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  1. Why though? Being flat is part of dieting, no? Seems even a bigger waste to take more drugs just to make you look fuller apart from maybe show day...not arguing, just trying to understand. I know clients that are not in prep and given the same stack
  2. Agreed. Think he has a preference for var, winny or oxy
  3. A popular coach does this with a lot of his clients, Test/Mast/Tren/Primo + oral. Is there any real advantage to running the above. I'm under the impression if you have Tren in there, the primo would be relatively redundant, but I know at least 4 of his clients using this stack...
  4. 12 weeks bulking with Trenbolone

    LOL day 1 and already sleep is f**ked. I give you 2 weeks tops
  5. LOL I troll the Bullion threads more than him.
  6. You seem to take what I say in absolute terms or take it to extreme ends. I'm not exclusively impressed by mass monsters, or a physique competitors. Quite frankly, no one should give a toss what I think. I'm sure some guys on here would think Im not impressive...I could care less. You are digressing too much from my original post, which is that Tren is not magic and the guys that already have a decent level of development will tend to agree. I mean 99% of people I know who take Tren use it when dieting anyway.
  7. Im more content the further I get into my development but I will always want to improve. Thats what separates the guys who look amazing and those that fall of the bandwagon after 6 months and can't stay consistent. I was looking at a few transformations on Instagram the other day and even the guys with good genetics still dedicated 10 years or so before becoming elites in their category. Ryan Terry is a example of this and hes not exactly huge, but as the best shape, conditioning and aesthetics in mens physique class imho. Guy is a train wreck too, had loads of injuries along the way.
  8. Mix of both, I was getting maybe 3hrs a night max
  9. I've tried Tren Ace twice few years ago and ruined both cycles I came off after 2 weeks because I couldn't sleep. 225mg first time, 175mg 2nd time... I'm sure I would be impressed, if I could run it right through, I'm still impressed with how far you can go on a 500mg sus cycle. but I still don't think it's going to put slabs of muscle on me. Yes but the average gym goer doesn't look impressive...I've train with and know a few girls that can bench more than some guys. and they've never touched a drug
  10. First online journal

    Strength seems to be coming back nicely
  11. You all know this guy

    I can emphasise for guys that incline BB in the power rack as if you have t he idiot who runs my local gym you'd be stuck with the fixed Incline BB racks with 60 degree incline position to help you wear your shoulders down quicker than you grow your chest
  12. Id probably stop romanticizing with the idea of tren being some kind of nectar of the goods. Its powerful but not magic, and you'll get a few guys in guess responding extremely well but it's not like anyone is putting on slabs of muscle from a 10 week cycle. Most of the guys who do post making it out like it is, I don't ever see them posting pics of thier physique and the apparnent amazing strength gains are likely because they were weak to begin with. I can comfortably press the 50kg dbs for sets/reps almost touching down to my chest with pause and I don't consider this particularly strong... That's my perspective.
  13. a great Briton