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  1. Nathan De Asha Rants

    Life’s been busy, tbh since the really hot weather I’ve been ticking over and haven’t been training due to various personal stuff occurring will start back this week
  2. Nathan De Asha Rants

    The animal kingdom do that to attract a mate... most women who aren’t primates I’ve spoken too prefer a normal body with a good amount of muscle on it, not a stage ready bodybuilders physique...
  3. How do you get shredded legs?

    Simple answer is your probably not as lean as you think, keep leaning off and training legs and they will come, felon e is probably 7-8% above, if your nowhere near that your probably nowhere near 9% in reality
  4. Sphinx tri-test 400

    Good stuff, put a stone and a half on in 4 months
  5. Tostran gel and gyno help

    Care to share studies? As I was under the impression from el chapo on here that ralox is far superior to nolva... will await the studies... but I do agree you don’t need both, one or the other as they both bond to the same site!
  6. nebido self injection

    Sorry pal but all this time you’ve been banging on about how he was a leading endo in this country, now he’s an idiot... perhaps listen to people next time before defending people based on what you think on a brighter note I wish you well with your trt and glad your sorted now
  7. Sphinx

    I wouldn’t put it anywhere near my arms bud! You won’t be doing much for 3-4 days, I limped for 3-4 days in a quad
  8. 0.5 eod and 20mg nolva would be fine
  9. Sphinx

    Pip free
  10. Sphinx

    That stuff is snake venom, but is legit, the prop will kill for three days plus you want no prop test 400 which is lovely and smooth
  11. Search is your friend... but for your benefit and cos I’m nice, he gets asked about sust for trt loads throughout, tbh it’s worth reading from cover to cover! It’s a good read!
  12. I’m so gonna get a speeding ticket!

    It shall be done oh wise one! Donnington is gonna be first up so far I’ve chucked it round a National speed limit big island at 55 and I lost my bottle before it lost grip, you simply can’t use the grip on normal roads as you never know what’s coming or what’s around the corner, I shall be taking it and spanking it’s arse in the Peak District a fair bit on national speed limit roads that, gotta take it up via gellia for shits and giggles! Most fun!
  13. I’m so gonna get a speeding ticket!

    If your local I’d pick you up xx
  14. I’m so gonna get a speeding ticket!

    Tbh it’s low enough already, stiff enough and I reckon I lose my bottle before it starts to complain round bends, exhaust is just nice without being obtrusive, I don’t think I’ll spend anything on it other than maybe some nice rubber for a spare set of rims for the track and some decent pads, maybe mintex or Ferodo ds2500
  15. I’m so gonna get a speeding ticket!

    Sorry I forgot this is Ukm and you must drive a Ferrari