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  1. Mate don't compare yourself to Instagram profiles. As mentioned above, they'll use filters and perfect lighting and certain a angles makes unbelievable difference. Alot.of them will be pumped and taken after they've worked out. There are half natty lighting at my gym where evryone goes to take thier pic, it's ridiculous how much better you can appear to be. I'm complete opposite. I'll choose bog standard lighting so I can judge myself subjectively/objectively.
  2. Happens mate, when I came off I had lost all attraction for woman and found myself often trying to bum my best mates. I don't have any friends now, but I've got a decent physique.....have to calculate the trade offs I guess
  3. Older or younger?

    I like em strong and black
  4. Only injetable oral I've tired is anavar from WC and that s**t left golf balls lumps I could barely train with the pip
  5. I ran 400mg alongside 500mg test e for 12 weeks and thought it was garbage and waste of money. I used nexus
  6. Older or younger?

    Depends really on if its a girl, cross dresser, tranny, gender fluid...varies mate
  7. Is this board dead?

    Your so kinky Anna
  8. Road to aesthetics

    So that would be 40 sets a week for your push day. That's a lot of volume. Have you ever tried higher intensity and lower volume rounitnes? I changed to this style of training and I had the best gains in last 18 months, Ill do only a total of 6-7 sets per session for chest and back, then 3-5 sets smaller muscle gorups- training upper, lower.
  9. Is this board dead?

    Any particular requests? I have one with just my white socks on
  10. Road to aesthetics

    Oh okay I cant count, although I was counting the chest exercises. do you train each body part twice a week?
  11. Is this board dead?

    I have a few gym pics I can post, few in changing rooms too
  12. Road to aesthetics

    Did you really do like 14 sets in one session?

    Would you say finasteride is necessary post op?
  14. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Your ass compliments those panties x