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  1. Who else is missing the gym?

    This is where so many fcuk up in this age. one thing I’ve seen spouted over and over again, which I find uncertain and destructive is the “having to keep yourself busy” or basically just plain old problem masking. I’ve been guilty myself in the past, haven’t we all? but It’s far from practical and not sustainable in the long run. people seem to have adopted a more reverse stoic approach in the modern world of today. as much as I love training and everything, without equipment I have myself and if your creative and determined enough you can do a lot. I perceive it as a challenge more than anything. when their is a will there’s a way after all. Those without their vices facing solitude and conscience now will unfortunately experience a tough time at the moment.
  2. The immune system stack?

    You just agree with him cuz you’re oldies. I’m trying to save you ol folk here, a few smarties from boots and away with yourself. you’ll be firing like a spring chicken in no time. I talk from a standpoint ITT of supplementation with the goal being to achieve an improved immune system. you know, what with a potentially fatal virus knocking about, you don’t think regular multi, fish oil, zinc, vit d3/k2 consumption over someone who isn’t, amongst other supplementation isn’t going to aid and improve a persons immune system fight to such a degree that it can make a difference in fighting a potentially fatal virus that’s currently knocking about? does someone who is less healthier than another face the same fight? think about it. Those with weak immune systems are snuffing it, those healthy are snuffing it, newsflash! I don’t wanna catch it nvm snuff it. I will there fore continue eating healthy & training but I will also take some assurance in making sure I’m not deficient in any key vit+minerals I can’t attain through diet.
  3. The immune system stack?

    You’ve half missed the point of my post here. It’s not to discover any wonder supplement to help directly battle this virus, but simply to enable yourself to become more resistant via strengthening of your own immune system. Health supps here offer support in that sense and to an extent (in conjunction with a sufficient diet) can fulfill any possible related deficiencies or provide more amounts than what you can extract from diet alone. How much fish would you have to eat for the amount of zinc or EPA/DHA contents? without directly supplementing with zinc or fish oils itself.
  4. The immune system stack?

    Agreed. list I shared above is a pretty solid guideline. Check it out. I’m guilty in being a tad compulsive in covering variables and risk reduction. as always it’s better to prevent than to cure, perhaps more so when their is no cure...
  5. The immune system stack?

    I think in regards to nutrition this list should be something everyone should aim to consume regularly especially given the current circumstances. https://www.eatsomethingsexy.com/learn/10-best-foods-for-men/
  6. The immune system stack?

    I wonder how many thought exactly this. Nobody gets enough vitamin D3 alone owing to the uk weather. I’m currently taking 10,000ius. people don’t tend to get enough Zinc either to name another. something I would be supplementing right now at around 30mg. You can always do and apply more to lower your chances of any risk factors, that in turn increases your thresholds for being more susceptible to any disease or illness.
  7. The immune system stack?

    Yes I’m aware of the lifestyle adaptions rather this thread initially being supplement recommendation/protocol based. suggested fruits & vegetables also being welcome.
  8. So many threads yet nobody has discussed of a supplement protocol to support or ensure for a better functioning immune system. now granted supplements are just that, but any marginal difference and increases that will enable some preventive measures and for a greater chance to fight off or recover from this coronavirus has got to be worth a punt imo. what would the stack be?
  9. First tren cycle

  10. Surprised nobody mentioned a dip tower.
  11. Home workout

    Can also do goblet squats with a dumbbell and the dip squat. Barbell lunges and RDL’s. OP I would suggest grabbing the longest spin locks you can and some resistance bands, that way you can wrap additional plates onto the dumbbell. you do usually require two for this.
  12. Verbally abusive relationship

    Welcome Yes I imagine you just want to resolve matters and probably wonder wtf is going on? I recommend you YouTube Sam vaknin, Richard grannon, Todd grande followed by Narcissism or borderline and see if you notice any similar patterns in your dynamic. will provide a level of understanding and more of an insight than anyone here could as one is a narcissist, the other two being psychologists.
  13. Verbally abusive relationship

    See bold. keyword being “always” I’m not trying to be a d*ck here, but I can tell by your response to her behaviours. you’re not well equipped here bud. it’s a shame in this circumstance you married as well as she will likely continue to try and break you down this way. she offloading and has a clear disdain towards you, so she rejecting your leadership in this sense as well because otherwise she wouldn’t do this to you. Ever. you don’t apologise when you’ve done nothing wrong and are continually being baited into engaging a negative reactive response only for her to then become manipulative, play the victim and rationalise or justify any of her wrongdoing, negative actions or behaviours as being YOUR fault, whilst simultaneously tarnishing YOU as being the bad guy in all this emotional trivial nonsense of a rollercoaster. guess what? It’s never her fault, ever. and even if it is, it’s always yours, because it is. no accountability. if this has been happening a while, it appears she has you locked in a trauma bond and one that she keeps on initiating for whatever underlying motives or reasoning. quiet possibly it sounds like you have a cluster B on your hands, what she’s doing here from what it sounds like is offloading her negative emotionality onto you or simply “devaluing” you. if she’s entitled, appears hypersensitive to any criticism or disagreements I assure you it’s likely Narcissism related. This is common occurrence amongst Narcissist types and Borderlines, in the sake of NPD they can’t withstand any criticism and have to actively ridicule you in order to uplift themselves and gain any sort of self esteem from doing so. watch for any soft acts of sadism does she appear satisfied verbally ridiculing you like this? BPD usually more erratic, unstable and have some sort identity crisis but can at times display similar destructive types of behaviours it just stem from different area. either way, appears highly manipulative so watch the actions and not words. solution for you when she do this to you is to remain assertive and calm, not lose your cool or composure and calmly question and to deliver questions in such a way that engage her subconscious which have her self reflect on negative behaviours whilst you attempt to reason with her acts, question her thirst for any conflict and forget arguing the point with her when emotions are running high as she not being rational or logical in any of moment like this. in that case forget it, don’t take her insults seriously, laugh and mock her back and try again later. If it does persist be ruthless and subtly retract on any of your affections or gestures, and have her see the error of her ways till she come round. she apologise to you and not the other way around in this case. then install some boundaries and reinforce your terms if the sh*t persists. If she cares about you, she will be willing to see the errors of her ways and recognise the negative impact on your marriage it’s having so she will knock it on the head or get help. You don’t abuse the person who you love do you?
  14. Careful with underhand pulls

    Knew I was right. This guy is a bore but he knows his shiz.
  15. Careful with underhand pulls

    Go heavy on either supinated or pronated and see which one is more vulnerable and susceptible for a bicep tear and which one builds more upper lat and back thickness vs lower-mid lats, back thickness. My form is pretty tight despite nearly a 2xBW row. I have a theory certain bicep insertions are more prone to being torn and I believe this to be the case for myself. my 100kg friend underhand rows four plates for sets of 10-12 and seems fine on the other hand. I‘m of the belief a supinated grip targets more of lower-mid lats. If you only ever did pronated grip and suddenly switched strictly to supinated grip, I would wager your back would start looking slightly different. I experienced this personally. the movement changes given the grip/elbow direction. the emphasis on a muscle being targeted shifts depending on your grip. Perhaps I’m wrong, either way I nearly fcuked my sh*t up rowing supinated.