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  1. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    One thing that I hope we do learn from this is that it was a really stupid idea to cut funding on scientific research into diseases. Have people seen the Joe Rogan podcast with Michael Osterholm ? We could have been much better prepared for this. Blaming any particular country for the Virus is just ignorant, I doubt the source will ever be determined.
  2. So we're stuck at home- haircuts

    Do my own with clippers. Lots of good videos on Youtube; its pretty easy if you just want something fairly basic. Just take your time and dont rush it.
  3. Melanotan 2 information

    Depends on your skin type, if you tan fairly easily anyway then it will be beneficial. I ran some M2 early in the year March / April a few years ago, we were having quite a bit of sunshine and I tan easily anyway. I sat out with my top off for a few hours a day and got a really good tan; so much that people were asking where I had just been on holiday .
  4. Believe me it isn`t any blessing; libido through the roof and limited ability to achieve relief.
  5. How many cycles have you run so far? What doses are you considering? As Sasnak says Nandrolone would be a good option. As to" Deca dick" this is very much down to the individual and dose dependant . Masteron has its uses but is expensive and not much of a mass builder, more of a conditioning/finishing compound. It can help with Tren side effects but isn`t a complete fix, I can still get prolactin issues when using Mast alongside Tren. I would recommend trying Deca at a moderate dose, Test and Deca are a classic combination for good reason.
  6. Borrowing it, selling bonds to banks and despite what they say there are always reserves, its just a matter of what a government deems as worth spending money on. This has their backs against the wall, but rest assured the true expense will fall on the lower earning sector of our population with increased taxes and further austerity once the epidemic has been overcome.
  7. Hilarious: Pointless post. Don`t you know anything about business ? A golden rule is to encourage return customers.
  8. Exactly; when people claim that their opinions are based on scientific evidence they need to reference the scientific studies, or its just " a bloke down the pub told me that...."
  9. Trust as regards to what ? possible virus infection?? , unlikely, the virus will not survive in a dry powder, it has a limited life on organic surfaces that hold moisture. Pretty much all the UGL in this country have been and will be using Chinese Raws, China is the main source for low priced raws. Why are you suddenly concerned about this?
  10. Peptide noob

    A saturation dose of GHRP and Mod GRF will be about £1.20
  11. Peptide noob

    Take your time and read Pscarb`s guide carefully, everything you need to know is there. Its worth investing the time to fully understand what these peptides entail in order to gain the benefits from them. Also have a look at related threads, there is a lot of good information here on this forum.
  12. Peptide for muscle repair?

    https://www.healthline.com/health/inversion-therapy There are inversion tables that offer a gentle decompression of the spine, inversion racks are a more advanced form where the individual hangs from a bar using "gravity boots" that are attached around their ankles. You need to research the risks as well as the benefits, there can be issues with some pre-existing conditions. I have a rack made by Teeter, they aren`t cheap but I have had mine for 18 years now and the boots are still fine. There are cheaper options available, I saw some pretty good boots on amazon that can be used on a cross bar on a power rack. I have not had any problems using inversion , I even have slightly elevated blood pressure (age related) and haven't had any issues.
  13. TB-500 and BPC-157 - Coronavirus?

    As far as I am aware no one knows the affect of anti-inflammatory s on Corona virus symptoms. I guess it will be a matter of balancing pre-existing conditions against any potential risk; best determined on an individual basis by medically qualified professionals.
  14. Will there be a food shortage?

    I can`t see there being a food shortage , once the initial panic is over and the "preppers" have stocked up the supply chain will adjust and accommodate demand. If you look at the actual stuff that has sold out, its all the long shelf life stuff, plenty of fresh groceries in the shops I go to. I am glad that stores have finally brought in some restrictions on the amount that people can buy each visit. This should have happened more quickly. Not everyone has spare cash to stock up months of food. It`s a sad reflection on human nature when people are so easily spooked.
  15. Will there be a food shortage?

    @ Veteran