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  1. Sparring Comp?

    OP tooks his tracksuit bottoms into his socks.
  2. Supplements that make you horny!

    Heavy squatting Vit D, B Vitamins, Zinc, Cod Liver Oil, Vit C
  3. Swole Troll's Off Season Log

    Good work man, realised right away, you was focusing on speed with the deadlifts. What's the reasoning behind the intra shake? I've never opted for intra workouts, not too long ago, I was looking at cyclic dextrin. But, quickly jibbed the idea off, I'm eating enough food, as it is, so probably won't benefit much. of to train back later myself coincidentally.
  4. Swole Troll's Off Season Log

    IN Always enjoy your logs. well documented.
  5. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Sounds like a mobility issue to me. take a look at the red resistance bands here https://www.myprotein.com/sports-equipment/myprotein-resistance-bands/10615601.html and maybe perform shoulder dislocations and band pull aparts prior to working sets, during warming up. I perform either 1 - 2 warm up sets for 25 reps of paused benching and then play about with a resistance band. it does help, but you have to be careful not to overdo it, overdoing stretching and warming up can tax strength ime.
  6. Girlfriend getting groped

    I'm going to quote the legendary, important take home note. ''More gear, more food.'' - Huntingground following that, get your girl to carry some pepper spray or pretend to be a police officer, anytime she's propositioned.
  7. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Every time you come to a Chelsea log.
  8. The truth about anavar

    Diet related. I think most people, who blow up and carry bloat is because of duration of use, food choices, eating too much of excess, oestrogen. if someone was lean and ate cautiously and almost like a rabbit and used drol or dbol, this probably wouldn't occur so much and be notorious for bloat. Tbol was commonly used by Olympians. it's more performance based than being a mass builder. quality muscle gain and some strength increase. nothing drastic. you'd need around 60 - 100mg min 8 - 10 weeks imo. then it would be a solid addition. Problem is sourcing legit Tbol. not out the ordinary to contain dbol or to just outright be dbol. Tony Huge ran it his first cycle for up to a show and he was in good nick.
  9. overall health v max size

    Everyone carries their bodyweight/muscle mass differently. so, it's impossible to say really. I would say it depends on the frame you're working with. Again, genetics. imo, anyone up to 5' 10 - 180lbs should see them jacked, especially if they have genetics on side, or/and a small bone structure and lean. Skeletal structure dependant, but I think exceeding 200lbs bodyweight of say under 5' 11 is when it can start becoming a strain. If you would of asked me this, new to training, I would of said I wanted to be a mass monster, freaky looking huge bodybuilder like physique. Now, I realise, I don't want that at all. and basically want to replicate looking like a classical bodybuilder, with emphasis on fight ability, fitness and developing much strength as possible. Overall, I want to fight, but I don't want to look sh1t and be weak. I am aiming between 180 - 210lbs tops. lean as possible. for me, 180lbs even is a lot, if I can achieve that at 10 - 12% I think, I'll just maintain then. I can't see myself wanting to push to 210 or onwards. I'd be a unfit television. too big. too clumsy. unfit. don't fancy it tbh. Another thing, can't wear certain clothes brands if carrying a good 200lbs+ so, that puts me of too.
  10. Chest dips.

    I see few on here do just this and for just 1 or 2 sets. completely baffles me. OP dips are a really good exercise, but imo they are overrated personally. If you want to target the chest, whilst dipping, it's important, you lean forward when dipping. If I really wanted to emphasise chest, this is what I would do, if you've access to a chest press machine, couple sets to burnout with too. Flat Bench - 4 x 1 - 5 Flat Bench - 1 x 6 - 12 CGBP - 3 x 6 - 12 Weighted Dips - 3 x 10 - 12 Press Ups - 3 x AMRAP sets. aiming for 50+ each set.
  11. How can you possible say this, without knowing if he has gene's, which show he's susceptible to MPB or without seeing his head of hair?
  12. Sort it out. have you heard yourself?
  13. Should of steered him away from it, and shared your double cream with him instead.
  14. Dallas Mccarver has died!!!!

    Yeah, he was a real personality. probably the strongest bodybuilder around too? favourite training footage of his, have to be this workout, he was balls to the wall.