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  1. Camping

    @lancs_lad Cracking Landscape shot mate . Got me wanting to venture out.
  2. Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    Experts in "psuedo science" ? F*ck me , your are truly trolling. Highly trained and experienced experts in interrogation do not rely on pseudo science. I didn't mention Bill or Trump: you are straw manning to support your argument. Being involved in trafficking includes using the person who has been trafficked, i.e. being the "customer" I doubt Prince Andrew has ever had to dirty his hands with the work of actually having to traffic anyone,: He has others do this for him. "Read all of it" ? You make claims that there are "grey areas " I agree with some of your points but was criticising the points that to me were incorrect. I am simply pointing that out some experts are pretty sure that there is evidence that Prince Andrew is culpable
  3. Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    Err.. I did read what you wrote. This is not a "grey area" Remember the full age of consent in USA is 18. And trafficking is a crime irrespective of age I doubt the Prince will ever have to appear in the court due to his privileged position but I am pretty sure that the majority of people have him down as guilty.
  4. Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    Mmm? These professionals would beg to differ:
  5. GTFIH?! (if you salary's circa £35k)

    Those pictures are photo-shopped and badly. Why would you pay someone to photo-shop your pictures to make you look worse? Yes there is money to be made for these girls but its a short career and there are going to be regretful coincidences.
  6. Camping

    Tomshoo Titanium cooking pots and mugs look excellent; I have been looking at a lot of reviews of their stuff and plan to buy some my next Bicycle trip.
  7. Fragrance

    You need to find fragrances that work for you, we all have different skin chemistry so simply using a fragrance that someone else recommends is a waste of time. Price is irrelevant : I used to use a cheap deodorant from a superstore " Spice Ginger" and got more compliments and reactions than when I wore expensive EDT and fragrances. There is simply so much hype with designer fragrances.
  8. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    Yes and you need to move immediately when you get the notification, they are likely to be sold out in a matter of minutes.
  9. Not satisfied with urine results

    Ask for a second opinion, explain why you are concerned. They are obliged to do this and I doubt they will be awkward over it. If you have problems find out which Doctor actually runs the practice and ask them to help.
  10. Its not the years of B&C that cause you to be less responsive to AAS; it`s simply age.
  11. 19 days without a drink, just caved in.

    Not sure why you are being hard on yourself. You have shown yourself that having a drink is a choice rather than a compulsion. Try again, if you manage 26 days then that`s an improvement; if abstinence is your goal. I have a highly addictive addictive personality, but have managed to overcome addictions in the past. (We are always addicts , its just a matter of controlling the addiction. ) If it is always a choice then there isn`t really a problem. One thing to keep in mind is that if at any time you can`t remember the last day you did not have a drink its time to be worried.
  12. Magic mushrooms - psilocybin

    I remember that well. Enhanced awareness: that`s probably why the authorities hate them so much.
  13. Magic mushrooms - psilocybin

    Yes they grow here , but the law has become a lot stricter, if you go to well known spots don`t be surprised if you come across the Police. Once again a natural plant has been classed as illegal. The fear and hysteria over mushrooms is ridiculous , psychedelics offer more benefits than risks. A responsible and well informed approach can be very rewarding, both for fun and enlightenment. A bad trip is simply being presented with thoughts and realisations about yourself that you should face up to and overcome rather than hiding from. Best way to prepare them is to dry them and powder them up, they can be stored easy like this. Heating them reduces the potency, but tea is an easy and palatable way of consuming them. I`m getting all nostalgic thinking of them now.
  14. Switching ISP?

    They will bend over backwards if you say you are leaving when its near to the end on the contract. I was with Virgin for a year they were simply the cheapest for Fibre at the time,the service was satisfactory; but they then wanted to nearly double the price. for the next year. I found a good deal with Vodaphone with a Gift card for £150 with Amazon thrown in so I went over to them. Virgin did offer to keep the original price when I cancelled but they had p1ssed me off by then . They then took ages to stop taking payments even though to the contract was cancelled in good time for the expiry. I will not be using them again.