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  1. Tren cough

    The following may help…… Aspirate on every jab slowly inject no more than 1ml per minute if you feel it coming on sip cold milk try not to cough as that sets it off use tren E over tren A If it still persists you could try changing labs and if it still persists then decide if it’s for you or not.
  2. Rohm test e

    Looks legit same as the 3 vials I have.
  3. I find not using Nandrolone works.
  4. Self Administering.....Telling GP

    Your Dr has failed in their duty of care towards you, report them.
  5. Testosterone making me sick/flu like symptoms

    Intex are notoriously known for PIPPY test flu oils, go back to ROHM.
  6. Really depressed

    A basic Testosterone and estrogen blood test is penny's nowadays (Medichecks,Eval,Optimale) you won't get the answers your looking for without a blood test so go get the blood test yeah. Ps get a blood test.
  7. I used ISIS labs their 50mg Anavar tested as Anavar, their 10mg Anavar tested as Turinabol, my Mrs was using the 10mg as the time and wondering why she was getting masculine . Lost faith in Infiniti and SIS a long time ago unfortunately.
  8. Kryogen pharma

    You've already answered in your first post that their working for you, why do you need reassurance of something you claim is working? I've never heard of the lab, wouldn't touch it with a barge pole seeing as their are well known tried and tested labs that have stood the test of time (ROHM,Nuero pharma, Balkan, Pharmacom,CRS,)
  9. Pharmaqo is rebranded SIS which before that was rebranded Infiniti which before that was called ISIS labs, let's hope they've got their act straight 4th time around, let us know how you get on.
  10. Definitely get bloods done buddy and make changes off the back of them.
  11. how much test for 3D delts ?

    If this is a serious question then you've got some real issues pal, you can have a set of thick capped delt's completely natural, get the drug mentality out of your system once and for all or it will dilute into every area of your life and view point and it will take you further and further away from reality.
  12. Advice needed

    What the actual f**k
  13. Was Triumph relaunch a success?

    About as successful as the XFL relaunch in 2020.
  14. Switching to Sub Q?

    When I'm on TRT (i.e 50mg Test twice a week) I do sub q, I find anything more than 0.25ml in each injection site will cause you issues.
  15. Southern Ghost Cialis...

    Why use a UGL for Cialis when there's plenty of vidalista and pharma grade Cialis available?