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  1. Should I have full English breakfast tomorrow?

    Go for it. Giving your body a break from a calorie deficit is not a bad thing. Fill yer boots and get back on the horse after you have pigged out. If it makes you feel better call it a re- feed or some sh!t like that
  2. Lockdown extended to 5th March

    Don't worry, you will have plenty of time to train outside in the Spring and Summer sunshine before gyms open.
  3. What does everyone think of Greg Doucette?

    ^^This. I've no idea what the content is like, It is just like some kind of White Noise for me.
  4. National Lockdown

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of people around who think that hunting for partial quotes taken out of context and snippets of statistical data to support an opinion they already hold and are determined to defend represents research. The opinions of the overwhelming majority of Scientists and Healthcare workers is, of course irrelevant as long as they can find a tiny minority which supports their narrative.
  5. I could build a decent12 x 8 cabin in my garden and buy all the extra kit I need for less than 5 grand and have seriously considered it. The reality of freezing my b0llocks off in the winter and sweating my myself down to a greasy spot before I even finish my warm up in the summer makes me long for the air conditioned paradise of my current gym. What I would spend on a home gym would give me 10 years of air conditioned paradise, all the kit I need to train plus pool, sauna, jacuzzi etc to chill out afterwards. Commercial gym all the way for me.
  6. National Lockdown

    My wife and two kids both work in Healthcare, 2 of them have had Covid jabs already and the other is getting hers next week. Both of them had Flu like symptoms for about 24 hours after the jab, seem pretty common. As far as Hospital Covid numbers go, the local infirmary was pretty much empty during the 'First Wave' but right now capacity has been reached and breached. In the last week there have been people dying on trolleys who could not get a space in the Covid unit. They have now made more beds available in what was supposed to be a new maternity ward. Next time you think about how you can get round the Covid rules to get to a gym, visit someone or make your pathetic excuse for not getting a vaccine try thinking about the poor [email protected] who are trying to mop up this fuch1ng mess. instead. Rant over....for now
  7. Some really nice stuff on this site. A few t -shirts I would like to get if the product lives up to the pictures. Can't find much in the way of positive feedback on the site though. Seems like a pretty new company with nice pictures of products but not sure about buying from them, Anyone actually got good stuff from them please let us know.
  8. What’s your alcohol intake each week just now?

    Good to see so many sober guys on here. I think the weekly recommended limit is 14 units these days. I probably hit that most days right now. Seriously need to get my s**t together.
  9. Probably because the police have had problems with a bunch of complete [email protected] taking the piss.
  10. Whats your training options during lockdown...

    An EZ bar, 75kg of plates and an adjustable bench with attachments for leg ext and ham curls. Also have some bands. Not great but I will get by.
  11. Seems all of mainland Scotland is going into level 4 lockdown on Boxing Day. Can't see any part of the UK escaping a New Year lockdown. I wonder how effectively banning Hogmanay in Scotland will work out
  12. I've got 'Watches of Switzerland' and a picture of a Cartier Tank Solo. I must be more posher than wot I thot
  13. Christmas lights for outside of the house?

    Don't do anything outside myself but I see a lot of displays when I'm out with the dogs in the evening. I'm not so big on Christmas now the kids are not kids anymore but it is good to see people still make an effort. If it is your thing, go for it, Merry Winter Solstice to all.
  14. Will this mess be over now?

    Maybe referring to incompatibilities with Microsoft Office 2007 **Disclaimer, just a guess
  15. Eddie Hall

    If anyone is upset about what Eddie is promoting just look at what others are trying to get away with. Lewis Hamilton recently took Hamilton watches to court for what he saw as some kind of trademark infringement, despite the fact they have been trading since the 1890's. I mean seriously WTF! After what Eddie went through to get to the top of his game he deserves to make a few quid.