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  1. A thread about bacon butties

    Malted brown bread, butter, well cooked and lashings of HP
  2. best British movie

    yep, my choice too or Scum.
  3. Winter coat

    I got a good quality duffel coat a few years back about 200 quid. superb coat. warm dry and can be worn smart or casual.
  4. Hot lady’s of the world!

    For the older generation . Caroline Munro. My absolute fantasy when I was younger.
  5. Simps

    sorry,I'm an old cvnt. Still no idea what simping is
  6. What look are you aiming for.

    Bob Paris, Frank Zane, Steve Reeves, Surge Nubret. Anything that resembled those.
  7. Guess the film from one line

    First Blood
  8. Help to lose last bit of fat!

    Take a break from your diet. Eat at maintenance for a week, then start again. For stubborn belly fat, intermittent fasting is very good.
  9. Best movie you ever seen!

    Too many to mention, but Gladiator, probably the finest acting ever imo.
  10. Whisky/Whiskey

    I've tried loads. Cheap, expensive, single malts. I always end up going back to jamesons.
  11. AAS youtube vids

    Jordan peters
  12. Old age!

    if I begin to lose my faculties or find out I'm termilly ill, it's off on a massive cruise/piss up. say goodbye to loved ones & over to Switzerland for lights out.
  13. Do you approve?

    Dem gainz bro
  14. Worst video on the internet

    my mates into those cartel videos. showed me one of 3 blokes literally hacking a victim to death with machetes.
  15. Horrible experience with PWO

    I'm not good with stims, they all make me feel a bit sick. Just have a strong coffee now and red con 1 big noise. It has been mentioned on here lately. It's decent.