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  1. Seems like it could be hard to diagnose the problem then.
  2. I know. Sorry but you haven't read all the comments from previous threads where ive been made out to be a liar. But calling someone a Tw*t is just as bad if not worse to be honest. #TRTcrew
  3. In your case yes as its a 4ml glute jab of Nebido once every 12 weeks. I would do the same!
  4. Testosterone is supposed to help with anxiety and depression!
  5. Sounds great, I may look into adding HCG at some point, are you still under Mike at BMH?
  6. Is this why your against other users self injecting, because you are medically trained and want to justify it? #TRTcrew
  7. This exactly!!! Well Said...
  8. Ok. Not another word from me. I just don't like being called a liar. I think everyone has had there say now so we can all move on. #TRTcrew
  9. Tell @Mingster in my other thread he was adamant nobody ever would be allowed to self inject themselves.
  10. Not my Dr, these lot are looking for constant excuses to bring me down.
  11. I am allowed to jab myself,, thats why these boys are up in arms, they are all jelous or something calling me a liar ... Its my nightly entertainment now
  12. Pharmacy does not Dr
  13. Its a simple quad jab. You can even do sub Q now days. No problems
  14. For TRT for life yes. What is your problem with me Mingster?