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  1. From what I understand it is usually an extra £15 per week per child which is supposed to be spent on food for the child. Usually given as vouchers though.
  2. 502kg Deadlift.

    When you are looking at lifting crazy numbers I think it is more a case of lifting something as close to your target as you can without destroying your body before you go for the big one. I don't think he did anything unreasonable before he went for the record, He just did what he though was reasonable before he went for a weight no human had ever pulled before. Good on him for at least giving it a good shot.
  3. 502kg Deadlift.

    Harder than a hard thing on a hard day!!! 99% of lifters would have given up on that. Shakes most of the way up, blood pissing from his nose but he did seem to lock it out in the end. One of those lifts that was 90% mental and the other 10% was in his head
  4. Why is white bread so popular

    Been a while since I bought a white loaf, but I've just been to Aldi and bought a Scottish plain white loaf as a protest against this anti-white nonsense. That, and it is really nice toasted with some marmite and peanut butter on it
  5. Fireworks

    Organised displays can be pretty spectacular but not sure selling low grade explosives to the general public is a great idea given the annual increase in burns victims and damage to property due to NEDS letting said low grade explosives off in the streets, often during daylight hours. Is creating a few bangs and smells in your garden really worth it?
  6. Owning a bar?

    I also notice it is a leasehold. I would investigate the duration and conditions on that.
  7. Pretty sure that is about right and has been around that mark for a couple of years at least. Just beats Cancer deaths by about 10 per day IIRC.
  8. At least this time Nicola Stalin did acknowledge that restrictions have an effect on health and wellbeing. Since this fixation with Covid started I have seen little mention of the daily UK deaths from other illnesses from anyone in power on in the media. I believe Heart Disease, deaths alone average out at about 460 each day,
  9. Competing ....

    I think most people who compete do it to test themselves and be the best they can be on the day, whether it is looking the best they possibly can or lifting the best they can. I was deadlifting with a couple of other guys in the gym one day and one of them mentioned competing. Ended up as an "OK I'll do it if you will" kind of thing and next thing we knew we put entries in. With that day as a deadline we trained and dieted like our lives depended on it for months. No way any of us would have got into the condition we did without that deadline, not to mention the fear of looking like a fecking clown if we got it wrong. Competing took our training and performance to a new level, can't ask for more than that.
  10. Competing ....

    It is not about money. It about how you can perform at a time and place of someone elses choosing under competition rules. If you can win and break some minor records no-ne really cares about in the process, so much the better. Can't see me ever doing a bodybuilding comp though, even if I could look decent enough. Dieting down to a weight I could be competitive at for a Powerlifting comp was tough enough. Much respect to anyone who does though!!
  11. Competing ....

    Not in Bodybuilding but I have competed in 'Unequipped' Powerlifting in an old skinny guy category. If I can get my numbers back up to 500+ I will probably do it again in an even older and skinnier guy category. All depends on whether my knees will hold up to the stress of the heavy squats and deads.
  12. Simps

    It is true that it was the choice faced by Neo in the Matrix. The rest of it is a load of bollocks made up by people who are scared to, or are unable to have relationships with women.
  13. I’m going to get stoned on weed!

    I used to have a fair stock of Hubblys, Chillums etc. We used to put booze in the Chillums instead of water. Whisky for the lads and Southern Comfort for girls or lightweights...lol
  14. I’m going to get stoned on weed!

    Nah you put the sawn off bottle in a bucket of water. Draw the smoke into the bottle as you raise it out of the water. Mouth goes over the end of the bottle and push the bottle back into the water, More control over rate the smoke goes onto your lungs.
  15. I’m going to get stoned on weed!

    Never tried the plastic bag version. We were posh and could afford a bucket