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  1. decent labs and what to avoid these days

    Rohm used to be legendary but then the fakes came add that with the time I trusted their PCT product to do the trick, which didn't go great ... a brand ill be staying clear of I think.
  2. decent labs and what to avoid these days

    just checked out pharmacoms website looks pretty good, do you stil get alpha pharma or have they gone? Also do you get UK resellers of pharmacom or are they all based elsewhere in Europe?
  3. decent labs and what to avoid these days

    good or bad or what?
  4. decent labs and what to avoid these days

    yeah its been a while bud and ya know life just seems of having a strange way of working itself out - be good and good things come your way or something to that effect lol
  5. all right fellas/ladies, it's been a while, forums totally changed since I was last here, madness... Anyway, pretty much as title suggests. Is there any labs I should be aware of (the good and the bad) whilst I'm on the hunt...
  6. At my gym we have these yellow pin bins all over the place and i just cant understand why? Why would people be pinning up in the gym? Even test suspension and other pre workouts are meant to be done between half hour and 45mins before gym. So im just wondering do you pin at the gym and why? Because from my knowledge i cant see good reason to? Or maybe im missing out on something? I dont know. Thoughts?