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  1. delete account

    Lee, we've come to know & love you... Baby, please don't go.
  2. A reminisce of members gone by

    Uriel..... Made out he'd shagged that girl from Cardiff, who alleges she was a stripper.
  3. What's on your bucket list, fellas?

    Three women get together for coffee and the topic of conversation turns to contraception. The first woman says "We've used the rythm method for years. The Holy Father approves of it and its surprisingly effective - it's only ever failed us twice" The second woman says "Holy Father, Shmoly Father. We don't go for all that pious claptrap. We've always used the pill. It's easy, it doesn't rob us of our pleasure and it's only ever failed us once" The third woman says We've always used the plate and bucket method. My husband and I met in the army and it was hard to get any private time with each other so we'd usually hide out in a closet somewhere. My husband, being shorter than me, would have to stand on a bucket. When I'd see his eyes get as big and round as plates I'd kick the bucket out from under him. It's never failed us."
  4. Taking Steroids to Saudi Arabia

    No mate, that was just a misunderstanding.
  5. Taking Steroids to Saudi Arabia

    Great post mate.... No probs taking gear there, as it's readily available in supermarkets. If you have any problems, go ask a Mutawa - the fair & friendly Police, if they know. Bottle of Voddy as an incentive will help alot. Have fun & don't lose your head.
  6. TRT 1st bloods

    Is she a doctor with a proper medical degree?
  7. Heart pain

    Do you really feel the pain 'in your heart' ? If you do, & because you've had Rheumatic Fever, I recommend seeing your doc asap.
  8. A reminisce of members gone by

    Anyone remember Dinogoesrawr? Wanted to sell a penis extender. Really odd guy.... And then, there was Aceofspades...... And later....Laurieloz.......... But what happened to @Mildo Or...Misspinky.....think she was related to Skype, both of 'em a bit strident.
  9. Windows 7 vs Windows 10

    The general layout & the Tiles. Maybe though I would have liked it in time, but it seems so unnecessarily different. Trouble started with the invention of that bloody printing press - damn you Gutenberg!
  10. Windows 7 vs Windows 10

    Hated w10, so deleted & installed w7.
  11. Gear makes me want to cheat on my girl

    Are you living together? Engaged? If not & she went on holiday without you, then your relationship isn't serious. But, don't cheat unless you can live with the consequences.
  12. A reminisce of members gone by

    Ausbuilt - where did he go? Advocated rather large aas doses though..... Wonder how his 'accommodating' gf is?
  13. Bruce Forsyth RIP - Didnt he do well

    Loved Brucie....always seemed genuine.
  14. Who kidnapped ghost.recon and ElChapo?

    He made a comment about Vegetables not being necessary & taking supplements instead was just as good. I objected to this in a polite & non-confrontational way. My post was removed. And as Tricky mentioned, aas was allegedly being shifted through here.... However, some of his posts were very knowledgeable.