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  1. How dangerous is muay thai?

    Ive been doing muay thai for a little over a year now and ive started to love it so much i want to start competing in tournaments etc. but after seeing some stuff on the internet about the dangers of muay thai ive start to think twice about it, i dont know what to think anymore, i mean i don't mind an early grave if it means doing what i love now but i just don't want to get to be in my mid 30's having to be taken care off because of a head injury which caused me to forget everything :/ i dont want to be a nuisance to the people around me thats all. Im only 26 at the moment but i dream of opening up my own gym one day and i can only do that if i have experience in the ring. I see fighters like Buakaw and guys like Jayy Tonkins (who is my age) and i just feel so inspired, but then i read threads online about how dangerous it is and it just makes me miserable. So anyway, how dangerous is it? Is the danger of it overhyped? Because from all the times i go training i never feel danger, even when i sparr against big guys, its just fun for me and i dont want to have to give it up in the fear of fatal injuries thanks