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    How do you like that Reebok treadmill? I was going to purchase one similar not long ago.

    Couldn’t wait to share this when you seen the title this thread eh? great set up btw. I’ve a spin bike myself some brilliant workouts on YouTube for them.
  3. The Comedy Bits thread

  4. Second Cycle

    That is the worst first cycle I’ve ever heard of anyone doing!
  5. Have you ever known of others push the var doses to the 150-200mg range. Just hypothesising in my head what a 5-600mg test cycle with 150-200mg var would go like? and would the dose range be vastly different over 50-100mg range. I suspect possible diminished returns past 100mg mark however.
  6. Boxing bag gains?

    Brilliant. Only on ukm.
  7. The Comedy Bits thread

  8. Yes providing you gave all and went full JP on the big compounds.
  9. The Comedy Bits thread

  10. Elmongo el Duruhh
  11. Thors Deadlift live stream

  12. Before and After Photos (cutting 10kg)

    If that’s a 10kg cut DelBoy’s my dad.
  13. Stuck at 80kg

    How could I forget? Silly me.
  14. Stuck at 80kg

    Pot noodle after every workout gets the job done. No questions.
  15. Boxing vs bodybuilding

    I actually had in mind heavy lifting and training aspects and not competitive bodybuilding itself with the mentioning of skill. which strength related sports do require a skill component. You need solid technique and more to excel at something like powerlifting.
  16. Boxing vs bodybuilding

    Two very different endeavours with very different skill components and fitness requirements. You’re comparing apples & oranges.
  17. Couldn’t you just chuck some plates in a backpack and balance it high up on your trapz and create a squat variation that way?
  18. Favourite advert

    I raise you
  19. Gordon Ramsay

    “One of the first things I must note to all of you is... the handle... must be... robusttt! I am a fcuking hench!I’m a... 6foot3 err chef... with... anger issues. Okay” fack offff
  20. Gordon Ramsay

    This impersonator is brilliant.
  21. 4200 calories and losing weight...

    Try reducing training 3-4 days and bump up your calories.
  22. Sandbag workouts.......

    It will be bricks in bin bags and shrugs with water in buckets next. Vetran could offer his coaching too.
  23. First tren cycle

  24. Surprised nobody mentioned a dip tower.