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  1. EBay no refund

    Cheers mate, been a good 6 months or so. Not sure how long I'll stick around for shall see
  2. EBay no refund

    More gear and food required - @Huntingground
  3. Synthol for women’s glutes

    Learn to squat and problem will be solved (unless genetically you just have a flat arse) then that s**t isn't going to help you. Although, what size are your feet
  4. Where is the Manlet....

    Cheers mate. Yeah seems like its dead. I was gonna get a new journal up but don't think much point. I'm in the ugbb WhatsApp though.
  5. Where is the Manlet....

    Nice to know that physique was your goal. That's over 2 years old and on an half arsed cut
  6. Where is the Manlet....

    Just time away buddy. Back to training today
  7. I'm back boyos!

    What is this sorcery?
  8. I'm back boyos!

    Not a lot mate. Had last 3 months off training with lockdown and on cruise. Back to it today.
  9. How much citrulline malate do I need

    6-8g of cm 2:1 is clinical dose mate
  10. Where is the Manlet....

    I'm back boyo, mirror still in my possession.
  11. I'm back boyos!

    Hows the community doing? X
  12. Do people use slin pins for test/tren

    Them half inch pins must be doing the job mate, anger for days.
  13. Sex with 18 year old girls??

    16 and over long as feet size under 7.
  14. Do people use slin pins for test/tren

    Wheres your pics of this amazing physique you have acquired from 27 plus years of gear? Cretin
  15. Do people use slin pins for test/tren

    Ok I'm calling you out boyo post some pics let's see what a beast physique you have created.