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  1. Ghrp + cjc hgh release

    If you compare them to true pharmaceutical HGH then they do work out cheaper per iu. 100mcg of ModGRF and 100 mcg GHRP is £1.30 Compare this to Norditropin . Sure, if compared to generic HGH they dont look as good price wise, but then generics arent guaranteed to be dosed correctly. Then there are the health issues, the pulsative release gained from peptides is less suppressive and acts in a more harmonious way than exogenous HGH. HGH secretagogues also have the advantage of increasing endogenous "HGH" which is a more complete chain of aminos with a more comprehensive improving effect. Although you are limited to how much your pituitary can produce in a day.
  2. Modafinil Shortage?

    I would start with 100mg , I usually take 200mg these days. Although as little as 50 mg can be useful as a pick up. I find it a very useful compound , increases alertness and focus without making me wired. I can still sleep if I use it during the day. It acts very differently from most stimulants.
  3. Modafinil Shortage?

    There are at least two reliable suppliers that are easy to find . overseas source but I have never had a problem receiving orders from them.
  4. How was the universe created?

    But what created the intelligent mind ? How long did it wait before creating the universe ? And what was it doing before that?
  5. How was the universe created?

    Trying to find the answer is like trying to retrieve a coin that has been lost down the back of a sofa: as we move the cushions to find the coin , it falls further away from our grasp.
  6. How was the universe created?

    What does it all mean? Why are we here? , are we really here? I believe the latest theory is that the big bang (ooh err missus) is a recurring event with the Universes continuously expanding and contracting. My opinion is that the explanation is simply beyond the human races comprehension; I doubt we will ever know.
  7. Some Steroids are definitely more suppressive than others.
  8. Trump doesnt want the votes counting

    Well if Biden wins we will all be safe, as apparently he knows exactly how to overcome the Covid pandemic . This has been his main campaigning message. I look forward to him curing us all
  9. Prostasia test cyp

    Am I the only who`s immediate thought when reading Prostasia was "Prostate" ?
  10. Hostel movie series

    If you think of all the people that go missing every year in all countries and the Dark web then it is unfortunately very believable that operations like this exist. Watched them a few years ago and some of the scenes still come back to me. The first one is best, then as usual, the later ones become increasingly derivative.