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  1. "I take responsibility" Taking responsibility for factors that are beyond one`s control is naive at best and arrogant at worst. How can an individual be responsible for events that have taken place before they were alive or events carried out by parties that are outside of that individual`s influence. We can all ensure that we treat each other with respect and hope that this will cause a ripple effect and improve our societies; but we also need to recognise the limits of our actions. These self serving posturings by celebrities are more likely to hinder race relations than help them.
  2. Plump woman loses weight

    She`s letting her sisters down by yielding to social pressure to abide by acceptable body image culture. How could she;why can`t she think of her poor fellow ladies who just cant help but be obese. Why should they be forced to see someone overcome their vices and take control over themselves and achieve desirable goals. (fairplay to her)
  3. Most guys fit these to their cars to attract attention. Most of the ladies I know think that they make them appear to be [email protected]
  4. Recommended peptide labs

    Which peptides are you wishing to use?
  5. What’s them thingys called?

    Are these for people with weak wrists ?
  6. How much is sunshine worth?

    I still hate rain though
  7. How much is sunshine worth?

    I love sunshine but totally agree with this. Its one thing to be able to lounge around in the heat but a completely other to work in it. I guess the pull of our native country is strong enough to help us endure our less than stellar climate.
  8. This is likely to be reality for many people; unfortunately I believe we are only going to see the true affect of this in the first quarter of next year.
  9. Being pedantic, but that isn`t "becoming rich"; thats "always being rich "
  10. Two secrets to becoming rich. 1. Work your ass off. 2. Be clever enough to steal it without getting caught.
  11. I’ve messed up need help

    Ideally have a read of Swole`s thread. As you are determined to go ahead then yes just run Test only cycle and gain what you can. Stuff going on getting in the way of your diet simply means that you need to plan ahead better and do more research. Still a lesson learnt and be sure you are far from the first person to f*ck things up with AAS; pretty much everyone has, at least to some extent.
  12. I’ve messed up need help

    What sort of reaction? You couldn`t walk or it was painful to walk? Was it post injection pain, swelling ? I think you need to look at this a bit more before considering jumping on to other AAS.
  13. Mast, Proviron. Tren may increase your drive but then it may inhibit orgasm. Nothing worse than increased drive with no means of release.
  14. Ethyl Oleate

    If you have used highly concentrated gear then it is very likely that you have injected E.O. before.