mile mud run on flat ground booked for October will suffice
  5. Skinny beginner - Bulking

    This should be more of a journal really but oh well. Ive been back in the gym for a couple of weeks now after 6 weeks off. Gutted really but I think in about 2 weeks I'll be back up to where I left off. Still 10st 8, really want to hit that 11st mark but I know it's more about the strength rather than just getting weight up but fat. I had a PT session last night to run through form. A few pointers but overall he was happy with everything. He noticed my lower back bend at the bottom of my squat which he said means tight calves, hamstrings and glutes? So I'm going to focus on some stretches for 10/15 minutes before I lift. Probably stems from my torn ankle ligament a couple years back. Heading back to the gym this evening. 5x5 82.5kg squats, 62.5kg bench and 60kg bent over rows. Ive set my short term goals at squatting 100kg 5x5, benching 80kg 5x5 and deadlifting 120kg 1x5. I've got an 8 mile mud run coming up in October so once I've achieved these goals I'll possibly slow down from trying to push the weights up too much and get some more fitness stuff in so I don't ache for a week after the last mud run I done! What would it take to keep my strength in the same place? Would 1 session a week on the weights do it or more?
  6. Diet plan help...

    Cheers guys. Yeah natural. I'll just make an effort to hit 2800kc and 120g protein a day and see how that goes.
  7. Diet plan help...

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. How much g of protein do you think I should be consuming at my weight? 69kg.
  8. Diet plan help...

    Hi everybody, Been lurking here for a while. I've been lifting on and off for about 9 months following Stronglifts. Injuries and travel have really held me back but I'm determined to get back to where I was and keep pushing forwards! A bit about me - I'm 25 years old, 5ft 8 and currently around 10st 8 first thing. My main goal is functional strength and flexibility although adding a bit more bulk would be nice. Short term I had my mind set on 11st as an achievable goal, with lower body fat. I'm pretty active... Would anybody be so kind as to help me get a diet plan written down. I'm happy to stick strictly to it, I just need to get something written down to follow. Myfitness reckons I need 2830 calories to add 0.5lb a week. Cheers.
  9. Skinny beginner - Bulking

    I thought that may be the case! :laugh: Im only 24 but can only be a good thing to start sooner rather than later. Ive noticed myself getting less flexible...
  10. Skinny beginner - Bulking

    Cheers, will try cram more of that lot in! I'm currently out with an elbow injury which I'm hoping the doctors will shed some light on tomorrow. Trying to atleast keep moving forward somehow so have been doing leg press... Want to use this time to start some stretching which is something I really need to start doing. Does anybody know any flexibility apps/links etc?
  11. Skinny beginner - Bulking

    Now 10st 8, squatting 92.5kg 5x5, benching 70kg, oh pressing 50kg, rowing 67.5kg and I was deadlifting 100kg 1x5 but I have a slight twinge in my back which I've had for some time so have started laying off the deadlifts rather than increasing them. My plan is to focus solely on upping my strength until May time when I should be 11st and then add some hiit cardio in after my lifting sessions to try being body fat down slightly. How does that sound?
  12. Skinny beginner - Bulking

    After 6 weeks off in Thailand I've been back in the gym for the last month or so. I'm now 10st 7, so gained 12lb since I started and am squatting 5x5 80kg, bench 60kg, rows 60kg, ohp I failed the very last rep at 45kg and deadlifts 95kg... Feels good to to be getting somewhere! I'd like to get to 11stone and then focus on leaning out for a little bit.
  13. Skinny beginner - Bulking

    Finally hit the wall where I failed today. My legs are aching from squats, I managed the warm up sets and that's it. Overhead press at 45kg I got 4,4,4,3,3 and managed the complete the 1x5 deadlift at 97.5kg. To be honest, my mind wasn't really in it and I've constantly felt drained the last few days. Not sure if I need to eat more? ( I've been gaining weight) or a bit of a rest? Squatting 3x a week is taking its toll now.,
  14. Skinny beginner - Bulking

    I've now gained 7lb in 9 weeks. Squatting 82.5kg 5x5, going for 85kg today but it's going to be a mega struggle!
  15. Skinny beginner - Bulking

    Cracked 5x5 80kg squat yesterday. Bit of a milestone for me, I'm real happy with that!