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  1. Same, got the t-shirt and wouldn't go back. At first it's good but you soon get drawn into it without noticing. Mrs said my mood completely changed when I changed careers and was more relaxed etc. I hadn't noticed a change at all
  2. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Great playlist..... s**t mobility, I'm no better tho
  3. Acid reflux

    If I remember right you drink daily? I used to be on omeprezole when I drunk daily but now I've cut back to mostly weekends only (before this Covid anyway) it went away and now I don't need to take anything
  4. Omega 3 with DHA and EPA

    I eat very little fish, have ordered the Nordic one listed above off Amazon. £30 delivered but should last 3 months at the recommended dose giving 1.4g combined dose
  5. Hair transplant

    @Jamiewilliamsss Looking at cosmedica too, what package did you go for? Seen you had s**t hot results from them if I remember right?
  6. Hair transplant

    Looking into going to turkey for a hair transplant later this year, I know a few on here have done it so looking for your experiences? How long after does the bruising and swelling last? When you can start to cut / shave your head after treatment. I am looking atnpossibly using longevita is anyone has heard anything about them? Any input at all really would be beneficial
  7. DC training

    Ever looked into fortitude? Very customisable and high hiintensity. Training every body part 3/4 times per week depending on how you set it up.
  8. What annoys you guys in the gym ?

    People insisting of speaking to you or attempting to when you've head phones in and clearly in the middle of a workout Just smile, nod your head then f**k off
  9. AirFryer or Actifry

    I have an actifry, use it daily. As said no use for cooking more than one thing but I use mine for chicken, burgers, potato, meatballs, chips. Good bit of kit. If buying one get one that has a drip try in the bottom, if. It the food sits in its own fat and doesn't go crispy Edit - Tefal easy fry is what I use and would recommend
  10. Watches

    That is nice!! I totally agree with the reasons for buying the watch. If and when I decide to buy one it will be for daily wear and will have no intention of selling it on. I may only one decent watch worth that sort of money so need to make sure it's the right one.
  11. Watches

    Looking into buying my first decent watch..... I quite like the tag aquaracer. Still convincing myself it's a good idea and the one I 100% want before going ahead
  12. All you bikers

    Get a 750 / 1000. Had a 600rr before, great bike but wish it had a bit more power. Initially you'll love it and youll get used to the power and wish you had a little more... Better having it and not using or needing it than wishing you had.
  13. Head Shaving

    Was looking at getting a skull shaver but after reading into these I've ordered one. Over half the price and gets pretty good reviews too. Will arrive start of the week
  14. Any Red Dead Redemption fans?

    Looks good! New Fifa looks great aswell