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  1. Have also used triumph but only once so far - noticed more pumps and vascularity for sure.
  2. Mission: Build new tissue

    Goodluck mate looking in good shape
  3. It's why I won't get married it ain't worth it
  4. First PH Cycle

    I've never used halo so I can't comment but just saying that epistane is a good addition to a cycle especially a cut or a lean bulk.
  5. First PH Cycle

    Yeah this. Epistane is actually a very nice compound I've ran it up to 60mg ed. Its mild enough but the dryness and fullness it gives is really good especially 3-4 weeks in.
  6. Ross1991's Bulking Log

    Day 32 50mg anadrol took this morning. Feeling much better today I've definitely had some bug or something over the weekend I've felt awful. Legs today Squats - 112.5kg x 5, 127.5kg x5, 145kg x12 Leg press - 320kg 5 sets 12 Calf raises - 147.5kg 5 sets 12 It was a good session and squats are a pb so far. Other lifts are also all up so all good. I'm liking the 531 so far on the main lifts, not as boring as straight sets. 3900 cals will be hit today and rough macros All for today
  7. Ross1991's Bulking Log

    Day 31 Just an update for yesterday I had some kind of bug come Saturday night wasn't well and was the same for yesterday and was sick and very lethargic, so no gym and little calories. Ive decided to drop the superdrol for now and just use the anadrol. I'm feeling much better today so I'll update later on
  8. Swole Troll's Off Season Log

    Yeah mate Citrulline Malate is my go to preworkout supplement. I use up to 14g preworkout (it's around 10g Citrulline, anymore than 14g I get gi issues). Clinical studies is 6-8g for being effective for weight lifting (endurance, pumps and even potentially reducing doms). I tend to stack it with a cheap preworkout that has a bit of caffeine in or just a 200mg caffeine pill. Goodluck with the log mate, will follow. I've started doing similar with my training from what you suggested in my other thread.
  9. Alpha cuts?

    Ukm don't approve of these products. Better taking a 200mg caffeine pill for a bit of energy. In terms of fat loss that's all diet related.
  10. Ross1991's Bulking Log

    Day 30: 50mg anadrol, 10mg sd and 0.5mg adex took this morning. I'm having a day off today, a start to lowering the frequency and feeling some bad doms from yesterday's deadlifting. I'll be eating what I like today and going out for food tonight so cals will be slightly over but nothing mad. Pip isn't too bad. That's all for today
  11. This. Only used once at 1mg preworkout so far but felt good. Could take 2-3mg as a one off I suppose. Disclaimer: This is only advice and if anyone should die because of it, be it OPs liver or his enemy, it's not my fault.
  12. Not gaining, review my diet

    FYI olive oil in a shake usually makes it taste better. If you opt for unflavoured whey like I used to and will go back to get some flavdrops from bp or mp, especially the non fruity ones and you can't tell it's there.
  13. Ross1991's Bulking Log

    Yeah the orals give me issues I'm just a glutton for punishment I know they aren't necessary I just like the extra boost I get from them. I've never really thought about it if I'm honest. Just lift and try to do better
  14. Ross1991's Bulking Log

    Thanks for the compliment. Im not entirely sure really just see how I go. I am getting a lot more satisfied with how I'm looking, which I think is part of the reason I'm starting to focus a little more on strength with the big lifts. It's starting to interest me more.
  15. Ross1991's Bulking Log

    Day 29 50mg anadrol and 10mg sd took this morning. Also jabbed 600mg test and 300mg deca. So I've decided to change my routine ever so slightly after getting some advice. I'm going to try following wendlers 531 approach to the main lifts on each PPL day and aim to get progressively stronger in them, rather than trying to hit 3 straight sets at a certain weight, getting too taxing. Im going to be taking more rest days as well which should help as I've been feeling burnt out this last week. My appetite is a little better today so that's hopeful. Pull day: Deadlifts - 122.5 x 5, 142.5kg x5, 160kg x 9 Bent over rows - 80kg 3 sets 8 Pullups - bw 3 sets 8 Bicep curls (ez bar) - 33kg 3 sets 10 Hammer curls - 11.75kg 3 sets 10 Bent over lateral raises - 11.75kg 3 sets 12 It was a good session and first for following 531 approach on main lift. Deadlift is also a new pb. It was weigh day today and as I feared I'm the same weight as last week, hardly surprising with lack of appetite though so kind of expected. Still sitting at 14 stone and pic took this morning first thing. Regardless I'm adding 200 extra calories this week and see how it goes. Hopefully appetite gets better and will assess next week. Calories 3900 Rough new macros: P = 235g, F = 118g, C = 475g Thats all for today lads.