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  1. Anyone got a turbo trainer??

    Yeah... I suppose it's just as easy to piss off car drivers in the rain than it is when it's sunny
  2. 5x5 Deadlift, back Pinged.

    I had similar situation. Turned out I perforated a disc (diagnosed by a very reputable sports physio). Felt like someone had tasered me in the back half way through a rep (on a relevantly light weight). When I thought back though I had jarred my back on a step about a week before, so had obviously weakened it then. Sounds bad but was back to limited training within 3-4 weeks and full training in about 6 iirc. If anything the physio gave me the confidence to train much sooner than I would have done off my own back (pun intended). Edit: I should add that I've know other people take much longer to get back to training than I did... maybe I'm just awesome, or maybe it just didn't go as bad as it has with others
  3. Anyone got a turbo trainer??

    The world is a beautiful place regardless of weather... just gotta embrace it.
  4. Anyone got a turbo trainer??

    No such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes (unless you're in Florida maybe lol).
  5. Where to find a good girl?

    You sound like a right belter mate. Obsessing over this and that... I mean you're basicaly saying anyone on tinder is a slag... when you're on fu**ing tinder Finding a life long partner is akin to finding a best mate... no one ever goes out trying to find a new best mate, you just click with someone, it just happens. So I'd say if you're seraching for 'the one' then just stop. Que Sera Sera and all that.
  6. Site specific growth?

    1) The dude looks like absolute shite, and 2) he sounds like mutley. Even mentions at being at the "Top of your game"... f**k off. What a cvnt
  7. So basically... it's just a bit of a s**t lasagna right?
  8. Burger king v mc donalds v kentucky

    need to get your conk tested mate.
  9. It's really up to you what you choose to do. You do only get one life and only young once. What you need to think about is what you'd regret more... not tasting a bit of fresh fanny or her finding out... your call.
  10. Burger king v mc donalds v kentucky

    KFC Zinger Stacker is fu**ing epic when they do that... washed down with a pot of their chicken gravy! Plus I get discount from KFC. Double cheesburger from Mcdonalds is a great post work out snack too. I like them all to be fair though, just depends on my mood. Never get people that say it make them feel shitty... I just put it down to food snobbery. Either that or they must be rocking the most finely tuned physique know to man if a bit of meat and bread makes them feel ill.
  11. I agree with @Ultrasonic... you're being too hard on yourself. Form the perspective of losing fat, yes maybe you could have got quicker results... but that would probably have been at the sacrifice of strength and muscle. Doing what you are doing means once you're down to your goal you'll be in great condition to push on with a good foundation. I bang on about it, but the most important factor in any sort of training is consistency, not from tweaking here and there... just keep it up and you'll get there. You're sensible approach to diet and training is much more mature than most who have been training for only 4 months.
  12. The website you linked to is an article by a non medical professional that appears to include affiliate marketing links for testosterone testing kits, i.e. he makes money from people buying tests after reading his article. I'm not saying the numbers in the tables are incorrect or everything he says is rubbish, but in science numbers mean nothing to the layman, it's how they are interpreted... and in this instance the person you're relying on for that interpretation quite possibly has an agenda. From the simplistic age/average point though that's sort of irrelevant, as I'm pretty sure everyone agrees testosterone levels decrease with age, and therefore it's logical to say there will be more older men at the bottom of the range than younger guys... but that isn't the same as saying it's automatically bad to have the testosterone levels of an 80 year old. That may sound an odd thing to say, but there are plenty of other blood markers you wound flinch about being the same as an average 80 year old. To save me typing it, the web page you linked to even says: "What’s an optimal T level, you ask? Great question. The answer is: “It depends.” Every man is different, so their level of optimal testosterone will be different, too. For some men, a testosterone level of 600 ng/dl will make them feel great, while other men need to be around 800 ng/dl in order to experience the benefits of optimal T." - (I would add though that optimal is obviously also a subjective point). So many people now simply look at a chart like you linked to and self diagnose as being low on testosterone without any other knowledge and proclame that GP's and even endocrinologists don't know what they are talking about. You seem to have done a bit more research than usual though, so fair play. It's interesting that you also talk about finding a 'fix', by that I'm presuming you mean TRT, yet a) you haven't implemented that fix, and b ) I think personally I'd be more interesting in finding the reason why you're experiencing low testosterone symptoms and trying to address it from that angle. That is of course if eradicating low testosterone symptoms is your motivation... it's it's getting hench then crack on mate. I believe PCT can vary depending how you attack it mentally. I know people who feel fine though PCT (and the period after where testosterone will be generally be low). Is this something in their makeup, or is the fact they don't approach it worrying and thinking they are going to feel emotional or low on energy or drive... I don't know, but I would say attacking it positively rather than negativity can't be a bad idea.
  13. Looks like you're question's been pretty much answered. But that bit in bold above is just utter bs. Reason I'm bringing it up is because if you have that sort attitude you'll end up finding PCT 10x harder than what it should be. Loads of young blokes are walking around with test levels that level and are loving life blissfully unaware.
  14. How would you invest £100k cash

    If you pick right then I think cars are a good option. Something like a Jaguar E Type or Ferrari Testarossa is only ever going to go up in value (more than any ISA) and it's something you can enjoy on the odd occasion. These have been going up in value for a while though so with a bit of thought you could find much better future classics that could make you a nice wedge over 10 years or so. If you had enough space, filling a small warehouse with things like Saxo VTS's, Clio 172/182's, Nissan 350/370z, Civic Type R's, Mazda RX8's, e46 M3's, Mitsubishi Evo's, WRX STI's etc would be a nice earner over 10 years too.
  15. Can't decide which program

    I'm making a presumption here that you're not seriously ripped... like 8/9% bf or lower. Worrying about switching from 1950 - 2500 cals! Seriously mate, you're thinking way too much about this. As for program, again, it doesn't really matter... ppl, 5*5, 1/2 body workouts.... just do whatever you prefer. They key is sticking to it and making progress (steady progress).