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  1. Aye, sounds like must be a nightmare for bulking and trying to get the calories in. I used to work in Royal Mail many years ago in distribution centre and I think my maintenance was like 5000kcals I've trained as an accountant, I left my job though last year as it was extremely unsatisfying. I'm now studying for my ACCA and becoming a PT on the side, both of which come to a halt, because I am unable to sit the finance papers or the PT exam. Self funded too, so its costing me around 10 grand once all said and done. Should be worth it by this time next year
  2. Thanks mate. I respond well both to var and sd hence the split decision. Winni is a no go for me, even 20mg, totally dries out my joints especially my knees, makes squatting and leg press a missery and then takes couple weeks for them to feel like normal again
  3. Thanks, I just get curious to know what my fellow brothers in iron do for work
  4. Thanks for your review bro. I'd be grateful for your opinion. Which would you go for out of var at 100mg (got more to run higher but would be reluctant) or sd at 20mg run alongside 125mg test e and 225mg npp for 8 weeks
  5. What do you do for work mate?
  6. If you haven't lost size over 2 months of no training, then you probably had very little muscle to begin with. Unless you've got Ronnie Coleman genetics
  7. No tbh it's your regular posts that are a distraction on the forum for me as you are very arrogant, at least you come off that way. If there is ever a question on gear, tren or doses, you swoop right in, and if its a new joiner, it seems you almost get a hard on treating them like fu**ing idiot. This coming from the guy who said he doesn't care as much for training anymore but still wants to use tren and insulin..... Your a self-righteous hypocrite
  8. Wow October. My home gym investment seems to become more and more worthwhile I actually need the gyms open for work as I need to qualify for my PT course. As well as my olympia prep for next year to put Brandon curry to shame
  9. Becuse you haven't been able to do it? Mrgroberts had more lbm than I did too meaning in comparison he was on even lower calories than I was. Diet is a powerful tool, if you had put the tren down over all those years and focused more on your nutrition then you'd be able to understand Thinking you can't build "any" lbm on a some form of a defecit, even on just 250mg a week makes you a fool
  10. Yet you you came into my thread, telling me I'm delusional to have said I felt I built a very small amount of muscle on 250mg Test E and 75mg of var on my cut where I lost 14lbs. I had less BF than MRGRoberts and was doing less cardio and didnt use a fat burner, plus eating more, with 2200kcals on my last 2 weeks of the diet of the whole 8 weeks
  11. Have you ever thumped anyone

    Plenty times, currently almost a daily occurrence, GF needs to learn her place
  12. Luckily SD is one of the few orals that does not bother my hairline. Sure it wasnt low dose dbol? I don't see many complains from SD for hair loss, just the lethargy
  13. Penis Reduction Operation

    Was just asking, don't have to be rude about it
  14. Penis Reduction Operation