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    BetterThanYou got a reaction from TRT in Youtube premium?   
    Yes, I've been using it like this for years on 4 different computers at the same time.
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    BetterThanYou got a reaction from BUFFMAN in Youtube premium?   

    I have Youtube Family Premium plus Youtube Music for like 4 years now
    £1.8 a month 
    google Youtube Premium using Indian VPN 

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    BetterThanYou reacted to Fletch68 in Have they seriously closed the fu**ing gyms again?   
    All gyms in England will close from January onwards that much is obvious. This time it will be ongoing.  My gym will be closing for good and i'm not going to look out for another one. Well done to these morons for ruining the country for 10 years at least. We are governed by complete and utter scum bags. F**king need to be put up against a wall.
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    BetterThanYou got a reaction from Blanka in Tier 4?   
    7 days ago I've spent 2 days in Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford, I stayed at the top floor so I've seen every other floor
    surprise surprise the whole hospital was almost empty,  more staff than patients
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    BetterThanYou got a reaction from Ken Hutchinson in Just been told I have Rectal Divarication (am I gonna die)   
    I can't wait to go to your funeral knowing that I could of changed that outcome..
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    BetterThanYou reacted to EpicSquats in I hate winter   
    It rains, it's windy, it's cold, it's unpleasant to go outside. There's literally fvck all nice about winter. We don't even get proper snow here in England. Winter is a load of sh1te lads.
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    BetterThanYou reacted to Sasnak in CAR Insurance renewal   
    Take new insurance on your car at renewal, either with your current provider or a new one. Loyalty rarely saves money, so shop around. Google Martin Lewis’ money saving expert/car insurance and his site tells you how to get the best deal.
    All you then need to do is check how much your new provider charges in administration fees’ for changes to your policy, such as changing the car or adding a driver. You’ll find that the fees with the reputable providers like Aviva or Liverpool Victoria will be low, if they even charge at all. All you will pay is an additional premium to reflect the additional “risk”, such as owning a more expensive car.
    Reputable providers such as the ones I mentioned tend (although not always) to charge a little bit more for a new policy but they won’t rip you off on admin fees’ when you buy your new car.
    Bargain basement companies are cheap for the initial policy but they have a tendency to hammer you for charges when you need to change your policy, even for simple things, like telling them you’ve moved house.
    Price comparison sites tend to set the voluntary excess you pay in case of accidents quite high, usually £500. Make sure you reduce it to zero. There’s usually little difference in the premium. Never pay for protected no claims bonus or legal protection. They offer nothing and are just a way of extracting more money out of you.
    I’m an insurance and insurance law expert btw (it’s my job) Pm me if you need anymore advice 
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    BetterThanYou reacted to Test-e in Armed police shut down gym   

    If the guys appearance is being questioned, definitely looks better than you lad.
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    BetterThanYou got a reaction from Kazza61 in Anybody buy Halal meat?   

    For meat to be considered Halal, it must come from animals slaughtered in accordance with rules set out in the Quran and other Islamic scriptures...
    I worked in a slaughter house, 90% of your halal meat is not halal  
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    BetterThanYou got a reaction from squeezemyhernia in UK doctors   
    basically this
    "Probably just tell you to come off and wait it out. Follow the fertility threads on here for what you need to take, doubt the dr would prescribe any of that! 
    You don’t need your GP for sperm tests"

    you're on your own mate,  it took me 18 months to be fertile again after B&C for 7 years, pure hell on earth mentally I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, 6 months in with no natural testosterone production, raging estrogen/prolactin I was a crying mess, it's a miracle that my wife and I didn't kill each other or get divorced.

    power PCT x2, a ton of HCG and then just wait, followed up with blood work, fertility tests every few weeks  
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    BetterThanYou got a reaction from Frandeman in Google Pixel 4a vs OnePlus Nord   
    why?!  just get Poco F2 Pro 
    super fast Snapdragon 865
    Adreno 650
    Super AMOLED
    Massive battery 
    constant software upgrades for 2+ years 
    Me and my wife just upgraded from Poco F1, there's nothing better for this price, a proper bargain  £350!

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    BetterThanYou reacted to TERBO in Google Pixel 4a vs OnePlus Nord   
    Done some reading up on Miui and v11 is apparently based on Android 10, so I retract my earlier comment lol.
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    BetterThanYou got a reaction from Cronus in Google Pixel 4a vs OnePlus Nord   
    it was 345 a week ago
    btw I've been buying phones from  them for a few years now, never a single problem

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    BetterThanYou reacted to Baz-- in Retraining in your 30s   
    Firstly i'd like to say from what you have written, your work ethic is admirable.  I love the fact that you have thought about a change in career and gone and found yourself a trial. Most only talk about it.  
    I was a roofer & Heritage card Leadworker for 26 years since i left school. If i'm honest, i fu**ing hate roofing and at one point i was in the same situation as you. It is very hard work and less than desirable in most weather conditions. However there is crazy money  in roofing if you can get your formula right.
    In one of your above posts you mention having to take a pay reduction if you employ some extra lads..  That is only the case if you decide to do less work rather than creating a new role within your company to hit the ground and create work for the lads. Spend time approaching building companys that have made planning applications, get your paper work in order (risk assessments, insurances, quotes), ensure your online presence is high. Many things to be done in the new role.
    Possibly look into other aspects of roofing. For example GRP flat roofing. There are thousands of houses with an adjoined felt flat roof garage in almost every town that need replacing with something reliable ( stupid money per m2 ) . Register with Velux as an approved installer ( you will get work thrown at you).  Many ways to draw work in.
    If it all goes to plan you get to set the boys up on site in the morning then back home to take the kids to school before you go and price some work for the coming weeks.
    Something to think about when yo have your nose full of dust after a day prepping walls next week.
    The best thing about life is that it's all fully adjustable and you can change path whenever you choose. you can try your new venture whilst feeding your current self employment (company) in your spare time and see if it takes you anywhere. 
    That was a bit of  a ramble, but good luck in whatever you choose.
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    BetterThanYou reacted to OptimumPT in What's the best gym you've ever been to, and why?   
    This is my best local gym, opposite the Watson factory
    It is about to increase in size by 50% & people travel from afar to use the new equipment they develop
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    BetterThanYou got a reaction from js77 in What's the best gym you've ever been to, and why?   
    What's your favourite gym that you've been to and why was it the best?

    I've never been to any of the London gyms so my favourite is..
    https://www.thewarehousegym.com/ in West Byfleet
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    BetterThanYou reacted to Shergar in What's the best gym you've ever been to, and why?   
    Estuary gym, Southend on sea
    Wasn’t a member for very long due to work etc but by far the best place I ever trained in.
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    BetterThanYou reacted to Seppuku71 in Lol, why do fat ugly 'soyboys' always look like this?   
    Funny and absolutely spot on!!
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    BetterThanYou got a reaction from Lancashiregent in Has anyone had a flutter on bitcoin   

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    BetterThanYou got a reaction from Lancashiregent in Has anyone had a flutter on bitcoin   
    Once I've spent 26BTC on drugs 

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    BetterThanYou got a reaction from Lancashiregent in Has anyone had a flutter on bitcoin   
    Once I had over 10 000 LTC on Bitfinex 
     in 2017 at ATH that would have been over $16mln .... 

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    BetterThanYou reacted to hmgs in Protein works, WTF?   
    Got mine with std delivery (Parcelforce yay!) And at just over £40, within four  days… 
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    BetterThanYou reacted to Seany in Whey price hike?   
    90 quid now on BP. Got 4 5kg unflavoured bags last November for about 190 inc 40% discount now its 220. Looking back at previous orders it was like 55 quid in 2017 for 5kg.
    The price is the price, it is what it is, I know but I'm curious as to why the price has absolutely rocketed over the past few years, what other food product has seen such ridiculous increase, is there a lack of cows or something?
    And are there any more competitive places than MP or BP? I'd assume they give the best prices and I think it's a reason for their massive discounts they do and I imagine all the places get their whey from the same sources?

    Any info appreciated, thanks. Soon Whey will have no price advantage over food at this rate, I'll be cheaper buying chicken lol.(I'm broke)
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    BetterThanYou got a reaction from IronJohnDoe in Warsaw who is been? [Thanks all see you in Krakow Thread]   
    if you are foreign and you have money Warsaw is going to be like any other eastern European capital, the people are friendly, the sights are fantastic, the girls are beautiful and the food is out of this world but thats about it.. if you are Polish and you understand what is going on in this country suddenly Poland is not going to be so beautiful thats why I've been living in the UK for nearly 20 years and I will never move back to Warsaw.

    edit:  Warsaw is not cheap  
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    BetterThanYou reacted to Heavyassweights in Do you collect anything?   
    thats a nice whip mate, did you need to collect all 12 tokens from the Sugar Puffs for that