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  1. LOL good then mate ? i am much the same although i now resemble a fat teenage cheerleader ...
  2. A new Strain!

    No they haven't mate! its just mutated. viruses do this constantly. The spike protein has apparently slightly chanced . If anything mutations make viruses weaker as there aim is to keep spreading and multiplying not killing ther host.
  3. it might well be mate, just strange how i have double my test dose a month a go from a trt dose which i have been on all year and now have the waking up anxiety.... feelings of dredd through the day etc. hopefully its oestrogen and an easy fix because dont fancy having this on the regular bloods should be in end of week.
  4. I’m highly sensitive to oestrogen lol , i have reversed gyno more times than I like to remember, had 1 of my old lumps come to the fore last week , knocked it on the head with nolva but can’t see any other variables in the mix !! See what the blood say will let you know
  5. I think so mate !! Been on trt since March 100 - 125mg pw pushed it up to 250mg and get the wake up dread and mini episodes through the day. Ask myself why I’m so anxiety to which I have know answer . It maybe a mix of high oestrogen and the restrictions that we have on our normal life which I think all play a part . I had bloods done of sat so will let you know if interested if my oestrogen is out of whack !!
  6. Hi guys , what’s the feed back on these two labs ? already pinned the Magnus sus and feel decent! without bloods which I will be getting soon ... more an MOT than a test check .. just received Swiss mast in single ml Vials which is a blast from the alpha past ... cheers for any comments on these ....
  7. Has Ketones been banned?

    Banzi? For real ? sure Banzi was a lot funnier !
  8. Liverpool

    I suggest that the Liverpool faithful “walk on there own” for a while.... thereby not flaunting the 2m social distancing rule !! I mean your football team did it for us lot last weekend !!! We had the freedom of the park last week which we thank you for! Now do it for yourselves ... don’t brake the rule of 6 and take 7...
  9. Gyms open in Germany

    think that is Sweden dude or somewhere scandanavian ....
  10. Bodybuilders and Longevity

    That’s where I’m at .. not interest in cycling or putting on pounds of muscle anymore just like to keep test levels mid to high normal and continue training till I am old and grey . Had my kids and like keeping a decent size of muscle mass which couldnt be kept I believe if I went full road to recover however long or if I did At my age coming up 38 I dont think I would ever recover to a naturally good level or anywhere near but if I can keep in the perimeters of middle to high levels by trt and keep blood markers in check I would hope to think I could live as long as anybody else’s. More and more studies coming out about the advantages of trt later on in life .. but I am def no doctor . My sister and brother are but are sure as s**t ain’t going to ask them Lol .
  11. Bodybuilders and Longevity

    What about your steroid user up to say age of 37- all bloods always fine moderate in a fashion not bit doses but tried most things ....continued by trt after that age for life 125mg test pw bloods every 6 months or so - blood donation every 12 weeks . Could this person expect to get some decent longevity ? weight training cardio in place . I know there are a lot of variables . ( basically me lol ) at a crossroads of weather I do as above or try and recover after years of use and a good while on low trt With no ill effects so far..
  12. Gym £26 a month proper bodybuilding gym . Trt test - 10 vials for £100 - 1/2 ml per week no protein or egg whites powders as they don’t agree with me so basically fek all just snapped the crank on my L200 Barbarian scrapped it so swings and roundabouts
  13. 1000iu pw split into 2 jabs. i have cycled for years - now i just trt 125mg pw... prob for life with oral in here and there if i fancy a change 37 now and got two little girls - would prob never recover , started using gear in my early 20's. Use hcg because i always have and also if my mrs wants anymore lol
  14. I have always run hcg from the start - I have 2 kids now and still run hcg even though we don’t want anymore kids . If you are thinking of wanting a family in the future it’s a no brainer mate
  15. Nexus T5

    I could def tell the cilias Was in there lot more solid that normal ! Socks off never normal makes me get to that strength early doors