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  1. AAS youtube vids

    Why I mentioned.
  2. AAS youtube vids

    Finbar's fitness
  3. Pumped up mirror selfies in long sleeve tops conveys dominance maestro. I’m sure you’ll be just fine. x
  4. Men that are too timid and scared to act on their own self interest or decision making because of a significant others stance lack a backbone. Weak male behaviour at its finest.
  5. Elevated cortisol from chronic stress will affect your cognitive ability (short term/long term memory/problem solving+critical thinking) your mood/libido (higher risk of anxiety/depression/low libido/erectile dysfunction), it can increase your appetite and lead to fat gain, and make you more susceptible to sickness and chronic diseases. One of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health is to mitigate stress. A side from cardio+diet are there any additional supps that support cognitive functioning that you recommend?
  6. Good to see you back ElChapo, I hope you’re well. Questions: What do you think of good mornings as an exercise and do you believe they can have good carry over to the squat as well as strengthening of the lower back? Edit: Performed with a light load, Shooting for reps, emphasis being on solid form.
  7. An old man who fell asleep drunk wearing a suit on a rowing machine.

    How do you like that Reebok treadmill? I was going to purchase one similar not long ago.

    Couldn’t wait to share this when you seen the title this thread eh? great set up btw. I’ve a spin bike myself some brilliant workouts on YouTube for them.
  10. The Comedy Bits thread

  11. Second Cycle

    That is the worst first cycle I’ve ever heard of anyone doing!
  12. Have you ever known of others push the var doses to the 150-200mg range. Just hypothesising in my head what a 5-600mg test cycle with 150-200mg var would go like? and would the dose range be vastly different over 50-100mg range. I suspect possible diminished returns past 100mg mark however.
  13. Boxing bag gains?

    Brilliant. Only on ukm.
  14. The Comedy Bits thread

  15. Yes providing you gave all and went full JP on the big compounds.