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  1. Cutting Cycle Review

    This. I wanna see if I can knock him out.
  2. Cutting Cycle Review

    Who is your coach and what does he suggest?
  3. How do you date girls in the UK?

    As above, just naturally spark up a conversation and be confident, assertive and confident. Works for me a few times is saying to a girl, get your coat you've pulled.............. and I have a gun
  4. But to answer your question You can ran the winni and var not separator but good will be to lower dose like running 50ng on with either yes, yes either Guys lots run tren, test and winni combo is good for yes get gains and like to be big
  5. Working on your vocabulary and grammar will be more beneficial than working on your muscles at this point
  6. If you didn't know already they've updated the 20 pound notes..
  7. Tren only cycle

    Did Calfs once, if you do a bad injection you'll feel it
  8. White Girl Adopts 14 Africans

    Your black too swoletip and swole right? I heard she's looking for a few more "children" aka gang bangers
  9. White Girl Adopts 14 Africans

    Milf. Hats off to her though Restores some faith in humanity
  10. I'd be really interested to know just how much you have gained on 2hrs of sleep a night? Honest question, I always thought you grow when you sleep, even with tren I didn't consider this an exception It's the whole reason I don't use tren. The 2 attempts I made, my sleep is abysmal and I dropped it after 2 weeks. And that lack of sleep is havoc on your brain function/health. I think I read its only in deep sleep youe brain is able to go through the process of removing toxins. Not good.....
  11. Illuminati

    @wylde99 your thoughts budy?
  12. Its crashing because the raws for the Tren are sourced from legit pharma, just like their GH
  13. Tren only cycle

    I thought I was a hairy fucker
  14. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Thought you was on Tren as well. You've done well if you have gained 14lbs, it'll be lot slower going forward, I'd probably come off/cruise
  15. Tren only cycle

    You need to test, tren on its own will just put too much muscle on you too quickly