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  1. 1 hour ago, STINK said:

    I inject prescribed Sustanon and I have injected Nebido. My Dr had me do an online 'course' it only took half an hour and was designed for those who are Diabetic or who need injections for Chrones disease etc....


    I feel good on TRT however I feel great when I add in HCG. My energy goes up and my sex drive comes back.

    Sounds great, I may look into adding HCG at some point, are you still under Mike at BMH?

  2. 4 hours ago, Mingster said:

    As I've patiently explained to you several times I don't have a problem with you.

    You've taken gear for 15 years. It's hardly surprising you test levels are low. It could take 2-3 years to reach a mid-test range following such usage. It took me over two years following a similar aas history. Been off 2 years so not the case 

    You don't qualify for trt but there's no reason you can't run a mild cycle and see how you feel. This isn't trt. TRT is replacing natty levels. A natty level is somewhere between 40mg and 70mg a week. I don't qualify under the NHS but I do qualify under ISSAM guidelines. If I didn't qualify I wouldn't of been prescribed. It IS TRT!

    With your extensive aas history a mild cycle of 125-200mg a week should be well within your capability. Give it three months and see how your body reacts. But bear in mind my advice during our PM's. If you want to minimize any further issues be careful adding extra's to your cycle. When you start to use more drugs to counter the side effects of other drugs your body is telling you something. Ok I agree 

    As to the point of this thread...It's only common sense to suggest that a medical professional is the person best suited to inject someone during a medical procedure. I'm not saying you or me or anyone can't do it safely. We just can't do it as well. I can do it better, half of them don't know what there doing TBH, do you ever see them aspirate? 



  3. 7 hours ago, RRSUK said:

    I'd say the average steroid user has more experience doing IM jabs than a nurse.

    Its unlikely to be a daily routine for a nurse much more IV, SQ or canulating. 

    Plus most IM will be delt, possibly quad or glute but 9/10 just delt. Also 9/10 it will be water based as opposed to oil based, b12 or vaccinations and such.

    I much prefer my own technique as apposed to a nurse and suffer less PIP when doing myself.

    This exactly!!!

    Well Said...

  4. 4 minutes ago, big vin said:

    I been on trt for 6 years I used to always inject myself with sustanon my gp knew about it was not concerned at all . I think the doctors practice was happy me doing it ad it saved them money by having a nurse do it .

    I switched to nebido and started having the nurse do it as it's a lot thicker substance and have to do 4ml at a time i would rather have the nurse do that for me in my buttock.

    Tell @Mingster in my other thread he was adamant nobody ever would be allowed to self inject themselves. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Mully said:

    Tbh I don't  pin there, one of the worst places for veins IMO. Sub Q might not be that much of a bad idea, tho I would only be doing about .5ml a time in that case. If its an issue getting them to do it, get you own and do it youself, I would

    I am allowed to jab myself,, thats why these boys are up in arms, they are all jelous or something calling me a liar ... Its my nightly entertainment now

  6. 5 minutes ago, Mully said:

    Hes probs not pinning often if its just TRT hes doing. Could alternate left cheek right cheek. Even shoulders if needs be there pretty safe too. I personally would do it myself to avoid the inconvience of having to go through to see the doc

    lol, not mingsters watch 


    Its a simple quad jab. You can even do sub Q now days. No problems

  7. Just now, Mingster said:

    You know best. 

    But you haven't tried sust trt. I'm a little surprised you started multiple threads asking basic questions when you are so experienced.



    7 minutes ago, Mingster said:

    You know best. 

    But you haven't tried sust trt. I'm a little surprised you started multiple threads asking basic questions when you are so experienced.


    Took sust many times on blast and cruise 

  8. Just now, Mingster said:

    No one can inject themselves as well as a medical professional.

    Do you pull your own teeth or stitch yourself up? Both procedures are fairly simple.

    Oh my god listen to yourself. Its ok when your sticking a gram of test and tren up your a*rse


    How is injecting half a mil difficult. Intramuscular injections are a piece of cake. 


    I understand some people might not be comfortable with it. But those that are won't have a problem if done correctly. Get off your high horse mate

  9. 1 minute ago, Rockstar61811 said:

    I think you guys are being a little harsh here - diabetics self inject so just because he is self injecting doesn't make it wrong or not proper. 

    Sustanon instructions advise transgender treatment at 1ml every 2 weeks and trt at 1ml every 3 weeks but can try 2 weeks or as directed (so they leave it open a bit). 


    Someone with sense at last