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  1. Its Test P , it has a blue tint as opposed to the more" green" green of Tren. As godsgifttoearth states the Raw Tren powder should be yellow. I can see why you are questioning it. Test usually has more of a red tint under normal light IME. (Could be just the light source you are using)
  2. Shoulder Pains

    If these are O.K. then do DB chest press. Look for "Healthy shoulders" exercises,
  3. finding a father figure at 22?

    CBT will most likely involve planning and sticking to a routine. I would suggest reading Dr Jordan Peterson`s Books. "Twelve Rules For Life: An antidote to Chaos." and "Beyond order: Twelve More Rules For Life: " They aren`t just self help books. He addresses your point that "I feel like in our generation most fathers are either absent or not masculine enough so many men are forced to look to others for guidance" This is one of the reason that he wrote these books. Another thing that will help is to read biographies of successful men or watch documentaries and interviews. Joe Rogan`s JRE isn`t a bad place to start. Learning a martial art would also be a good idea. Discipline , fitness and self respect.
  4. Need a new series to watch

    Thanks Kazza, just watched it; hysterical, Bob Odenkirk is such a good actor for parts like this.
  5. What’s your waist size chaps

    That`s a rude question ATM after all this lockdown malarky.
  6. You won £10 Million. What would you do?

    One thing I would do is buy a small farm and get someone good to run it so I would have a reliable healthy known source of food for myself and others I care for. Build a sustainable house and travel.
  7. Food sources?

    Carbs : Sweet potato Protein : Beef Fat : Cashew Butter Snacks : Doritos
  8. How does a variable rate mortgage work?

    Oh yes, the whole negative equity nightmare. Thankfully that is all a thing of the past for me now. Cant trust a fat banker further than one can throw them.
  9. How does a variable rate mortgage work?

    Oh right , wasn`t such a thing as a tracker when I chose my mortgage , choice was endowment or interest only IIRC . Mine then turned into an offset mortgage; not sure if they still exist. One thing that has improved vastly with mortgages is the degree of flexibility , not that I trust banks at all these days having been ripped off.
  10. How does a variable rate mortgage work?

    A variable mortgage will follow the current base rate plus a percentage. So the most important thing is the additional percentage levied on your mortgage. My mortgage was base rate +0 .25 % which was an excellent deal until Prudential decided to rip me off approx £23000 due to the crash in 2008, I had an endowment mortgage which should have been the ideal choice had the banks not decided to shaft the country and the Government to then bend over and bail the cnuts out. My endowment "fell short" by £23000. So with an interest only it will be base which is currently 0.1% plus whatever the lender want to charge . Mortgages have to be much more flexible these days so it should be easy to swap to a better deal if the one you choose turns out to be unsuitable .
  11. HRH Phil the Greek condolence page

    I cant say I care too much for the Royal family and its hardly sad living until one is 99 years old, a good 19 years older than can be expected. One thing I will say for him is that he was entertaining and a bit bonkers which is what the Royals should be, how can you stay in touch with reality when you are living that life.
  12. I think he will get a manslaughter charge or whatever their equivalent is over there with the lightest custodial sentence possible . They have to make a token effort to try and avoid rioting; although there is likely to be trouble after the sentencing anyway. What the officer did wasn`t right, but then George Floyd wasn`t exactly a saint.
  13. Pork - Good Value

    Pork is often found in the reduced section and is marked down well as a fair few people wont or cant eat it due to their believes. My favourite is with a sweet sour sauce .
  14. wasted so much of my life being depressed.

    Also watch as much of Jordan`s presentations and podcasts as possible.