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  1. Losing facial volume during fat loss

    In a word no, lose the fat from where your body decides, so you want the fatter face you get the fatter belly!
  2. Sphinx Cyp 200

    If you want 200mg for a cruise just get Sphinx tri-test 400 and pin 0.5ml once a week, pip free (don’t get the test400 with prop in it! Stings like a bitch!) the tri-test is so smooth I struggle to remember where I’ve pinned it the morning after, nothing, no pip, and good results!
  3. Odd one you may or may not be able to help with background - since feb I have a bulging disc that causes pins and needles in right foot and a numb calf (this has reduced since first onset) I initially got random pulsing in my quad but this has gone also have a complication with my right knee (bursitis) so same leg but haven’t trained legs for 3 months maybe been on test and deca 600/450 for 14 weeks now, in the last 6 weeks I’d say I’ve been waking up first thing and standing up it feels like all my muscles (calf muscles mainly but sometimes hips/quads/hamstrings are tight)kinda like after you get cramp you have to straighten your leg to stretch the muscle a bit, can be fairly painful for first few seconds, but then eases off and will only sometimes return after a spell of sitting down and hips then feel tight in the same way and I have to gently straighten myself up and sort myself out by gently stretching any ideas? Is is simply the fact I’m still for ages and then come to move? Just seems strange that its happened now at age forty and never before, have you ever heard of deca causing anything like this? As it’s first time I’ve ran it so long, it may be tied into my back but I think it effects both legs but I can’t say I’ve take note of one being worse than the other, could be worse on the right but I wouldn’t want to stake my life on it though any input welcome
  4. Macros v Calories

    You are indirectly counting calories anyway by going to a set of macros, up the macros you are upping calories, so as long as you are going to a set of macros your good i work to macros, I inadvertently use my fitness pal to sort them from a set calorie range and then work to the grams of each rather than calories i will add that by staying lean while growing as you say you do you are reducing the amount of muscle you can add over a set time period in my opinion but that’s upto you and your choice, but it’s not optimal for adding mass vs bulking and cutting from say 10% bulking to 16, then cut to 10 (although most that say they are 10 or below in reality aren’t!)
  5. John Burke - fat shaming

    Tbh I think lots of adults should maybe take a long hard look in lots of areas of life, but that’s there business if I’m honest so I leave well alone what I do have an issue with is fat kids, like obese round faced kids, there parents should be done for child abuse imo, kids don’t decide for the most part what to eat, or how much so I think it’s very much down to parents to control what and how much they eat
  6. Weight loss stall

    Because if you lower cals too much too soon you will then have nowhere to go with cals, whereas cardio has other benefits... not only for weight loss don’t play the calories card too soon I guess is what they are trying to say
  7. 1st cycle log 65kg to 85kg and counting

    Your still eating too much to gain 3kg in two weeks, but as I said you still have tren in your system for a good few weeks and it’ll still be building it’s levels for a week or two then it will calm down a bit cut diet back to 0.5kg a week or you’ll end up getting fat
  8. Anti gyno cycle

    I still say most of that was fat making it look worse, if it flares with sugar, it’s fat, the pea size lump you can get rid off to nothing
  9. How can I cut with ?

    Use 300mg for minimal sides and excellent muscle retention in a cut
  10. This would be tren sides to the max, will last a few weeks yet buddy as you pinned a front load of a gram and a bit this week too, just talk to her and explain you’ve done something dum and it will pass, communication is the only hope you have and will save your ass if you can be honest and she cares about you, for your part you need to try and remember it’s only the drugs causing these thoughts, ride it out!
  11. Weight loss stall

    If it’s been a week or two without losing anything dropping them by 100 is often enough to start weight loss again
  12. IFBB Bans distended gut, s.e.o's and gyno!

    So in all seriousness the original article that made me feel so happy isn’t actually a thing in reality? It probably is a rule but no one actually enforced it how most on this post it seems would like it enforced
  13. Breakfast

    Up the ai
  14. Skull-Crushers - Barbell Vs Dumbbell

    I do dumbbell French press (I think it’s called that) standing, two hands supporting a single dumbbell and press away, currently 27.5kg for 3x10 then 3xamrap with tricep pushdowns triceps haven’t ever grown so well!
  15. Grow a pair and suck it up and stop being insecure, it will drive a wedge, if you don’t ask it will probably happen as it did with other guys, the more you push the more likely she is to push back, you’ll learn one day No pun intended!