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  1. Elephant in the room time... your 18.5 stone, are you fat? Or a mountain of lean muscle, I suspect the former in which case losing 5 stone would increase energy and free test all by itself without taking the easy option of drugs for life, as said you may have an underlying cause like under active thyroid which would cause fat gain and if you don't sort the bigger issue your just sticking a band aid on it... sorry if that seems blunt but that's how I'd be tackling this rather than trt for life!
  2. Just starting gym 3 day routine

    See next post after mine you quoted above just so you know because English isn't strong for you, it's my helpful post where I quoted OP so he got a notification I'd replied to him and offered advice and help!
  3. First cycle mistake

    Just do 2ml every seven days, don't stress!
  4. Just starting gym 3 day routine

    Seems like a lot of volume and doing the same routine tues, weds and thurs doesn't allow for recovery if you include extra days and do two or three! pick one maybe two exercises per body part and do 3x10 on each and split them into push and pull days maybe... Tuesday push, weds pull, Thursday legs, sat push, Sunday pull, decent rest between the two push days and no particular Or just push pull legs if three days with no repeats! you grow outside the gym for approx 36hrs after the session so hitting the same exercises after 24hrs isn't the cleverest imo especially twice after the first session! so chest, triceps and shoulders back, traps and biceps id also be careful with behind the neck presses and upright rows, both not so nice for shoulders and can be prone to causing injurys... keep gym to one hr ish!
  5. Just starting gym 3 day routine

    Just because you don't get it some people do and understand it, he speaks better English than most on here and also gave a constructive response! Nice helpful response from you... which was absolutely pointless!
  6. You guys clocked the date of this thread from the dead??
  7. That seems to backup at least some bro science about meal frequency from a quick skim read, good stuff! Thanks
  8. Not gaining, review my diet

    He's the one that's full of crap, eat yolks!
  9. Ramy vs Phil vs Bonac Mr. Olympia 2017

    The one on the right for me (but I don't really have any objective reason) looks leaner and the same size so he wins of those two
  10. AI dosing and reduction periods?

    Takes 5-7 days to drop e2 from experience, it's more likely your e2 is still climbing if it feels worse, don't overdose aromasin though, you'll feel god awful! Flu like! id probably have done half a tab initially assuming that's 12.5 of a 25mg tab?? Almost like a front load of sorts to get more active compound floating round and then done 1/4 tab e3d and seen where it went if you can't get bloods qbut long term when you can afford it bloods are the only way
  11. Newby to roids

    Your some kind of special, as said I'd delete or edit that sharpish!
  12. Maths question any one.

    Just ask, someone will remember something to help ya
  13. 5x5 Deadlift, back Pinged.

    Yes, yes you will! Backs are like pringles! Once you pop...
  14. Maths question any one.

    Stage A = s+4 Stage B=2s+4 Stage C=2s+2 depends if they want an answer after all the things you've done (this is stage C above) or per individual lettered questions aka above and they follow on from each other