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  1. A perforated ulcer works pretty well too. I wouldn't recommend that either though
  2. Brisk walking under rated.

    I've lost count of the number of times I have seen claims that dog owners live longer than the average person. Give a dog a good home and it will do you both a favour. Walkies...
  3. This obviously can vary dramatically depending where you live but during the the first lockdown the hospital my wife works at was running at 103% capacity, so surge beds were all used and social areas had temporary beds in them. That was throughout the entire hospital. …yes she works in a Psychiatric Hospital. ….and yes the local Infirmary was pretty much fu**ing empty.
  4. Sounds like you have been spending too much time in the h bar. I hear pretty much anything is possible in that place
  5. You might have guessed from my previous post. I am not generally fond of the God Squad but they are not all bad. I am a devout atheist but do have a soft spot for the Sally Army . They have been helping those in need long before Food Banks were even a thought and they go far beyond just feeding people. They don't just feed and cloth people but visit the lonely in there homes and try to get people off the streets. Religious aspects aside I do like their work and myself and my family have probably given more money to them than any other charity. They do preach but generally they practice what they preach and for that they do have my respect as well as fair bit of my cash. Theirs is the only Christmas appeal I have supported so far this year, as has everyone else in my house.
  6. I've never understood how God could expect His creatures to pick the one true religion by faith - it strikes me as a sloppy way to run a universe.[Robert Heinlein, Jubal Harshaw in Stranger in a Strange Land, (1961).]
  7. Anyone got a personalised no plate

    Saw cracker on an old rusty transit a few weeks ago. SAII FKD says it all really
  8. Clothing

    So you went for a stringer ...
  9. I used to use, maybe 20 or 30 years ago. Then I discovered Ibuprofen gel, the preferred weapon for old men with dodgy joints/tendons.
  10. Always had a great respect for Big Loz as a competitor in WSM. Never thought he was likely to win but always hoped he would and was always in the mix with the strongest guys in the world. His YouTube channel is the only one I bother with for strongman. His Mrs knows her stuff too, I get the impression she was with him ever step of the way. Yeah, Loz and his Mrs come across as lovely people and real soulmates.
  11. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Binged the whole thing at the weekend on a rainy Saturday, much better than I expected. It was not a complete waste of a day. Definitely one to watch.
  12. Clean and press was my no 1 lockdown exercise before my bench arrived. Gotta go with that.
  13. How was the universe created?

    I have seen it suggested that time began at the Big Bang. If this is the case, it would therefore seem logical that the Universe has existed since the beginning of time. So, essentially you are asking what happened before the beginning of time. Since we have already established that the Restaurant at the end of the Universe is a Weatherspoons, I suggest we build a super computer to come up with a question that I have half have a chance of understanding and take it from there. I need a drink now
  14. If he thinks a Fedora is a cool look, why is he wearing a Trilby?
  15. Trump doesnt want the votes counting

    USA is the greatest democracy in the world!! The Chinese, N Koreans, Russians etc must be loving this
  16. Gym closure email

    Wouldn't be surprised see the whole of the UK being locked down again. Nicola Stalin is already talking about locking down Scotland to take advantage of the furlough cash.

    Problem with Demetria numbers is many cases are linked to pre- existing conditions such as heart disease or resulted from strokes. Also, many people with Dementia die as a result of said heart condition or develop cancer during a lengthy illness. My wife has worked with Dementia patients for the best part of 30 years and has seen many deaths over that time but a large number seem to die from other conditions. I would not like to hazard a guess at a percentages but it is certainly the case that many die with Dementia rather than of it.
  18. Sean Connery

    Died in his sleep aged 90 in the Bahamas. Very sad news, but if you have to go....
  19. 2nd National Lockdown soon?

    Apparently, the first vaccines are due in couple of months so hopefully no more lockdowns will be needed.
  20. 2nd National Lockdown soon?

    If schools are to stay open it is not really going to be much of a 'lockdown'. Seriously, what is the point?
  21. What does everyone do for a living?

    Absolutely nothing.
  22. From what I understand it is usually an extra £15 per week per child which is supposed to be spent on food for the child. Usually given as vouchers though.
  23. 502kg Deadlift.

    When you are looking at lifting crazy numbers I think it is more a case of lifting something as close to your target as you can without destroying your body before you go for the big one. I don't think he did anything unreasonable before he went for the record, He just did what he though was reasonable before he went for a weight no human had ever pulled before. Good on him for at least giving it a good shot.
  24. 502kg Deadlift.

    Harder than a hard thing on a hard day!!! 99% of lifters would have given up on that. Shakes most of the way up, blood pissing from his nose but he did seem to lock it out in the end. One of those lifts that was 90% mental and the other 10% was in his head
  25. Why is white bread so popular

    Been a while since I bought a white loaf, but I've just been to Aldi and bought a Scottish plain white loaf as a protest against this anti-white nonsense. That, and it is really nice toasted with some marmite and peanut butter on it