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  1. Caravan advice please

    I tried to sign up to a caravan forum but after a week the admin still havnt accepted my profile application so I'm here for advice from the ukm caravan club So the time has finally come where I'm giving up these stupid brick houses and getting closer to nature. Currently viewing and bidding on some vans, only something cheap and small to begin till iv saved up 10k for a better one. I have a few queries. Leasure batteries. Do I just plug in a leasure battery and have working electrics? How long does it last? The only electrical items that will be regularly used is 2 phone chargers, the lights, fridge, and the Mrs hair straighteners. For most of the year we will most likely be on a park with cable hookup but in the winter when we have to move off onto secret private land we will need to be self sufficient. Worst for worst we can do without electricity altogether. I'll buy a rechargeable power pack to charge at the pub and use that for our phones. Fridge isn't a necessity as it's not like we have meat or dairy to store and the temp outside will keep things cool. For lighting we could use battery lamps or candles. Iv seen some solar power kits on eBay but how effective are these and how hard to install?
  2. council tax bull****

    Iv lived in my new house for 4 days and just had a council tax bill through for £768.39 Are they taking the ****ing ****? They want 3 months at 256 a month!!