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  1. The Death of Supplement Shops?

    You might want to check out Bulkpowders for those. At todays 'sale price' you can get about a kilo of each for that kind of money.
  2. Barbell Exercise and Muscle Control

    No specifics on diet in the book. I suspect mrwright may not be far off with his Photoshop remark. Some of those photos seem to have gone through a serious amount of retouching to me. It was worth a quick read though. Some reasonable general advice for the time and a disturbing insight into what you could get your students to do before Health and Safety legislation.
  3. Barbell Exercise and Muscle Control

  4. Does this fill you with Disgust or Delight?

    Good portions of beans, mushrooms and tomatoes, no fried bread. Can't see a single bit of stray grease on the plate, probably grilled. This is not a proper 'fry up', looks far to healthy for me. Disgusted.
  5. Silver?

    Silver certainly seems a better bet than gold right now, but only if you can find a way of avoiding the VAT.
  6. Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen

    How many 'spikes' will it take before our government considers the possibility that lockdowns are not working and maybe Sweden actually had a better long term strategy?
  7. Where can I find a decent bench

    I did. ordered on the Sunday arrived Thursday. The bench could do with another setting just back from vertical for me but I can work with it as it is. It is pretty stable, fine for pressing etc and sit- ups. The padding on the leg attachments is a bit basic though, anyone with decent legs is going to struggle with it. That said, for what it cost, I am pretty happy with it.
  8. I was 100% behind Tony Martin when it was reported he killed one of the guys who broke into his home. When it later came out that they guy was running away when he was shot and the firearm was unlicensed, not so much.
  9. When Gyms Reopen

    I have a very basic home setup to keep me going with weights but I seriously need some intense cardio so I will be back when gyms eventually open in Scotland. Wife told me "Don't put on all that muscle you used to have but if you looked like that guy out of fight club that would be cool." Good news is I do look like 'the guy' out of fight club, bad news is I don't think she was talking about Meatloaf
  10. Where do you buy your sups ?

    I use Bulkpowders BCAA energy as a pre workout. I don't have a lot of caffeine otherwise so possibly not strong enough for you. I got a free sample of one of their pre workouts a while back and it gave me heart palpitations,,,lol. Unfortunately, I can't remember which one it was, but they do have a 45% sale right now so it is a good time to try one.
  11. Where do you buy your sups ?

    Bulkpowders for me. Not sure what difference it makes, but whey is supposedly sourced in EU and from grass fed cows. Just make sure they have good discount on when you buy.
  12. Hows your gyn prepared ?

    100 square ft is about 3m x 3m. Maybe a little bit excessive, but bearing in mind there will be equipment in there too it doesn't seem to be too far off the mark.
  13. Where can I find a decent bench

    Not looking forward to all the Covid restrictions when gym opens so I was looking at this: https://www.powerhouse-fitness.co.uk/jetstream-mm300-fid-utility-bench-sebr2804 Doesn't look too bad for the money and says it is in stock. One problem is I only have oly plates, not sure if I will be able to use them for the leg attachments. What do you think?
  14. Connor Murphy's 40 Day fast

    Seems he is a YouTube fitness guru. IMHO, he must either be incredibly desperate for new subscribers or incredibly stupid. I'm no expert on fasting but I do remember some politically motivated fasts/hunger strikes. Ghandi never went for more than 3 weeks with his fasting protests. Bobby Sands lasted 66 days and was sent to a hospital in a critical condition well before he died there, blind and in a coma.
  15. Any natties left?

    Natty old git here. Mid 50's so I'd probably qualify for TRT on the NHS