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  1. Does this fill you with Disgust or Delight?

    All of it please.
  2. Blood & Guts

    Still got it on video.
  3. Funny as fvck

  4. White lives matter

    I'm pretty sure if the person was white and had tweeted black lives don't matter they'd be out of a job by now.
  5. I'd love to do this

    Mate of my dad's did that in the 80's. Took the back seats out of a VW Beetle and put a Porshe engine in it.
  6. Madeline McCann

    I reckon the parents committed the perfect crime and have got away with murder. Now a German is in the frame they must be chuckling away to themselves thinking they've gone and fooled everyone.
  7. MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

  8. Running

    You always run towards oncoming traffic. You can then see/dodge anything that might happen. Running in the same direction as the traffic is a bit silly. This other runner is a [email protected]
  9. Luke sandoe dead at 30

    Wtf. Have been watching those live feeds on FB. Now he just tops himself. Strange world we live in. Probably goes to show just how fragile someone's mind can be.
  10. Can you run?

    Silver shadow weren't the best, adequate for those too tight to buy decent trainers to run in. They were a big step up from the white daps I was issued in 1985 though. They were proper road slappers!!
  11. Can you run?

    The price of a decent pair of trainers these days I'll give running a miss
  12. Our Key Workers

    Just wait, there is talk of giving all of these NHS workers the George medal for bravery!!!! Probably just fake news though.
  13. Thor 501kg deadlift

    He's gonna attempt 530kg. Good luck to him.
  14. List Your Favourite Movies Of All Time

    The Thing An American Werewolf In London Rambo:First Blood The Evil Dead Jaws Dead man's shoes Top Gun Any carry on film All the Monty Pythons
  15. £50 postage outside of Redditch.