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  1. Do people use slin pins for test/tren

    Them half inch pins must be doing the job mate, anger for days.
  2. Sex with 18 year old girls??

    16 and over long as feet size under 7.
  3. Do people use slin pins for test/tren

    Wheres your pics of this amazing physique you have acquired from 27 plus years of gear? Cretin
  4. Do people use slin pins for test/tren

    Ok I'm calling you out boyo post some pics let's see what a beast physique you have created.
  5. AestheticManlet's New Log

    I dont come on anymore mate just random login today. I'm in that WhatsApp group though buddy
  6. Deca 400 mg anxiety

    Lol you had it bad mate. Glad you're over it though buddy.
  7. Advice on Abscess please

    Seen them mate. @ShellyH nice feet. Drop me a PM if you survive.
  8. Pump products

    The old version glycerol monostearate is horrible yeah. It isnt water soluble and need minimum 5g. The new version is much better its sold under hydromax and a few other names, it's around 6x more potent so 1-1.5g is equivalent to much more gms and it mixes.
  9. Do people use slin pins for test/tren

    I dont think you should be considering gear boyo.
  10. Has anybody taken viagria whilst on a test cycle ?

    Cm crewwwwww Yeah cm is a very good cheap supp to add to a cheap stim pre for flavour. I like warrior rage or performance charge and 8-10g of cm. Anything over about 13g gives me the shits.
  11. Who actually lifts on ukm? AM verification

    I'm resurrecting this
  12. Cheapest whey protein I have just found !!!

    I'd rather get whey 80 from a bulk supplier 5kg for £39 on offer, for the sake of £10.
  13. AestheticManlet's New Log

    04/11/2019 Preworkout 1 serving performance prime Chest triceps Bench press- 20x10, 40x10, 55x5, 67.5x5x 80x3, 102.5x5, 115x3, 127.5x6 Incline db press - 40x10x3 Db chest flyes - 22x12x3 Ez skull crushers - 20+barx12x3 Dips - bwx15x3 Ok session still loaded with fvcking cold though. Took pic this morning starting to fill out again
  14. Fish oils. Recommend any good quality?

    Bbw 1k omega 3 oils for £15 when they do the 50% discounts.
  15. AestheticManlet's New Log

    Every 3 weeks or so mate when it starts getting bad, grows quick on gear. I get the lass to do it with clippers takes about 15 mins for everywhere, shes improving