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  1. How do you date girls in the UK?

    True but you can't be an ugly cvnt either.
  2. Ever done something you said you’d never do

    This and inject hormones suspended in oil made in peoples kitchens.
  3. My Protein!???

    "WEMISSYOU" valid on all own brand.
  4. My Protein!???

    Bbw have 60% off own brands today. 5kg isolate 95 for 42 delivered. Free delivery
  5. Im gonna run my first cycle

    Nah mate 2 years ago in summer that was. I'm just starting a cut now should be over a stone heavier than that pic though when back to that condition
  6. Imperium labs

    You offer bulk prices mate?
  7. Yes 3x a week can be adequate but the above routine can't take your longer than 30 minutes a session unless you're doing volume for days? What do I know though. You will do what you do anyway.
  8. Im gonna run my first cycle

    58kg at 12%? I hope you're under 5 ft tall or you can't be holding any mass unless you have hollow bones. Also 12% isn't shredded. My avi id say I was close to shredded and was definitely under 10%.
  9. AwfuLL at Pull ups

    I'm not a fan of pullups typically can do around 24 reps total over 3 sets with overhand grip, however I am heavier than usual (just started a small cut). I actually prefer pulldowns.
  10. 3 days of lifting a week you could add a few more really. I lift 7 days a week. If I was only doing 3 a week I could almost be dead in each session and have adequate recovery. Unless you're doing other sports etc on the off days?
  11. Tyrosine

    Used it a long time ago up to 6g plus, noticed very little if anything.
  12. Id deadlift on pull day. Add in a rear delt exercise too. Looks ok for a basic ppl split imo, assuming this is more frequent than once a week.