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  1. Thoughts on this bit of kit

    Whats wrong with body weight exercises? Dead hang pull ups will challenge your lats more than any s**t pulldown which may be better to provide overall volume, but then you're a strength guy right? So pull-ups should be right up your street? I said I'd paypal you 50 quid if you could complete 10 quality pull-ups, what more incentive would you like?
  2. Bostin Loyd renal failure

    He coached me for several months and he's not as extreme as he appears
  3. Very impressive physique. He gives, basic good advice, I don't get why he is so popular though. I find him annoying and 80% content is bashing over people
  4. Who can do a muscle up?

    If I tried I'm sure I'd snap some s**t up. Happy doing the conventional lifts..
  5. Hair Transplant members here

    Yes aas did speed it up. Theory has it they becuse the grafts are taken from the areas which are not sensitive to dht, that running aas shouldn't cause any shedding to the transplanted grafts. I've run 2 cycles since and its grown more than shed. In hindsight, I would have rocked the bald look. I never shaved my head until obviously day of the procedure the clinic did it and honestly I actually thought I looked good. Knowing this, I would have at least tried it for a year before I made the decision to get a HT. However now seems I'm a bit screwed as the HT seems to have left ridges or grooves in my head that I can feel, so if I shaved it now my scalp would probably look like hell raiser
  6. Hair Transplant members here

    God you are a bellend....I've only read 3 of your posts on here and already think you're a c**t
  7. Really missing the fu**ing gym now!!

    If you could do dead hang pull ups for quality set of 10 @Fors331 I swear I'll paypal you 50 quid There is your motivation
  8. Well going from a bulk straight into a cut without a maintenance phase might likely be the problem
  9. Agreed, but I believe my argument for being able to still do my RDL's carrying a lot more weight, pun intended fu**ing hell I am funny. If I could buy a few more bits of equipment I wouldn't be bothered as much but almost everything decent is out of stock again. Who knew the country had so many dedicated bodybuilders like @Fors331 Forskin
  10. Probably confusing muscle loss with flatness. Whats your current condition?
  11. Really missing the fu**ing gym now!!

    Sorry to hear that mate. I hope things get better for you soon x
  12. Hair Transplant members here

    Most growth for me came between 5-7 months. I have 4500 grafts, the procedure was not comfortable at all to say the least, maybe because the technician was a bit of a bitch and everytime I asked for a 5-10 min break, she kept telling to in a bit, in a bit........... Duno about the scars, I think FUE doesn't leave anything noticeable unless you are done by a butcher
  13. National Lockdown

    You still think this is about the fake China virus @wylde99?? Wake up, break out of your bubble of denial and stop listening to these sociopath peados inciting fear and paranoia in order to control you and evryone you love. Like sheeple to the slaughter, you are a coward to refuse to see the truth Mark my words, this is only the beginning, your beloved government are one step closer to competing thier master plan and exponetionaly increasing the price of bananas
  14. Hair Transplant members here

    I did £3000 on flights hotel stay travel, op in Turkey. I had next to no hair on my head. Massive improvement but as said above if you are practically bald, expect needing at least 2 ops. My hair you can still see my scalp under direct light so will need a touch up. A bit of hair fibre on top and none knows the difference. I have really good donor hair luckily.