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  1. No more smartphone app?

    Why have you guys not grown up.
  2. Is there no longer an app that supports smartphones for this forum. I remember tapatalk used too but no longer does. Shame.
  3. Nah to be honest I've done most my research by my self. Not really relied on the forum. There are some helpful people. I don't see why you guys always rant. You're supposed to be an adult. Anyways, and well I don't know how to interprete BLOODS DO I hence I asked. And the bad bloods, hence I'm asking how to improve. Fkn jeeeeze.
  4. He's never actually offered me any advice regardless the situation.
  5. I wish you had something relevant to say in your life .
  6. For being just off cycle or..
  7. Appreciate the advice but I'm not going to come off anytime soon. Just wanted a bit more insight into the bloods.
  8. I've cycled on and off since 17, never done PCT as felt the need not too, cruised there and here, I had an injury this year so was forced to come off as was in hospital for a while etc. To be honest, I wanted my cholesterol etc checked but doc was having none off it. So looks like I'll have to go private to get results
  9. Is prolactin etc in range they were supposed to do full test but mustn't off ..
  10. This is what I thought!!! Isn't the NHS levels 8-30 or something ??? And mine is well below, the doc said they'll come try see my levels if I'm in range for trt. Can anyone tag any more experienced people ? Thanks
  11. Yes, just want my blood elaborated on. These results are from stopping.
  12. Hi everyone. Decided I'd get bloods to see what's going on. This is 2 months later after no PCT. cruising ATM. Can antine elaborate. Doc thinks they're ok... Had heavily used tren etc.